Why Don’t Dogs Have To Wipe?

Dog’s physical anatomy is different from that of humans. Have you ever wondered why don’t dogs have to wipe? Let’s find out.

The pooping position of dogs has been something of a news item in recent years. Apparently, some dogs align themselves along the magnetic field of the earth when they poop and pee. Isn’t that an interesting tidbit that you didn’t know about your fido?

Have you ever wondered why dogs don’t have to wipe their bums and humans do? This is because the physical anatomy of a dog is different from that of humans. 

Why Don't Dogs Have To Wipe

I know it sounds weird, but dogs don’t need to wipe their bums unless it is very dirty. Your dog may need to be cleaned if he is sick or has diarrhea. Dogs do not understand hygiene like humans do but know how to keep themselves well-groomed. 

But this does not include wiping up their bums. Just like cats, dogs groom themselves by licking their body but enjoy snogging with other dogs’ buttocks instead of their own. In this article, let me detail why dogs don’t have to wipe and humans do and other such related questions.

Why Do Humans Need To Wipe But Dogs Don’t?

The thighs and buttock regions of humans are compressed, making cleaning difficult without using wipes. On the other hand, dogs do not have buttocks and can retract their sphincter easily, which keeps their bottom clean. 

Dogs do not understand hygiene as humans do. Using wipes is one of the ways to keep humans clean. Humans get disgusted with their own excretion. No other mammal is disgusted by their excretions. 

This sounds weird, but it is true. In fact, there is a term for animals who are happy to eat poop it is called Coprophagia There are various behavioral, dietary, and evolutionary reasons why dogs don’t have to wipe. Let us look in detail below.

Why Don't Dogs Have To Wipe

Different Bodily Waste

Dogs don’t have to wipe their bums because their poop does not stick in their rear part. Humans have gluteus maximus muscle that looks prominent. 

This is because humans stand in an upright position, which makes their glutes be placed so that they can move their legs backward while walking or rambling. So the main reason humans need to wipe off their bums is that their glutes and fatty tissue is surrounded around.

On the other hand, dogs cannot move their hind legs far off, so their glutes do not stick the same way ours. Imagine a dog’s glutes shaped like humans; they would be facing towards the sky, and it would also look quite strange. 

Digestive Tract

There is a difference in the digestive tract of humans and dogs. And this makes the waste come out of the body differently. 

Different animals have different shaped leaves. For example, rabbits poop out a lot of little pellets, cows poop out large pancakes, dogs leave behind solid curly-shaped droppings, and you very well know what we humans leave. 

Humans leave a lot of little nuggets behind that are different from that of a rabbit or a horse. Also, the digestive tract of humans is quite longer than that of dogs, and they have different fluids and enzymes in their bodies.

Why Don't Dogs Have To Wipe

When we look at the intestinal tract of dogs and humans, their shape and length differ and also compresses in different ways. The digestive chemicals used to process out the fecal matter also differ. So this is one of the reasons why dogs don’t need to wipe, and humans do.

Difference In Diet

Human waste has the most unpleasant smell of all. Human fecal matter is very bad and, if left uncleaned, can lead to rashes, infection, and sometimes even hemorrhoids. And humans take rest on their rear ends, which means it will spread this unpleasant toxic material if they do not wipe off their bumps properly. 

Humans, as we all know, are omnivores. They eat vegetables, fruits, meat, grains, and anything they can eat. As a result, they digest different types of enzymes and bacteria. In short, humans digest anything and everything and then leave an unpleasant smell behind. (Okay, I will stop now)

In comparison, dogs have a simple diet. As dog owners, we more likely serve them similar foods every time. Also, many dog food brands make it easy to deal with their leaving behind. 

Should I Wash My Dog After Pooping?

It’s not always necessary, but it would be a good idea to do so.

You need to wipe your dog if it is necessary. It is better to wipe your dog from any mess that gets stuck in this fur or if he is sick and has diarrhea. 

If your dog has just pooped, it will be easy to clean with just one wipe. If the poop has dried, you need to wash it with warm water and dog shampoo. 

Why Don't Dogs Have To Wipe

How Do You Wipe A Dog’s Bum?

Use doggie wipes instead of human wipes.

