Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night?

Meta: In this article, we will answer a common dog owner question: Why does my dog want to go outside at night? This mostly happens when your dog wants to pee, hear noises outside, or even due to old age. Read on to know more.

Dogs are inquisitive and like playing most of the time outdoors. They like walking around the street, digging the soil, and playing in the park. Sometimes they like staying all night outdoors as well. 

How much ever you try getting them inside, they will want to stay outdoors. However, this is very natural for dogs wanting to stay outside. But some dog owners may find it awful.

Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night

The possible reasons for your dog wanting to stay outside at night is they want to pee, have trouble sleeping inside, hear some noises, or due to old age. It can even be due to some other issues as well. There will be a lot of things you need to consider when looking for the cause.

In this article, let us look at the reasons why your dog wants to stay outside at night and how you can make them comfortable staying outside. 

So, Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night?

Let us look at the possible reasons why your dog wants to stay outside at night.

Your Dog Finds It More Comfortable Staying Out

Your dog might feel good and comfortable staying outside. If you have a dog house in the backyard, you can let him sleep outdoors. Perhaps its too hot or too noisy inside the house? Maybe the dog bed is next to the machine and you have left your clothes for a wash?

Whatever may be the case, try to make it comfortable for them wherever they want to sleep. They might find it peaceful and more relaxed outside. You can let them inside in the morning and allow them to sleep outdoors if they are comfortable that way.

Old Age

When they grow old, most of the dogs like staying outside more. This is mainly because they don’t like to socialize, and also they sleep pattern also increases over time

Some dogs may become stubborn and bark all the time if you force them to be inside. So let them sleep outside if they want to. 

Due to old age, some dogs may want to pee more often and would likely find it comfortable staying outside. In this case, you can let your dog pee before bedtime and get him inside.

Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night

Your Dog May Want to Safeguard You

If your dog wants to stay outside at night, it might be because they want to safeguard you and your kids. Dogs feel they can do it better by staying outside. And if your dog is well-trained, you can let them stay out. You will also feel safe when you know you have someone to look after at night.

Anxiety And Depression

Sometimes dogs may also feel anxious and depressed, just like us. They may feel anxious due to some trauma or poor socialization. 

There are chances that your dog might be scared of something inside the house and want to stay outside. You will find some abnormal behavior of dogs, and they may hide, tremble or want more grooming.

If you have recently moved to a new place, your dog may take time to settle down and feel depressed at the start. Some significant changes around the house may make dogs depressed, including new family members or the loss of someone they were close to. 


Dogs would want to stay out when they don’t feel good. You may find some signs of illness like vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, wheezing or coughing, and not playing much as they used to. When your dog is not well, you will find them isolating themselves and not socializing much. 

As dogs grow older, they may suffer from some health issues like arthritis, and their muscle mass also decreases. As a dog owner, you need to notice the changes in your dog and consult your vet if needed.

Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night

Your Dog Might Not Like the Noise Inside The House

Sometimes, your dog may want peace and would want to stay outside without any noise. Your dog might not like the noise of the TV, phone, or any household appliances, and so they may want to stay outdoors.

Some dogs may feel hot inside the house and want to remain outside to get some cool air. This mostly happens with dogs having thick and heavy fur. 

How To Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable Outside?

If your dog wants to stay outdoors at night, here are some tips to make them feel safe and comfortable.

Keep A Bowl Of Water

When you let your dog stay outside at night, keep a bowl of water for them. They might wake at night and feel thirsty, and you can keep it near their kennel or inside it. 

Keep Some Toys Outside

To make your dog comfortable outside, you can keep some treats and toys for them inside their kennel. When they wake up, they can have their treat, or you can even give them just before sleep. They will not feel bored when they have some toys to play with. 

Keep A Blanket In Their Kennel

To make your dog sleep comfortably outside, make sure to keep a blanket inside their kennel, especially if it is cold outside.


Having ample space in your backyard doesn’t mean your dog gets the right amount of stimulation. You will find your dog playing and running around in the yard, but they still would want to spend time with their owner and other pets around. 

The more your dog plays, the better it will sleep at night. Dogs get proper stimulation when they exercise and play. If your dog just loves staying outside, you can get them a few outdoor playing toys. 

Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night

Outdoor Environment

When you let your dog stay outdoors, you need to keep their sleep space and play area different. Make the dog kennel outside spacious so your dog can move around with ease and sleep comfortably. Make sure they have proper shelter for summer and winter. 

Can You Let Your Dog Sleep Outdoors In Cold Weather?

Yes, it is OK to let your dog stay outdoors in cold weather if you take proper measures to protect them from the cold.

