Why won’t My Parents Let Me Keep A Pet Dog?

A lament that you often hear from younger children: Why won’t my parents let me keep a pet dog? It’s mostly because its a lot of work to keep a dog, but there are other reasons as well. Read on!

Parents can be against getting pets in their homes for various reasons. Sometimes the root cause can be as simple as being afraid of dogs and cats. In other cases, the reason could also be related to money since getting a pet dog can be an expensive affair. It is just like adding another member to your family. 

Many parents also refuse pet dogs as they don’t want their work and responsibilities to increase. If you get a puppy, you’ll have to look after them as you would after a newborn baby.

Why won't My Parents Let Me Keep A Pet Dog

If your parents are working, then they already have a lot of work, and adding the responsibility of a pet dog can be a lot for them to handle. We will further discuss some more reasons or how you can persuade your parents to get you a pet dog. 

Reasons Why Parents Refuse For Pet Dogs

There could be a lot of contributors to your parents not wanting you to get a pet dog. These reasons can be personal and unique, but some of the most prominent reasons for which parents refuse to get pet dogs are:-


Buying a dog and taking care of them is costly. Especially if you are looking to purchase a dog belonging to an exotic breed, then the expenses will also increase significantly. Buying a pet dog is equivalent to adding an extra member to your family. 

You will have to look after this additional member with proper care and affection. Some parents might be facing money issues during this economic crunch. Your parents might listen to your request. Once they are in a stable financial position, you must remain patient. 


Fear is also a significant reason parents often refuse their children to keep pets at their homes. Not every person is that comfortable with a pet dog. Some people take some time to get pleased with them, whereas others take forever to get comfortable with them. 

If you want to get a pet dog at your home, then you should work at making your parents pleased with dogs. If you can make that breakthrough, you will sometimes find your parents wanting a pet dog. 

Why won't My Parents Let Me Keep A Pet Dog


Looking after a pet dog is an elaborate task. If you are getting a pet puppy, you will have to give a lot of time and attention to them during the initial stages. Looking after a puppy is no less than looking after a newborn baby. 

If your parents are working and they hardly get any free time, then it is understandable why they are not in favor of bringing you a pet dog. It will be upon you to convince your parents by ensuring that they will not have to spend time looking after the dog. 


This is also a significant reason people don’t want to keep pet dogs at home. As the lifespan of a dog is much shorter than the lifespan of a human, some people don’t want to experience the loss and pain of losing them. 

Your parents might be afraid that you will get too attached to the dog. It is pretty natural to get connected to an animal if you live together and spend so much time together. 

Tips For Persuading Your Parents To Get You A Dog

You have the power to convince your parents to get you a pet dog. The time to convince them will depend on your efforts and their stubbornness. You can follow some of the tips given below:

Be prepared

Before you approach your parents to convince them to buy you a pet dog, they will appreciate it if you have conducted proper research about what kind of dog you want. 

This will portray to your parents that you are serious about getting a pet and have done your research. If you show them that you are now mature and responsible enough, then they might think about agreeing to your demands. 

Why won't My Parents Let Me Keep A Pet Dog

You can also try and get your friends who have a pet to meet your parents and their pets. Then your parents can talk to them and get an honest review of the experience of living a pet. 

If everything goes well, your parents might also become more comfortable with their pets. If your parents ask you questions about the care of a pet dog, you should have a definite answer. This will make your argument genuine and convincing. 

If you wish to get an exotic pet, you will need to check with your state laws whether you are permitted to get that pet. There might be some permissions that you might need to take before you get such pets. 

Remain patient 

You should remember to be patient while convincing your parents since they have already made up their minds. They also need some time to change their mind and think about the situation. If you get after them impatiently, they will get irritated, and out of it won’t agree to your request. 

Getting a pet dog in your home will bring a considerable change in your lifestyle. So parents need to think through all the possible situations and then conclude. Sometimes your parents can take days, weeks, or even months to decide. 

All you need to do is be full of patience and calm during that time, and you can drop a few hints now and then. But don’t remind them constantly about it; otherwise, they can get angry. 

You have to remember that having a pet is a long-term commitment. You are going to have the pet for at least a few years. During this period, you will have to take care of the pet. 

Why won't My Parents Let Me Keep A Pet Dog

Act mature

One of the reasons your parents are not letting you have a pet dog could be that they think you are childish. If you act like a child in front of your parents, they will believe that you are not ready to take responsibility. But if you start acting like a mature person, your parents will be quick enough to notice such changes in you. 