Most dog owners may not even think about it. But it is necessary to know how to wipe a dog’s bum. Sometimes you may find dog poop sticking behind its back, which is not ideal for keeping it like that and can lead to unhygienic health conditions.

When cleaning your pet, most people use lukewarm water, pet shampoo, and a cloth to wipe off the dirt. This is a good way to clean your dog but may not be enough to clean your dog’s bum. 

Let us look at a few simple steps to properly wipe off your dog’s bum.

Things you need:

  • Dog wipes
  • Pet shampoo
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scissors

Clean Your Dog’s Bum Using Wipes

Cleaning your dog’s bums with wipes depends on how dirty your dog actually is. If you need to clean your dog’s bum after it poops, here’s how you can do it.

  • Get chemical-free dog wipes.
  • Now, move your dog’s tail and let someone distract the dog from the front end. Or give your dog a treat to adjust him with the cleaning process.
  • Using wet wipes, clean the dog’s bum area properly.

Prepare Your Dog For A Clean-Up

If your dog has a lot of hair and is dirty, you need to prepare with the tools listed above. Dogs may get anxious, so you need to first calm them by giving them a treat before you start. Then take your dog to the bathroom and close the door quietly, so he does not run away. 

Some dog owners even use a leash. This is very common, as most dogs don’t like dog owners to mess around with their bottom area. 

Why Don't Dogs Have To Wipe

Start Cleaning Around The Bums

From here, the actual cleaning will start. You may want to wear your rubber gloves. 

Now dip a cloth in lukewarm shampoo water and then clean around the bum area of your dog. The lukewarm water will help remove anything stuck in the hair with ease. 

Bath Your Dog

Depending on how messy your dog is, you can bathe your dog and clean him properly with warm water and dog shampoo. 

Let Your Dog Dry And Trim Off The Bum Hairs

After cleaning your dog with lukewarm water, let your dog dry completely. Then you can trim the butt hair using round scissors, and trimming the bum hairs makes it easy to clean and wipe off any dirt.

How Often Should You Bathe A Dog?

In most cases, once in four weeks is good enough.

For dog owners, it is difficult to determine how often they need to bathe their dogs. The frequency of bathing your dog depends on its breed, coating, and lifestyle. As a good rule of thumb, you should bathe your dog every four weeks. This will help keep their fur clean, and they will smell good.

Bathing your dog regularly is essential as it removes all the dirt that gets built up when they play in the yard and prevents any skin conditions like itchiness, dry skin, and clogged pores.

Also, keep in mind that the dog that plays in the yard and gets dirty more often needs frequent baths. Some dogs need to be cleaned more often than other breeds.

Why Don't Dogs Have To Wipe

Why Do Dogs Scoot?

It could be because of an injury or itchiness.

When your dog feels discomfort, pain, or itchiness, it causes them to scoot. Food allergies, certain low-fiber diets, parasites, and anal gland issues are some of the causes of your dog scoot. Your dog’s anal sac may be injured and cause discomfort, which leads to scooting. It is advisable to consult your vet and get the treatment. If left untreated, it can lead to other severe health conditions.

Frequently Asked Question

Do You Need To Wipe A Dog’s Bum?

Not always, but you can make it a weekly practice.

To be honest, no one likes wiping a dog’s bum, but if kept uncleaned, it will be worse. You should clean your dog’s bum at least once a week. You can use a dog wipe or clean it off using a damp cloth, and you can reward him with treats to get him adjusted to the wiping process.

Can You Bathe Your Dog Every Week?

Dogs don’t need to be cleaned so frequently. Just once in four weeks would be enough.

No, it is not a good idea to bathe your dog every week. The natural oils produced in the dog’s skin help in hair growth and keep their skin and coat healthy.

Bathing your dog every week will remove the oil from the skin and cause dryness and itching. So it is better not to over bathe your dog.

A Few Final Words

Dog’s physical anatomy is different from that of humans. So they need to wipe themselves every time they poop. 

You may need to wipe your dog’s bums if it gets dirty, but not every day. You only need to do it if it is necessary. A dog can live a healthy lifestyle without the need to wipe frequently.

Thank you for reading, we hope you get the answers that you are looking for. You might also like to know about how to pick up your doggie’s poop when you are out for a walk. We wrote guides on the best pooper scoopers for grass and rock, which might be useful for you.