Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes?

Dogs steal many objects at home, and the reasons could range from separation anxiety to just plain playfulness. Why does my dog take my shoes? Read on to find out.

Have you ever searched your shoes for a long time and finally found them hidden in the dog’s bed? Does this happen too often to be a coincidence? If yes, you must be wondering why your dog takes your shoes. There can be many potential reasons for it. 

For instance, if you are not spending enough time with your dog, he may take your shoes to draw your attention. Moreover, dogs love to chew and explore various things. So it’s natural for your dog to take shoes and play with them. Your dog may have a lot of fun when you try to chase him to get the shoes back from him.

The article lists many possible reasons why your furry friend takes shoes from you and what you should do to avoid them. So keep on reading the article for more information.

Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes

Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes?

There are several reasons, and most of them are related to behavior problems.

#1. Your Dog Is Bored

If you are not taking your dog outside for sufficient time because of your busy schedule, he cannot have enough playtime. He gets bored by staying indoors and trying many ways to entertain himself. So boredom can be the reason for which your dog takes your shoes.

#2. Your Dog Wants To Seek Attention

If you are busier than normal and forget to play with your dog, your furry friend may use various tactics to seek attention. He may take things you care about the most, i.e., your shoes, to get your response.  

You react either positively or negatively when you discover shoes from your furry friend. He understands that he is getting attention from you by taking shoes and hence continues the behavior.


If you have a puppy at home and he usually takes your shoes, it can be because of teething. A puppy usually starts losing its teeth by around 12 weeks. So he will look for various things to chew and feel his mouth good. So teething can be the reason for which your puppy takes your shoes and other household things.

Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes

#4. Your Dog does not Get Proper Exercise

Lack of exercise can be why your dog takes your shoes and other things in your house.

Every dog requires exercise to stay healthy. Some breeds may require some more to keep fit and fine. You need to determine how much time your dog requires to exercise to stimulate his mind. 

The best thing is to take your furry friend outside so that he will walk, play or take him to the dog park. I think these are good exercises you need to include in your dog’s daily routine to stay healthy.

#5. Your Dog Likes Your Smell

Your dog loves your smell and wants to spend more time with you. So, he takes your possessions, including shoes, and play or sleep with them.

#6. Your Dog Loves To Play With You

Many times shoes are usually kept on the ground. It becomes easier for your dog to grab and move around here and there. He may like how you chase after him to get back the shoes.

So indirectly, your furry friend has a lot of fun when he takes your shoes. So he loves to continue taking your shoes.

#7. Your Dog Do Not Have Sufficient Toys

If your dog does not have many toys to chew, he will start taking your shoes and other belongings and chew them. So, make sure he should have enough toys according to his age.

Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Shoes?

They remind him of your smell.

#1. Your Dog Loves The Scent That Comes From Your Shoes

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell. So, your dog will always go towards the things that smell like you.

For instance, a shoe consisting of natural leather can hold your natural smell for a long time. Moreover, sometimes you go to the garden or hiking, an earthy smell comes from the sides and bottom of your shoes, attracting your dog. 

So it can be why your dog takes your shoes and sleeps on them. He feels safe and secure while sleeping on your shoes because it has your smell.

The nose of the dogs is very powerful. They have almost 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose compared to 3 million human beings.

Your shoe smells like you, which is quite appealing for your dog. So this may be why he cuddles your shoes when you are not at home. Cuddling may feel your dog safe and secure.

#2. Your Shoes Are Pillow For Your Dog

Your dog may decide to take a nap on your shoes because they are comfortable. It may be a pillow for your dog where he can rest his head and sleep comfortably.

#3. You Have Kept Your Shoe Rack In Coolest Place Of Your House

During the hot summer months, dogs often seek a cool place to lay down and sleep. So if you have to keep the shoe rack in the coolest place, then it’s most likely that your dog will sleep on your shoes.

Why Does My Dog Carry My Shoes Around?

He might be trying to play with you.

  • Your dog may want to play with you. He loves the way you run after him for your shoes. So he takes your shoes and moves around here and there.
  • Your dog may love your smell which comes mainly from your shoes. So he takes your shoes and moves around here and there.
Why Does My Dog Take My Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What does it mean when your dog takes your shoes?

In most cases, it is just a problem of boredom or playfulness.

When your dog grabs your shoes, then it indicates various possible reasons. I am listing some of them below.
Your furry friend wants to draw your attention towards him
Your dog is bored at home
Your dog loves your smell
Your dog does not have enough toys to chew

#2. Why does my dog take my shoes and sleep with them?

It might remind him of your smell.

Your dog takes your shoes and sleeps with them because of several reasons. I am listing some of them below.
You are keeping shoes in a cool area.
Your dog loves your smell.
Shoes are pillows for your dog.

#3. How do I stop my dog from stealing my shoes?

You can follow these steps:
You should keep your shoes in a cupboard or high places so that your dog cannot take your shoes.
If you get your dog plenty of exercise during the day, then he will behave properly and may not steal your shoes.
You can teach your dog by using some command leave it when he approaches your shoes. After some days dog will learn the meaning of the command and may not steal your shoe or other possessions.

A Few Final Words

Your dog steals your shoes for various reasons like he may love the scent or wants to play with you for some time. But you may not like to run away each time to get a shoe from your dog. 

So it’s best to keep your shoe sat at an elevated height so that he cannot reach there or teach him with some command language. However, if your furry friend has taken your shoes, don’t punish or scold him.

Thank you for reading, we hoped you liked the content and it answered most of your questions. If you would like to learn about more of dogs’ weird habits, do read: Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub?, and Why Does My Dog Lay Behind Me?