Why Is My Dogs Vag Black?

Why is my dogs vag black? There could be several reasons why your dog has a black or bluish vagina. From inflammation to hyperpigmentation, this article talks about it all. 

We all love the idea of keeping a dog; only dog owners understand the challenges that come with it. Your dog is like a baby that requires your love and attention throughout the day. 

So, when you notice something unusual about them, you immediately start worrying about their health. It is very natural to feel this way for your furry friend, but you must also know that not every out-of-the-ordinary sign or symptom can mean that your dog’s health is in trouble

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

Take the case of your female dog’s vagina, which often turns black. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with your dog and she is perfectly healthy. 

However, in rare cases, this can also mean that there might be a severe problem lurking behind this common issue in female dogs, so you must read this article to understand whether or not it’s time to take her to the vet. 

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Why Is My Dog’s Vag Black?

Typically, this does not mean anything. But sometimes, it can be a sign of vaginal hyperplasia or vaginitis in the dog.

Before we learn about all the reasons that direct why your dog’s vagina is black or blue, let’s learn a bit about the anatomy of this organ. 

  • To begin with, the outermost part of the organ is known as the vulva, which is the dog’s reproductive tract. 
  • It is accompanied by two labia and the vestibule which begins inside the opening. 
  • The vagina opens into it, and connects it with the cervix, followed by the uterus. 

Now, coming to your dog’s vag being black. There can be many reasons for the same, starting from the fact that it is entirely normal for your dog to have a vagina. Primarily, a black vagina directs nothing but a healthy dog with vaginal discoloration, hyperpigmentation, or heat cycle. 

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

But before we shrug our shoulders and move on, did you notice if your dog is exhibiting any of the following symptoms?

  • Constant licking of her private parts
  • Itching in vagina or areas near it
  • Discharge from the vulva, maybe pus or blood 
  • Frequent urination 
  • Discomfort around the area
  • Swollen vagina 

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If your answer is a yes, then there might be an issue that you need to worry about. If you see the above symptoms along with the black vagina of your dog, then it could mean vaginal infection – also referred to as vaginitis

Vaginal Hyperplasia

If your dog has been spayed, it is also possible that she may have vaginal hyperplasia, in which a mass of dark pink and swollen tissues comes out of the vulva. It is a serious condition and will immediately require attention. 

There is no single reason to point out what causes this infection. It can either be caused by bacteria or other pathogens or certain health conditions, including tumors, vaginal problems, hormonal imbalance, problems in the urinary tract, and anatomic abnormalities, amongst other things. 

So, if you notice any or all of the above symptoms in your pup, perhaps you should see a vet and get her vagina examined.

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

Why Do Dogs Sniff Vaginas?

They are attracted to the female dogs’ smell in the crotch area. In the same way, they are attracted to the smell of human vaginas as well.

It is not unusual for dogs to sniff vaginas and butts due to their dominant sense of smell. The odor-processing and smelling part of a dog is four times more sensitive than that of a human, and thus, it can easily pick up the smell of sweat glands, which is primarily found in the armpits and crotch area.

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Apocrine glands, the special sweat glands, produce chemicals called pheromones, which attract dogs to gather information about you by smelling your vagina and crotch area since these chemicals are spread throughout their bodies in high concentrations. 

These chemicals also carry the sexual scent of the human, and thus, dogs are attracted to humans who have recently had intercourse or women who are menstruating. Women are alerted by dogs trained to tell when she is fertile in many parts of the world. Thus, dogs usually sniff the vagina because they smell something you cannot.

Another reason why dogs might be smelling other female dogs’ vaginas is that it is a mating courtship ritual. How To Stop Dogs From Mating?

What Happens if a Dog Licks Your Vagina?

Licking is a sign of affection in dogs, but their tongues can have many parasites and bacteria, so it’s best not to let it happen.

As a dog owner, you must have noticed that dogs often sniff human crotch in a way that they seem intrigued by it. As embarrassing as it is, dogs are attracted to human genitals because they can smell the human nose’s odor, and they have a developed sense of smell four times more than humans. 

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

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The dog can smell the sexual scent of humans that chemicals are known as pheromones carry, and thus, he may be attracted to sniff, if not lick, your vaginal parts to gather more information about you. 

Thus, your dog might want to lick a human vagina. However, if a dog licks your vagina, it is entirely possible that the bacteria on their tongue can get transferred into you through your vagina and vice versa. 

If you have a vaginal infection or disease, it can also be transmitted to your dog if it is susceptible to him. It is, anyway, suggested not to allow your dog to lick your vagina since it is pretty unhealthy for both of you. 

Answers To More Questions About Your Dog’s Privates

Why is my dog’s private area turning black?

Most commonly, it is just a natural process. But it could be a sign of vaginitis or vaginal hyperplasia.

It is usually not a big deal if your dog’s private area is turning black; mostly, it is due to discoloration or hyperpigmentation, which is normal, even in humans. 

However, if your dog is constantly licking her vulva, has vaginal swelling, or discharging pus or blood from her vagina, we think that she might be having some vaginal infection or more severe problem, which may or may not be serious. 

Thus, you must book an appointment with your vet to get your furry friend examined.

Why is my female dog private black?

It could just be an accumulation of dirt. 

If your female’s private part, that is, vulva or vagina, is black, it can be commonly due to accumulation of dirt or discharge. It might also be due to yeast infection or any other vaginal infection and thus, should be examined by a vet. 

However, it is suggested to clean your dog’s vaginal area during bathing them and see if the area clears up. If it doesn’t, a trip to the vet might be required to get the medicine and care that she deserves.

What color should a dog’s vagina be?

There is no perfect color per se, it should just be free of swelling, blood, pus, etc.

For your dog’s vagina to look healthy, it should look free of swelling, pus, or blood, free from constant licking, itching, and other discomforts. There is no perfect color to exhibit the health of the vagina of your dog. 

However, it is considered that tinted pink can define a vagina as clean, but it has nothing to do with the healthy part. Your dog’s vagina can be dark and still beneficial because it is primarily the result of hyperpigmentation and other common factors.

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Final Words

If you notice that your dog’s vagina has suddenly turned black or blue, it is essential to get a vet’s opinion. Usually, there is nothing to worry about, but it is better to have answers than wonder if there is a problem with your dog, and if any issue turns up, know that your furry little friend will be healthy and happy soon. 

Thank you for reading. Do let us know how we did, and if we could have done better by answering more queries that you had! While you are here, please check these articles about your dog’s sexual organs as well: Do Dogs Still Bleed After Mating?, and Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?