Will Dogs Hair Grow Back After Scab?

My dog has suffered from an injury, and a scab has formed over it. Will dogs hair grow back after scab, or will my dog have a permanent hairless spot? I will answer this question in the article below.

How a dog looks depends a lot on its fur and coat. If your pet dog has had an injury recently, a scab will develop over the injury, and the hair on the wound and scab will have to be removed. 

This hair loss is a source of significant concern for many pet dog owners. Many people worry that just like humans, dogs will not get their fur back once a scab is formed.

However, the good news is that the hair on your pet dog after an injury does grow back. The time it takes for the hair to grow back depends on the dog. 

Will Dogs Hair Grow Back After Scab

Several factors impact the growth of dog hair, such as the nature and the intensity of the injury, dog genetics, treatment, and care given to the dog. I will talk about these factors in more detail in this article

Does Dog Hair Grow Back After The Scab?

Yes, your pet dog’s hair will grow back after an injury or scab. 

Only in a few severe cases, the hair may not grow back ever. The growth of the dog’s hair depends on the hair follicles on the fur coat. If the hair follicles on your dogs are permanently damaged, the hair may never grow again. 

It is entirely up to you to intervene and fasten the hair growing process or let nature take its time and let the hair grow naturally. You can help and treat the injury to make the hair grow back quicker than they are supposed to take. 

Some of the easy steps to promote dog hair growth include:

Use Natural Shampoo

You can use natural shampoo on the fur coat of your pet dog. You can use this shampoo when you are giving a bath to your dog. Natural shampoos are best for hair growth as these shampoos don’t have any harmful chemicals or preservatives. 

Dogs have more sensitive skin than humans. Due to this reason, you should only use natural and gentle soaps and shampoos that are designed specifically for them. 

A natural shampoo will also help reduce the skin irritation that your dog will experience due to the scab and the injury. 

Proper cleaning and treatment are also likely to make the dog scratch the wound less. This will give the scab and the injuries sufficient time to heal correctly. If you want your dog’s hair to grow back to its previous luscious self, then you can wash them with a natural shampoo. 

Will Dogs Hair Grow Back After Scab

Use Fish Oil Supplements

You can also use fish oil supplements for your pet dog to improve their hair growth. Feeding your pet dogs with fish oil supplements will fulfill their nutritional requirements for better healing. Fish oil has nutrients that replenish the hair growth of your dog. 

The time taken for the fish oil to show visible change again depends on the damage done to the hair follicles. If they are highly damaged, hair growth will turn back to normal after some time. 

Will Dog Fur Grow Back After Scab? : Importance of Wound Care And Treatment

How quickly dog fur will grow back after a scab or injury will depend on your care and treatment of the wound. If you take good care of the damage, the fur hair will grow back normally in no time. 

Dog hair on their fur, or any hair for that matter, does not grow naturally over scars until they are adequately healed. The reason for hair not growing on scars or scabs is that these injuries don’t have any hair follicles left on them. Hair follicles appear on these areas after the wound heals properly. 

Hair follicles grow again as the blood vessels in the body help them to regenerate and grow. A scar or scab on the dog’s skin prevents hair follicles from growing back again, due to which hair does not grow on scabs. 

How Can I Help My Dog Hair Grow Back After Scab

Diet and proper grooming can also help a lot.

The fur grows back, although the time taken for this hair growth may vary depending on the dog’s breed and genetics. The length of your pet dog’s fur coat also affects new hair growth over scabs. 

If you wish to help your dog grow their hair faster, then you can follow the steps given below:-

  • You can create a vet approved dietary plan for your pet dog. This dietary plan should be rich in all vitamins and nutrients. You can create a dietary or feeding program that is rich in omega fats. Omega fats help dogs in hair growth. 
  • You can also start brushing your dog’s fur coat daily. Brushing the fur daily can help your dog in improving hair growth. 
  • You can also ask your dog’s doctor to prescribe your dog some supplements that help them grow their hair back.
  • You can also wash your dog and shampoo their fur with an oatmeal shampoo at least once a week. 
Will Dogs Hair Grow Back After Scab

Will The Dog’s Hair Grow Back After Burns?

No, hair loss after a burn injury can be permanent.

After a burn on the skin of your pet dog, the hair loss that they go through can be permanent. You are going to know for sure whether your dog will grow back their hair on a burn after the wound has healed completely. 

Until the wound heals completely, the blood vessels in their body will not generate back the hair follicles on their skin. After healing, there can be permanent scars or hair loss on their skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the hair grow back on my dog’s scar?

With proper wound care, regular grooming and good diet hair can grow back on a scar.

Yes, hair will grow back generally on your dog’s scar if the scar is not too deep. If the scar is too deep, the hair may take time to grow back to normal. Only in some cases with serious injuries or scars, the hair on your dog’s injury might not grow back again.

How long does it take hair to grow back after scab?

It might take about 2 weeks for smaller injuries, but for bigger ones it can take longer.

The time taken by the hair to grow back to normal after a scab depends on plenty of variables. Variables such as your dog’s diet, the intensity of the injury, breed of the dog, and so on. Typically, a small injury should heal within a week, and the hair should grow back to normal in about two weeks.

How long does it take for a dog’s fur to grow back?

Depending on the size of the injury, the wound care and treatment and the size of the dog, it might take anywhere between 2 weeks to three months.

Your pet dog’s hair can take anywhere from two weeks to three months to grow back. You will need to shampoo, shave, and cut the hair around the injury during this period. Giving your dog a healthy diet will also fasten healing and hair growth.

How do I make my dog’s hair grow back?

Regularly groom your dog with a good shampoo and give him a good diet.

You can make your dog’s hair grow back by improving their diet and by feeding them with supplements. These supplements are likely to contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that a dog’s body requires for improving hair growth.

A Few Final Words

A luscious and healthy fur coat on your dog is a very important part of a dog’s body. The fur of a dog makes them look good and protects them, and keeps them warm during the winters. Injuries and scabs are likely to slow down or stop this hair growth. 

You can use the tips mentioned above and tricks to fasten the hair growth on your dog after an injury. You can also visit and consult your doctor for better suggestions on hair growth for dogs.

Thank you for reading, we hope these tips will prove to be helpful. Apart from injuries, dogs can get into all sorts of trouble that can harm their hair, such as getting wax and bubblegum on it. Do read, the links to find out what you can do about it!