Will Pine Sol Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell?

Doggie urine has a pungent odor which you can’t stand for long. You may turn to products like Pine Sol to help. But will Pine Sol get rid of dog urine smell? Let us find out the answer!

Are you a dog owner? If yes, then I am sure you have had to deal with your pet dog’s urine. No matter how well trained your dog is, accidents can happen, and the smell lingers for several hours if not cleaned properly.

Earlier dog owners used baking soda and white vinegar to get rid of the urine smell. But now, many cleaning products are available in the market. These products help reduce the odor emanating from the pee spot. 

One such cleaning product is Pine Sol. Pine Sol is an excellent multisurface cleaner that helps clean and sanitizes sink, floor, and even toilet bowls. It even helps in removing stains, dirt, and the odor of your dog’s urine not only from the floor but also from your carpet.

In this article, I will discuss questions related to how you can use Pine Sol to reduce the smell from these accidents.

Will Pine Sol Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Smell So Bad?

Dried urine is basically uric acid crystals that smell very badly.

A dog’s pee consists of hormones, uric acid, bacteria, and ammonia. The ammonia in the urine goes concentrated after several hours and forms mercaptan or methanethiol, a colorless and flammable gas with a distinguished odor like rotten egg. 

When the urine becomes dry, then the crystals in uric acid activate with moisture. So, if your dog pees anywhere in your house, it smells a lot which is very irritating.

Does dog pee smell ever go away?

It’s a very resistant smell, it takes a lot of effort to get it out.

Whenever you try to clean the affected area, it may seem that the smell and stain of the urine of your pet dog are gone. But remember, the urine salts are still there and can activate when damp. So the urine odor comes back again on your house.

You can use baking soda overnight on the affected area. It helps in neutralizing the odors.

Does Pine Sol Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell?

Yes, it can.

The smell of a dog’s urine is pungent, which can make you feel uncomfortable at home. Pinesol is a good multisurface cleaner that helps get rid of your dog’s urine smell.

Will Pine Sol Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

My Dog Has Done Pee On The Floor Of My House. Does Pine-Sol get rid of dog urine smell?

Yes, you can use Pine Sol on the floor to eliminate the urine smell. 

Hardwood floors are usually porous and thus can absorb the urine of your pet dog. You need to apply Pine Sol in a specific way to get the best results. I am discussing below a few steps that will help you clean the floor effectively.

#1. Blot The Urine

Your first step should be to blot the urine from the affected area.

#2. Dilute Pinesol

Now dilute the Pine Sol multisurface cleaner in a bucket containing half a gallon of water and then take a sponge or a microfiber cloth and dip it in the solution. Then apply it to your floor.

My Dog Has Peed In Carpet. Can I Use Pine Sol To Clean My Carpet?

Yes, Pine Sol works well on carpets also. It is a multisurface cleaner.

Dogs pee here and there in your house despite your best effort at training them, more so if they are still playful little puppies. If you have brought a new dog to your home, he will frequently pee here and there, because he might simply not be trained or may not know which spot is right for peeing. 

The smell of pee is terrible and can make you nauseous. You will always search for some good home cleaning products that can eliminate the pee odor of your dog.

Pine Sol is one of the best multisurface cleaners, which helps remove stubborn stains and the urine smell of your dog from your carpet. It is available with numerous fragrances, including original pine, sparkling wave, and lemon-fresh. 

Will Pine Sol Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

Scented Pine Sol is the best in removing the odor of your dog’s urine from the carpet. But it may leave a lingering smell on your carpet, which might irritate you or make you uncomfortable.

Pine Sol does not contain ammonia-based products. So, there is no chance of your carpet fading while cleaning. Moreover, it does not emit any fumes harmful to your health. So you can clean the carpet without any worry about your health.

How Can I Clean Carpet Using Pine Sol?

I am describing below a few steps that may help you clean the carpet effectively.

#1. Get Your Gear Together

You need to collect a few things before cleaning your precious and expensive carpet using Pine Sol. It includes Pine Sol surface cleaner, microfiber cloth, and water. You need to purchase Pine Sol and microfiber cloth if you don’t have them at home.

#2. Wear Protective Clothing

Pinesol is neither toxic nor emits any harmful fumes. But exposure to Pine Sol for a long time can irritate your eyes and cause allergies to your skin. So you should wear protective clothing before using Pine Sol on the carpet.

#3. Test The Product

First, you need to test the product before using Pine Sol on your expensive carpet. Use the Pine Sol multisurface cleaner on a small area of your carpet. If the color does not fade, apply the cleaning agent on the large surface.

#4. Apply Pinsesol

You need to identify the exact spot on the carpet where your dog has done pee. Apply Pine Sol cleaning agent into it and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes. Then take an old or microfiber cloth, drench it with water, and rinse the affected spot.

Will Pine Sol Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

Natural Deodorizers For Your Dog Urine Accidents

Baking Soda & Borax

Many natural urine cleaners will help get rid of your dog’s urine smell. I am listing some of them below.

  • You can pour some baking soda directly on the affected area after blotting some of your dog’s urine. Let it sit for 15 -20 minutes, and then you can vacuum to get rid of the smell.
  • Borax even helps in killing bacteria and removing urine stains from your dog.
  • White vinegar is best in eliminating the urine smell of your dog. You can blot your dog’s urine as much as you can and then apply white vinegar into the area. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then again blot the area and allow it to dry.

Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide

You can mix 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, three spoons of baking soda, and some drops of dish detergent to get rid of the urine smell in your house. You may also use Listerine and Pine Sol to get rid of the dog’s urine smell.

What About Other Common Cleaners and Deodorizers?

Here are some other products that you might be thinking of applying to your dog’s urine spot.

Will bleach get rid of urine smell on concentrate?

No bleach cannot help in getting of urine smell of your dog. But yes, it simply disinfects the affected area.

Will Lysol get rid of dog urine smell?

You can Lysol pet solution odor eliminator to eliminate stains and lingering odors of your urine smell. It kills 99 percent of bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

Will Pine Sol Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

How Do I Make My Yard Not Smell Like Dog Urine?

You can spray water on the affected area. The water will dilute your dog’s urine and make it wash away. Then apply any of the methods that we mentioned earlier such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

A Few Final Words

Whenever you bring a new puppy to your home, he usually pees everywhere in your house. Similarly, if you have an old dog, he may have a bladder or urinary incontinence problem for which he does pee anywhere in your home. The pee of a dog smells a lot, and it may trouble you in staying in your house.

Pine Sol multi cleaner surface is an excellent cleaning agent that can help eliminate the odor of urine of your dog. Thank you for reading, we hope you got all the answers. You might also like to read about puppy training techniques such as puppy pads and spanking, and whether they are a good idea.