Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas?

I have noticed that my dog refuses to go to certain streets and neighborhoods when we go for a walk. Why wont my dog walk in certain areas? If this question is troubling you as well, we have the answers for you in the article below.

You need to find some time from your schedule every day and take your furry friend for a walk. Walking is a good form of exercise for dogs. It not only helps your pet dog to do his business outside but also helps in socializing.

But what happens if your furry friend pulls away after walking a few feet and refuses to walk certain areas? It then makes walking with your pupper difficult, and you might even need to carry him in your arms.

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas

There can be many possible reasons for this abrupt and surprising behavior. For instance, he may be scared of some noise coming out of the path which he is refusing to go on. He may be refusing to walk because of a medical problem, which has hurt his legs. He may have an injury on his feet which prevents him from turning on a particular way.

So, you need to find out the exact reason for which your dog refuses to walk in certain areas and streets so that you can take the necessary actions. I will discuss several potential reasons why your dog refuses to walk in certain areas. So, keep on reading the article for more information.

Why Does My Dog Not Walking On Certain Areas?

Your Fido may freeze while walking with you because of various possible reasons. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Noise

If you are taking your dog on a way that has manhole covers, vents, or metal grates which is causing a sound while walking, it may frighten your dog. 

Your pet dog may also be scared of men, women, small dogs on the street, and things like mailboxes, fountains, and trash bins on the street. There may be a traumatic incident with your doggo, which has made him scared or nervous, and he doesn’t want to go on that way.

Again if you have recently started walking with your dog in high traffic areas, then the sound of vehicles may make him nervous and anxious. The new sound smell of new objects like scooters and skateboards may be troubling your pupper. Fear of noises is one of the most common phobias in dogs.

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas

So you need to figure out the exact reason that is scaring your dog while walking in a certain way. I know it will take time. But once you identify the exact reason that frightens your dog, you can do something for your furry friend.

#2. He is Uncomfortable With the Surface

You may have started walking in a new area of your dog, and he doesn’t like to feel new surfaces. For example, if it is hot, he might not want to walk on concrete walkways. So, he may refuse to walk that way.

You can bring your dog’s favorite treats in your pocket and encourage him to walk on the new surface. If he walks, reward him with many treats and praise him. After some days, he will be acquainted with the new surface and will not refuse to walk on that way.

#3. Your Dog Is Injured

The thorns and bushes on the streets may have injured your dog’s feet. It can be the reason why he refuses to walk certain ways. You need to check his feet from time to time while walking. If you find swelling or redness, then better take him to a veterinary doctor.

Moreover, your dog can have joint pain or hip dysplasia, for which your dog walks for some distance and then stop walking.

#4. Your Dog Is Wearing Uncomfortable Gear

If your dog has worn uncomfortable gear like a collar, harness, or shoes, he may walk for some distance and refuse to walk certain ways.

So you should ensure that you’re the gear of your doggo should fit correctly. It means all the gear should not be too tight. Again, they should be lightweight so that your dog can breathe and move everywhere easily.

So, if you notice your dog is refusing to walk in certain ways, then his gear. If they are poorly fitted, or you observe any chafing or marks on his skin, then better replace them with a new one.

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas

#5. Your Dog Is Lacking Coordination

If you take your furry friend for a walk first on a dry and rough road and then on a slippery road, he may refuse to walk that way. It is because your Fido is afraid of falling on the slippery surface. 

Dogs will always avoid those surfaces, which makes them fall every time. So, you can purchase a non-slip bootie for your dog. It will help keep his grip on a slippery road and may solve the issue.

#6. Your Dog Wants To Meet Another Dog

Sometimes your dog wants to meet another dog or a person. So, he refuses to walk anywhere else and waits at a specified place till the person or dog arrives.

#7. Your Dog Is Tired

Your dog may be tired after walking a few miles. So, he cannot go further with you. You can notice a few signs like panting or his pace becoming slow when your dog gets exhausted.

#8. Your Dog Is Not Happy With The Weather Conditions

If you are walking with your furry friend in scorching heat, he may freeze his walking in a cool and shade place.

Every dog has a different heat-tolerant capacity. If your dog cannot tolerate much high temperature, then you need to make him walk in the late evening or early in the morning.

Similarly, if you take your pooch for a walk during the cold season, he may not walk in the middle as he is not comfortable with the weather. So, don’t forget to make your dog wear plenty of layers to feel cozy in the winter season.

If it seems you that your furry friend is troubled with ground temperature, then purchase a pair of booties for him.

#9. Your Dog Want To Say Something

Your dog may refuse to walk in certain areas because he wants to go in some other walking direction. For instance, he may be interested in going to his favorite park or may want to meet his neighborhood dog friend. If you have enough time, try to fulfill your furry friend’s wishes.