  • Ensure that the dog house is waterproof, windproof, and dry.
  • If your dog is old, it is better to provide blankets and heat equipment. This is because older dogs will not have enough muscle mass and fat covered. Else, it is better to keep them inside.
  • If you are letting your dog stay outside in cold weather, make sure your dog has thick fur and coating so they can tolerate cold weather.
  • If winter season is about to come and your dog likes staying out more often, then feed him with proper meals, so they have enough muscle mass and fat.
  • Make sure the bedding inside their kennel is clean and dry. You can keep thick bedding inside their kennel, so they feel more comfortable and cozy.

What All Things Do You Require When You Let Your Dog Stay Out In Cold Weather?

If you let your dog sleep outside at night in cold weather, you need to have the following things.

  • Heating Equipment. If it’s extremely cold outside, then you need to keep some heating equipment in your dog’s kennel to keep it warm. You can keep a portable heater or warming lamp near the kennel. Make sure it does not get too hot as well.
  • Clear The Snow. If your space has snow all around, you need to clear it using rock salt or de-icer. Because if dogs eat it, it can harm them as it can be poisonous for them. And if the snow gets in their paws, it will irritate them. Clearing snow from your area will also help you walk around and play easily.
  • Sweaters And Jackets. If your dog does not have a thick coating, you can make him wear a sweater or jacket to keep them warm. Though some dogs might not like wearing jackets. You can keep trying unless they do.
Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night

What All Things Do You Require When You Let Your Dog Stay Out In Summers?

So, if your dog wants to sleep out in summer, make sure you keep the following things to keep cool.

  • Water. Make sure your dog has enough water to drink. Also, don’t keep light water bowls, else your dog will spill them up on the ground. Either place a water bucket or a heavy water bowl.
  • Grass. Sands become very hot during summers, so keeping your dog in the grass is better. You can keep their kennel in the grass and avoid keeping it in the sand.
  • Shade. Make sure to the kennel in a shady place. If your dog sits out in the heat for a long time, it may get sunburned. 
  • Cooling Equipment. You can keep some equipment like a cooling towel or mat so your dog does not feel too hot at night.

How Do I Keep My Dog From Going Outside At Night?

If it’s very cold outside or you just don’t feel good to leave your dog outdoors for a long time, here are some tips to try.

Try To Make Them Comfortable Inside

During winters, most people turn on heat equipment inside their house. Your dog may feel too warm inside and may want to stay outside to cool off. So you need to make some adjustments to make your dog comfortable. 

Some dogs like staying outside at night. To keep them inside, make sure they have a quiet and comfortable place to sleep. And if you are looking for dog kennels, make sure it has proper ventilation and shelter.

If there are a lot of noises in your house, be it from TV, Phone or any household appliances, you can try to reduce the noise. Just don’t punish your pup for bad behavior, and you can tell them what is right and reward them for their behavior.

Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night


Some dog owners feel that letting your dog run in the backyard is good for their regular exercise. But if they rely solely on this, it leads to problems. Your dog may get bored and irritated, leading to destructive behaviors like barking a lot, trying to escape the fence, etc. 

You need to take your dog for regular walks outside. This is the best way to exercise and get mental stimulation. Dogs are curious explorers and like exploring different things and discovering new places. So going for a walk outside is a great way to let them explore and feel good. 

Make Sure They Are Getting Proper Meals

Sometimes your dog may find trouble sleeping, and the issue can be its diet. Your dog may not be full with the meal you are giving them or maybe eating things they should not. Ensure that your dog is getting the proper diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dog Want To Sit Outside At Night?

They might like the temperature outside, or they might just be more comfortable there.

Your dog may want to sit outside because he just loves staying out. No matter how much you force them to stay in, they will rebel against you. So it is better to let them stay out if your dog wants to. Just make them comfortable outside and provide them with things they might need.

Is It OK For Dogs To Sleep Outside At Night?

Yes, it is OK to let your dog sleep outside at night.

Though it is essential, the dog kennel is of good quality and has proper ventilation. A kennel with proper shelter will protect your dog from rain, cold and harsh wind.

How Do I Keep My Dog From Going Outside At Night?

You have to make your home comfortable enough.

To keep your dog from going out at night, you can set a nighttime routine for them. Switch off the TV and lights outside. This will let them know they need to sleep.

Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night

A Few Final Words

It is pretty common for dogs to want to stay outside at night despite staying inside all the time. However, some dogs may suddenly start staying out due to mental and physical problems or old age. Try looking at these sudden behaviors of your dog and consult your vet if you notice any signs of mental distress.

I hope we have answered your question: why does my dog want to stay outside at night. The tips discussed above will help your dog feel safe and comfortable outside.

Thank you for reading, we hope this answers your questions. You might also like to read: Should I Let My Dog Roam The House At Night?