Will Desitin Kill My Dog?

Meta: Many people use Desitin to heal rashes on dogs and puppies. But what if my dog ingests it? Will Desitin kill my dog? Read on to know more.

Desitin is a cream that heals diaper rashes in babies and minor cuts and burns in older kids. However, many dog owners also use Desitin to heal rashes on their pups. But is Desitin safe to use for your dog? Will Desitin kill my dog if it ingests it? 

It is safe to apply Desitin when treating your pup’s rashes. Desitin, Aquaphor and Boudreaux are the best brands to heal rashes.

However, you need to ensure that your dog does not ingest the cream. This is because it contains chemical ingredients like zinc oxide, which can be harmful if swallowed, leading to minor toxicosis.

Will Desitin Kill My Dog

In this article, let us further look if Desitin is safe to use for your dog, what you can do if your dog ingests Desitin and its alternatives.

Is Diaper Rash Cream Toxic To Dogs?

Yes, it contains zinc oxide that is toxic for dogs.

Many dogs like chewing the tubes of diaper rash creams. Diaper rash creams can harm your dog if they ingest them, and this is because these products contain a large amount of zinc oxide, which helps heals and sooth diaper rashes in babies. 

Desitin is mainly used to heal baby rashes, and many people think that it is safe to use for dogs as well. Desitin and other brands contain a chemical zinc oxide which is highly toxic to dogs. However, applying this cream to a dog’s skin will not harm and is safe for the skin. 

Dogs have a habit of licking their belly, paws, and other wounded parts. If your dog ingests the cream, it may fall sick. The main concern here is diaper rash cream, when ingested, reaches the intestine and stomach and may irritate the GI tract.

It can cause diarrhea, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain. So you have to be cautious and prevent your dog from licking the cream. 

Will Desitin Kill My Dog

What Can I Do If My Dog Has Eaten Desitin?

Even if you keep a check on your dog, your dog may still lick the cream, and you won’t be able to stop them. It is better to be aware of the situation before applying the cream and know what to do when your dog has eaten too much Desitin.

  • Keep a check on your dog and find out how much rash cream it has ingested. Keep a check on your dog for a few hours or till the next day. 
  • If he has swallowed a small amount of cream, he will have an upset stomach and vomiting. But if you find your dog has abdominal pain and is not eating his meal, consult your vet immediately.
  • If you find your dog licking the cream, avoid giving him food for a few hours. Let your dog fast for like 12 to 14 hours. You may not feel good, but it will help remove the toxicity faster.
  • After observing your dog for 12 hours, feed him with his regular meal. You can add yogurt, kimchi, or onion to your dog’s meal to make him feel better.

Can You Apply Zinc Oxide On Your Pup?

You can apply zinc oxide on your pup as long as it does not lick it up.

Zinc Oxide is the most comment chemical agent used in rash creams and ointments made for humans and dogs. It is safe to apply on the skin to heal rashes and wounds. But keep a check on your pup, and do not let them lick the wounded area where you have put the zinc oxide. 

Will Desitin Kill My Dog

What Will Happen If My Dog Ingests Zinc Oxide

If your dog ingests too much zinc oxide, he will fall sick and may have the following symptoms.

  • Your dog will be inactive and may feel weak for a few hours. He is most likely to sleep in the same position for quite a long time.
  • You will notice a loss of appetite in your dog. So you can let your dog fast for a few hours as this will help fight toxicity faster.
  • Your dog may have diarrhea and abdominal pain. If it does not stop in some time, it is better to consult your vet.

Is The Inside Of The Diaper Toxic To Dogs?

Yes, diapers can become enlarged when they go inside the dog’s stomach and cause irritation in the GI Tract.

It is a challenging experience to have a baby and a dog at home at the same time. Though having babies and dogs around is pure happiness, your child will have a companion as they grow up. 

When you change your baby’s diaper and throw it in the dustbin, your dog may want to eat the diaper. Dogs eat a lot of things that will gross you out, and eating diapers are high on the list. But do you know ingesting the inside of the diaper can lead to serious health issues in your dog? 

Will Desitin Kill My Dog

Diapers are made of some absorbent material that gets enlarged when it gets in touch with water or liquid. So if your dog ingests the diaper, the material will soak the stomach acid and other liquids in the GI tract. It can lead to serious health problems in your dog, damage the digestive tract, or have any intestinal problems. 

Using both cloth and disposal diapers will irritate your dog’s GI tract. Though you may not find any symptoms right away, it is better to consult your vet to avoid any health issues afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aquaphor safe for dogs?

Yes, Aquaphor is safe for a dog to apply on the skin. 

It is like petroleum jelly that helps soothe dry noses and other skin issues on dogs. However, if your dog ingests this ointment, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other health conditions.

How Much Zinc Oxide Is Toxic To Dogs?

More than 108g is toxic for a dog.

Zinc oxide contains zinc salts. An estimated dose limit is 100mg/kg if you consume it orally. And for dogs, the estimated dose limit is 108g. If your dog consumes more than the estimated limit, it may get sick.

A Few Final Words

It is safe to apply Desitin on your dog’s skin to heal rashes and minor scratches. But it can be harmful if your dog ingests the cream, and it can cause abdominal pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you find any such symptoms, it is better to consult your vet immediately.

I hope we have answered your question: Will Desitin kill my dog? Your dog may have minor toxicity, but if it ingests a large amount of Desitin, it can lead to severe health issues. 

Thank you for reading the article. You might also want to know about other human medicines and whether they are toxic for your dogs such as Beano or Zzzquil.