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas

#10. Your Dog Is Bored

If you take your dog on the same path every day, he may get bored and refuse to walk. You can take him to a different path or a new park.

Things You Should Never do When Your Dog Refuses To Walk Certain Areas.

#1. Avoid Bribing As Much As Possible

If your dog stops in the middle of the walking for some reason and you start giving always treats to walk certain areas or directions, it will negatively affect your dog. After a few days, your dog will make it a habit to stop walking in the middle of the road to get some of his favorite treats.

#2. Never Drag Your Furry Friend

If your dog stops walking in the middle of the road or refuses to walk certain areas, don’t drag him. Dragging may make your dog more determined to stay in a particular place. It may also hurt your furry friend badly.

#3. Never Yell At Your Dog

If your dog hesitates to walk in certain areas, never yell at your dog. It will have a negative impact on him and may spoil your relationship.

#4. Don’t Punish Your Dog

If your dog refuses to walk in certain areas, don’t punish or scold him. He may be ill or don’t like the weather conditioner, for he has stopped walking in the middle of the road. You need to be patient and identify why your pet dog behaves differently.

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird And Scared All Of A Sudden?

It is the worst moment for you when your dog acts weird and scared suddenly. Unfortunately, your furry friend cannot tell you why he is acting so weird or the things that have scared him. 

You need to read your dog’s body language and find out the exact reason for which he is acting weird and scared all of a sudden. I am discussing a few possible reasons which can make your dog terrified all of a sudden.

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas

#1. Phobias

Phobia is one of the reasons why your furry friend may act weird or scared all of a sudden. Dogs are unable to form memories but can remember positive and negative thoughts.

Your doggo may have phobias of noise like thunderstorms or fireworks, making him terrified. He may also have phobias of certain objects or places. For instance, your dog may get terrified when he approaches towards television in your house or when he steps inside the kitchen.

Again, if your dog has experienced trauma during the daily walk, he may refuse to leave your house and act weird when you grab the leash. If your dog has a phobia, you will suddenly find him panting or whining. These are signs of anxiety and stress.

#2. Illness

Illness can be the reason for which your dog starts acting weird and scared all of a sudden. The common signs of illness are feeling lethargic, vomiting, and stomach upset.

#3. Separation Anxiety

Dogs love their owner. But some dogs love so much that they cannot spend alone for a few hours without seeing their owner. They will act weird, scared, and mess up things in your house.

So, if your pooch behaves weird and scared while you are leaving the house, it is because of separation anxiety. You need to teach your dog that staying alone is not bad.

#4. Traumatic Experience

Your doggo may get scared when there is a fight among your family members or when you sound angry. Again, if you step his tail suddenly, he can get terrified. A particular smell or voice may trigger your doggo, and he may suddenly get scared.

#5. Old-Age Problems

If your dog grows old, then he may probably have dementia. He cannot know what is exactly happening in his surroundings and may act weird and scared all of a sudden.

There are numerous signs of dementia, including mood swings, aggression, and wandering without any aim.

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas

#6. Improper Socialization

If your dog is not adequately socialized, he may act weird and get scared all of a sudden. For instance, your dog can get scared by seeing people with glasses or many children in your house.

How Do You Get a Dog To Go Somewhere They Are Scared Of?

#1. Take Your Pet To Veterinary Doctor

If you observe any signs of fear in your pet dog, then better take him to a veterinary doctor.

#2. Never Encourage The Fear

If you observe that your dog is scared of something, then don’t encourage the fear. You can take him on your lap and pat him. It will be a reward for your dog.

#3. Expose The Fear To Your Dog In a Controlled Setting

If your pet day is getting scared of something, you can help him overcome fear. For instance, you can expose your dog to noise in a controlled setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why does my dog refuse to walk a certain way?

Your dog may be scared of strangers, traffic noise, or other dogs. So, he refuses to walk a certain way. However, there can be other reasons, like he may be injured or if a bug has bitten your dog, he may be reluctant to walk in certain ways.

#2. Why is my dog scared of one spot?

Your dog may get scared of one spot because it smells something unusual or is associated with unfamiliar sights and sounds. For instance, your dog may get anxious and scared while traveling in a car and may have vomiting.

A Few Final Words

Dogs love to walk and enjoy outside. But sometimes they refuse to walk in certain areas. I have listed various possible reasons that may freeze your furry friend from walking in certain areas. You need to identify the problem and take action accordingly.

I hope the article is informative, and please don’t forget to share this article with someone searching for this particular information. You can ask us any queries related to this topic in the comment section. We will be happy to answer all your queries.

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