You can start acting maturely by doing your tasks on your own. Simple tasks such as completing your homework on time. If you also treat others with complete respect, your parents will also be quick to notice. 

Your parents might be incentivized to get you a pet dog if you get good grades. If you ask for a dog and your rates are not up to their expectations, they will surely refuse you a pet. 

Save some money

If you think that your parents are refusing to get a pet dog because of the money. Then you can help them out by saving some money yourself for a pet. This will help your parents financially and show how serious you are about getting a pet dog. 

If you get an allowance, you can save some money from it. If you don’t get an allowance, then you can demand some. You can also take up some small jobs that help you get some extra money. 

When To Approach Your Parents For Them To Agree And Get You A Dog?

The best time to approach your parents asking them for a dog is when they are in a perfect mood. You should ask them about the dogs when everyone is sitting together. You can ask them when all of you are having dinner together.

You can suggest your parents read some info on the internet, books or other stuff. You can use this bonding time to showcase your knowledge and research to your parents. 

Remember not to pester your parents during these convincing sessions. Don’t think that your parents will immediately say yes to your request. You can also make an attractive presentation on how much you want to have a pet dog for your parents. 

You can use this presentation to share some knowledge with your parents. You can tell your parents that having a pet helps lower blood pressure. 

You can also tell that you can help them financially in looking after the dog. Money could be why your parents might be shying away from getting a pet dog if there are some specific reasons, such as they are unable to walk the dog not available to look after the dog. 

Some Dog Breeds That You Can Opt For

Suppose your parents are being stubborn regarding getting a pet. Then some dog breeds are easy to take care of compared to other dogs. Some of these easier to handle dog breeds are:-

  • Cane Corso: A cane Corso dog is a small and cute puppy. These dogs are not very big. If you look after this dog, it can grow to be a larger dog. 
  • Newfoundlands: If you want to have a larger breed of dog, then you can for this dog breed. You should go for such dogs if you have the confidence that you will be able to cover the expenses of this pet dog. 
  • Labrador Retrievers: These dogs are a mix of retrievers and labradors. Due to this, they are very cute and understanding. You’ll find these dogs expensive, but they are simple and will not create any problems for you. 
Why won't My Parents Let Me Keep A Pet Dog
  • Chihuahuas: Chihuahuas are very small dogs. They are not that expensive to look after. Instead of buying these dogs, you can find them at your nearest dog shelter. 
  • English bulldogs: These dogs can be quite expensive to maintain, but naturewise, these dogs are very simple. However, these dogs have a shorter lifespan than some common dog breeds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest puppy?

The puppy’s price depends on their breed and availability. Sometimes the puppy’s price also depends on the size of the dog. Some smaller puppies can cost you less money, but if the breed of the dog is rarer, they will cost you more money. 

Some of the cheapest puppy breeds are:-

Rat Terrier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Australian Terrier
Chinese Crested Hairless Dog
American Foxhound
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

What is the best pet for a ten-year-old kid?

Opt for smaller pets that are easiest to manage such as turtles or small dogs like poodles.

If you wish to get a puppy for a ten-year-old kid, you should opt for a smaller pet that has cuddly fur. Most of the parents go for a smaller pet for their ten-year-old kids. 

Some dogs may not be ideal for your kids when they are at a young age. You need to make sure that this dog is safe and behaves around kids before you get a dog.

What dog is the cutest?

All dogs are cute in some sense. How you perceive a dog to be cute or not cute depends on your experience and preferences. Some people find bigger dogs cute, whereas others find the smaller dogs to be cuter.

A kid might find the small terrier to be a very cute dog. These pet dogs are very small in size, and they can easily fit in your arms.

How do you persuade your parents to get a dog?

Show them that you are responsible enough to take care of one.

You can persuade your parents to get you a dog by convincing them that you are ready to take responsibility for the pet dog. Most parents don’t want to invest their free time in looking after a pet dog. 

If you can assure them that you can look after the dog without any help, they might be persuaded to get you a pet dog. Showing that you are pretty serious about getting a dog can also convince your parents.

A Few Final Words

Parents can find plenty of reasons that are justified when they refuse to get you a pet dog. Sometimes the monetary situation can be the reason for the refusal. If you feel that is the issue, you can also adopt a pet as adoption will not cost you anything. 

Solutions to such problems are discussed above in this article, and we hope that they will help you convince your parents to allow you to get a dog. Thank you for reading, we wish you best of luck in your efforts!

If you do succeed, you should read more about adopting a dog and whether you can get on OfferUp and other such sites.