Will Triazicide Hurt Dogs?

Insecticides have a bad history of being harmful to pets and children. In that vein, will Triazicide hurt dogs? Is it safe for them? Let us find out.

Triazicide is an insecticide that is quite commonly used in homes. Insecticides like these are very effective against household insects and pests, but it could also mean that they might be toxic for small pets like smaller dogs or cats. 

This forces dog owners to think about the safety and health of their pet dogs when they keep Triazicide at home. As pet dogs are very curious and difficult to control and monitor throughout the day, they can end up ingesting stuff that they are not supposed to be eating. 

Will Triazicide Hurt Dogs

Your pet dog can easily confuse it for something like dog food. Dog owners need to know don’t about the effects insecticides so that they can take preventive steps. 

The straight answer is yes, Traiazicide will hurt your dog in its liquid form. But till the time it is dry it is harmless. This article will cover this topic in detail. 

Will Triazicide Hurt Dogs? 

No, in its dry form it is harmless.

No Triazicide will not hurt your pet dogs if this insecticide is completely dry. If your pet dog ends up ingesting this insecticide after it has dried out from the floor or walls, then it should not be an issue. However, when storing in liquid form, you should keep this product away from children and pets. 

Will TruGreen Hurt My Dog?

The TruGreen lawn fertilizer for insects is a toxic compound for pet dogs. You should limit the usage of the lawn by your dog for about 24 to 72 hours after applying this lawn fertilizer. You should restrict your pet dogs from remaining indoors if you have used this insecticide on your lawn. If you have used it inside, you should limit your dog from staying out of your home. 

You can use granular fertilizer for your homes, and this insect fertilizer is safer to use. Granular fertilizers can get into the surface quickly in comparison to powder-based fertilizers. You should not walk your dog over the fertilizer for at least one day after the application. 

Will Triazicide Hurt Dogs

There are some insecticides or fertilizers that are rich in iron. Higher amounts of iron in fertilizers can lead to iron toxicity. Iron belongs to the heavy metal family. 

Pets such as dogs and cats have problems digesting these heavy metals, due to which they can develop toxicity in their bodies. A dog’s body can absorb and digest small amounts of these heavy metals, but it cannot ingest them when consumed in a higher quantity. 

Eating grass fertilizers or insecticides can rarely lead to the death of your dog. However, there are some instances where they can lead to severe poisoning. If your dog indirectly digests the insect fertilizer, the symptoms can be nominal or mild. On the other hand, if they consume these fertilizers directly, then your pet dog can suffer from tremors, seizures, or even death in some cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Triazicide poisonous to dogs?

No, once dried, it is completely safe. But keep it away from your pets in liquid form.

No, Triazicide is not a poisonous compound to mammals such as dogs. This compound is, however, deadly to pests and insects. It has some adverse effects on the body of dogs and humans.

Triazicide is toxic to dogs. The toxicity of this compound in dogs or cats can be avoided if you don’t let them roam at places with these insecticides. 

The above information is valid if you are using this insecticide somewhere outdoors. You should at least let the Triazicide dry for about half an hour before allowing your pets and kids to roam freely.

On the contrary, if you are using Triazicide fertilizer indoors, you should wait for about 23 hours. Ideally, you should move your pets out of your house for a day as there is no point in putting your pets at risk of coming in contact with wet Triazicide.

Is Spectracide dangerous for dogs?

Yes, Spectracide is dangerous for consumption by dogs. 

Spectracide is an organophosphate-based insecticide. This complex compound is famous for causing nerve and respiratory damage in insects and pests. Insects die very soon after coming in contact with this compound. 

This compound can also have a similar impact on cats and dogs. You might also experience this damage in humans if exposed to this compound for a long time. Organophosphate can affect many organs simultaneously, so you should be very careful while tackling this compound.

Is Triazicide safe for pets and kids?

Once dried, it is completely safe.

Triazicide is a tricky substance for pets and kids’ safety. Once this compound dries completely, it is a safe component for your pet dog and kids. The time taken for the Triazicide to dry completely depends on the temperature and the direct sunlight falling onto the Triazicide. Under direct sunlight, Triazicide can dry in less than one hour. 

Triazicide as a compound or insecticide is safe to use in lawns, gardens, trees, plants, shrubs, etc. You can also use some special techniques to make this compound dry quickly to be safe for kids and pets.

How safe is Triazicide?

In general, Triazicide is considered quite safe.

Triazicide is considered to be a safe compound in general. Typically, the formula for Triazicide is deemed to be not very toxic. There was a test conducted in 2003 on this compound

Results showcased that when this compound was exposed to the skin, respiratory, and other body systems, then the animal can suffer from eye irritation.

Can Triazicide be applied before the rain?

No, you should not apply it during rain or immediately before it is about to rain.

No, you should not apply this insecticide if you expect rain within 24 hours of using this compound. If it rains heavily within 24 hours after you have applied this compound, it will not dry completely. 

If this insecticide will not dry properly, then your pet dogs and kids would be at risk of contamination with this insecticide. 

Dogs can suffer from some mild symptoms of discomfort after coming in contact with this compound. The main factor is also dependent on your need for an application for insecticides. 

If you are using this insecticide to kill the surface pests and insects, you should not let water get into 0.5 inches of the surface. After 24 hours, the rain will not affect the insecticide as by this time, and the compound will be hard and dry.

Is Triazicide safe for rabbits?

Yes, compared to other insecticides, Triazicide is completely safe.

Yes, if you consider the overall impact of Triazicide, they are safe for rabbits. Rabbits can experience mild eye and skin irritation if exposed to Triazicide. You should expose your pets to this compound only after this compound has dried completely. 

Ideally, you should not use this insecticide on the area or the portion where the rabbits will feed on shortly. Your pet rabbits can feed in the place where you have applied the insecticides after 24 hours of putting the Triazicide.

A Few Final Words

Many people don’t prefer buying or using pesticides and insecticides in their homes. The primary reason for this hindrance among the users of using insecticides is because these chemicals are toxic. 

People try to avoid using such chemicals in their lawns or their homes, especially if they have pets and kids in their homes. With this article, you now know whether Triazicide will hurt your pet dogs or not. 

If your pet dog suffers from any severe conditions or symptoms related to insect fertilizers, take your dog to the nearest doctor or medical facility. Thank you for reading, and we would love to read your feedback and suggestions in the comments box below.

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