Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth? 

So you come home after a busy day, and your dog will just not leave you alone: why does my dog put my arm in his mouth? How do I stop him? Let’s answer all this for you below.

Just like when children play with you, dogs also love to play, and while playing, they may put your arm in their mouth. Do you ever wonder why they do this? 

Putting your arms in a mouth is a normal behavior of a dog; it does not mean they want to hurt you or they are trying to bite you. Although this sign is common for dogs, they are only showing their affection, friendliness, and love towards you. 

Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth

In this guide, we will explore: 

  • Why does my dog put my arm in his mouth, and should I be worried about it?
  • Why does my dog wrap his mouth around my arm? 

Why Does My Dog Put My Arm in His Mouth?

While you sometimes feel irritated or don’t understand your dog’s feelings when he puts your arm in his mouth, it is important to know the reasons for such behavior. 

Let us discuss some of them: 

# Mouthing 

Mouthing is a common dog behavior seen in every dog breed. It is very different from biting. The dog’s first tool to explore the world is its mouth. Similar to infants, they like to put everything in their mouths to explore stuff. Have you seen them chewing their toys or your socks and sofas? Dogs learn to explore the world with their mouth. 

So when they are putting your arm in their mouth, they might just be trying to connect with you, understand you, take in your smell and memorize it.  

When you are curious about this behavior, the very first answer is mouthing; your puppy or dog is telling you that they want to play with you, love you or want your attention. Mouthing is a sign of affection, do not consider it aggression. 

There could be various types of mouthing; let us explore them below: 

# Teething 

The ASPCA says that mouthing is more prevalent among young dogs. 80% of dogs are below two years old. But experts are not sure that teething is the reason why your dog takes your arm into his mouth. 

But still, it is quite a good explanation that puppies in their teething stage tend to eat your hand to relieve the teeth irritation. By taking your hands on the mouth, they may feel better as they soothe teeth gums. 

Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth

# Playing 

Mouthing is the first step for your dog to learn how to play. If they don’t learn at a younger age than while playing, they should not bite littermates; then your dog may end up playing with their mouth and teeth, which could be harmful. 

# Greeting 

Another possibility why your dog takes your hand in his mouth is greeting. Usually, when a pet parent comes home after a long day or few weeks, your dog is happy to see you again and welcomes you. This is a lovely motive behind putting your arms into its mouth. 

# Shows Affection 

Maybe by his mouth, the dog seeks attention and wants your affection. A pup may try to hold your hand by his mouth to get your attention while you are trying to focus on something else. 

# Extra Energy 

As we said before, your dog needs to do regular exercise; if they don’t, your pup uses his excess energy by taking your harm into his mouth out of desperation of activities. 

# Boredom 

Why does my dog bite my wrist? It is because they are either bored or want to indulge themselves in some activity. This is more likely when a dog does not exercise enough or do regular activities. 

So, in that case, dogs usually think that biting your wrist is they are doing regular exercise. To stop this habit, it is important to get the daily amount of exercise as per the age and breed of the dog. 

# Dominance 

Some people have concluded that dogs take your arms in their mouth because they are trying to dominate you. It usually happens due to Bullying behavior, which is more likely to occur in aggression. 

Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth

How Can I Stop My Dog From Mouthing?

You need to teach it to bite inhibition.

According to research on mouthing habits, pet owners must react to the mouthing habit through training instead of scolding or trying to turn the dog away. 

It is important to train your dog to stop their mouthing behavior. There are various ways how you can stop this habit; they are: 

  • Train your dog for bite inhibition to stop mouthing 
  • Teach them grabbing your hands will not give them attention or love 
  • Only reward for good habits 

What is Bite Inhibition? 

Bite Inhibition is training your dog to stop mouthing. Dogs who don’t learn bite inhibition don’t understand how soft and easily punctured human skin can be, even when playing. 

When pups live with a litter, they understand bite inhibition while playing with other dogs. When pups in a litter play, they love to tease each other with their mouths. When one pup bites the other, that one yelps, and this way, the dog learns how to control their biting habit. 

Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth

If the dog bites too hard, it could stop them from playing, which nobody wants. However, when a puppy is weaned away from its litter too early, it doesn’t get a chance to understand these important life lessons.

Bite inhibition is an important lesson that one dog should learn to remain calm with peers and humans at a young age. Humans can sometimes take a leaf out of pups’ book when training their dog not to bite they can imitate crying or being hurt to show the pup that the bite hurts (even though puppy bites seldom hurt). 

How to Teach Bite Inhibition? 

  • Do not stop your dog from taking your hand in his mouth. 
  • Continue playing with your dog until he bites you harder. 
  • If your dog bites you hard, immediately stop playing by removing your hand from your dog’s mouth. 
  • Get a toy or chew bone as a substitute for your hand
  • When your dog takes your hand in his mouth, distract him by offering snacks from another hand. This way, you can prevent mouthing. 
  • Indulge your dog into various playtime sessions to keep him busy and make him less interested in mouthing. 
Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth

Why Does My Dog Freeze When I Put Clothes on Him?

It may simply not like getting dressed; it’s unnatural for dogs.

Making your dog wear clothes is in trend. We have seen many pet owners putting clothes on their dogs in today’s time. If you are a pet owner who is willing to see your dog dressed up, you must know why you freeze up when you put clothes on them? 

There could be many reasons why your dog freezes when they are dressed up. Firstly, unlike humans, dogs do not like to be dressed up, and they are not used to it. 

Clothes lead to overstimulation that many dogs do not like. So they freeze up to act strange, hoping that you may remove that clothes from their body. 

Your dog may freeze up when you put clothes on him as they do not like to be dressed and act inappropriately to be underdressed. 

Why Does My Dog Nibble on My Other Dog?

They’re just playing together; it’s how dogs play.

You might have seen your dog nibbling other dogs and wondered why they act in such a way. The foremost reason dogs nibble each other is that they groom each other; it is also a part of showing their affection. 

Using teeth at the back of another dog’s ear is a perfect way of grooming. It is a common ritual of comfort that shows love and affection between the two. 

Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth

Why Does My Dog Hold His Leg in His Mouth?

It may be trying to clean itself.

It is not uncommon to see a dog holding or chewing his own leg. The dog is cleaning his leg or scratching to get rid of itchiness or dryness. If your dog continues to do this for a longer time, then it is a cause of concern as he may be facing some serious discomfort and want to get relief from such a problem. 

What Happens if a 2-Month-Old Puppy Bites?

Nothing will happen; 2 month old pups can’t bite very hard.

Luckily, mouthing and biting for a younger dog is normal in many cases. A 2-month-old puppy bites you for many reasons, do not worry; they explore the world from their mouth or show love and affection towards you. 

Sometimes a two month old puppy might bite you because it is teething, which is a common cause. So you don’t have to worry if your younger dog bites you. 

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With My Hands?

It’s a way of showing bonding and affection towards you.

Dogs explore the world through their mouths and nose. If your dog is showing interest in your hands, it is just a sign that it feels deeply loyal to you.

Why Does My Dog Put My Arm In His Mouth

A Few Final Words

If you regularly see your dog holding your arms in his mouth, you don’t have to worry. It is a common and normal behavior of every dog at a younger age. 

Thank you for reading this article; we hope that it answered your questions! If not, please write to us in the comments, and we will get back to you. 

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