Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub?

Does your dog have an odd habit of sleeping in weird places? Are you wondering: “why does my dog sleep in the bathtub?” There are many reasons, we investigate it threadbare in this article

Your dog means a lot to you, and you do every possible thing to make him happy. For instance, you invest a lot of your money and time in finding a perfect dog bed for your furry friend so that he can sleep comfortably at night. But what happens when your dog doesn’t like the bed you have bought and chooses to sleep in the bathtub instead?

You might start wondering what might be causing such strange behavior? There are many possible reasons why your dog starts sleeping in your bathtub. For instance, your house may be noisy at night which would disturb or frighten your furry friend. It might be wanting to draw your attention. It can even be a medical problem.

You need to find the root cause for which your dog has started sleeping in your bathtub, and then you can act accordingly. In this article, I will talk about some of the reasons, and what you need to do about it.

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub?

Your dog sleeps in the bathtub because of numerous reasons. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Your Dog May Have Medical Problem

Dogs usually do weird things when they are ill. They start sleeping in some places, which they typically don’t do. If you find your dog started suddenly sleeping in your bathtub, then it may be ill. 

If you see other signs like lethargy, less interest in eating food, or other abnormal behavior, it’s better to take him to a vet. The vet will evaluate your dog and treat him accordingly.

#2. Your Dog Wants To Seek Your Attention

Dogs will always try to draw the attention of their owner. These creatures use various tactics to draw attention. For instance, if you scold or show your love to your furry friend after finding him in the bathtub, then he will recognize that this action has a response. So he continues sleeping in the bathtub to seek attention from you.

#3. Your Dog Feels Safe In The BathTub

If your dog uses the bathtub during the day, then he thinks that this is a safe place to sleep during the night. So he starts sleeping in the bathtub. In this case, you need to investigate what she is afraid of.

#4. Your dog Don’t Like Noise During The Night

If your son has arrived for Christmas vacation and plays movies or video games till the middle of the night, the noise might disturb your dog while sleeping. So he starts sleeping in the bathtub.

Do you like to put your clothes in the wash before going to sleep? Dishes in the dishwasher? Perhaps these machines are too close to your dog’s bed and the vibrations are causing it to jump into your nice, ceramic tub. 

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub

#5. You Recently Changed Her Bedding and She Doesn’t Like It.

Have you changed your dog’s bedding recently or moved his bed to somewhere else? If yes, your dog may not be comfortable in his bedding or environment, and he continues to sleep in your bathtub.

#6. Anxiety Or Fear

Sometimes anxiety or fear can be a problem for which your dog starts sleeping in your bathtub. If you leave your dog alone, then fireworks, thunderstorms, or some construction work nearby might make her afraid. Don’t take these things for granted; otherwise, anxiety or fear can turn into phobias and become a bigger problem later on.

Why Do Dogs Like Wet Towels?

As soon as you come out of the bath, you find your dog waiting for you. She wants to play with your wet towel she loves to do that. But what’s going on here? Let’s look at some possible reasons.

#1. Your Dog Loves Your Smell

Your furry friend loves you a lot. So, he wants to take your belongings or various items that have your smell on them. For instance, if you leave your wet towels, your dog comes and tries to roll over the towels.

#2. Your Dog is in a Good Mood

If you find your dog rolls over your towels just after his bath, it indicates that she is in a good mood. Bathing refreshes your dog. So, your dog becomes extra energetic after bathing and starts rolling over your wet towels.

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub

#3. Your Dog Wants To Establish Dominance

Dogs always tend to dominate other animals. Your furry friend may rub on your belongings or roll on your wet towels because he wants to establish his position in your house. Moreover, your dog wants to signal other pets in your house that you and your belongings belong entirely to me.

If your dog loves to roll in your wet towels, you don’t have to worry. You can observe and enjoy it when your dog starts doing these things. She expresses her love and affection towards you by rolling or rubbing against your possession.

Why Is My Dog Climbing In The Tub?

So you gathered all the cleaning shampoos and towels you need and finally get your dog to get in the tub, only to find that he is just trying to climb out the whole time what’s the reason?

#1. Your Dog Is Nervous

Dogs always love to be free and run around. But to bathe your dog, you are confining him in a small space, i.e., a bathtub. There is a chance that your puppy’s paws can slip, which will make him nervous. It might try to climb out of the tub to get back on solid ground.

#2. Your dog Don’t Like The Smell Of Cleaning Products

When you use the shampoo while bathing your dog, he thinks that he is losing his scent. So he starts climbing on the tub.

#3. Your dog Don’t Like Noise Of Running Water

If you don’t like the sound of running water, then he will try to escape from the bathtub.

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub

#4. Fear And Anxiety

Fear and anxiety can be the reason why your dog starts climbing in the tub. Your dog can get afraid if sees brushes and other cleaning equipment which it might have had a bad experience in the past.

#5. Your dog don’t Want To Lose His Smell

Your dog may think that he is losing smell while bathing. A dog’s smell is very important to it because dogs explore the world with their noses instead of eyes. Losing their smell is like losing their territory to them.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping From The Bath Tubs?

#1. Limit His Bath Time

If your furry friend madly jumps from the bathtub, then limit his bathing time or bath him whenever it’s necessary.

#2. Use Unscented Shampoos

You can prefer to use unscented soaps and shampoos while bathing your dog. It may prevent your dog from jumping from the bathtub.

#3. Try To Bathe Your Dog In Open Space

You can prefer to bathe your dogs in open spaces. It may prevent him from jumping from the bathtub.

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub

#4. Take Precautions If Your Dog Is In Fear

You should take precautions if your dog is afraid or has separation anxiety. If there are fireworks in the evening, don’t leave your dog alone. You can switch on soft music to reduce the sound of fireworks as much as possible.

#5. Allow Your Dog To Run After Bathing

The best thing you can do is allow your dog to run like a maniac after bathing so that he will recognize that even if bathing is not a good experience for him, he gets the reward of zooming at the end.

Why Does My Dog Lay In The Bathtub?

#1. Your Dog Might Be Feeling Cool And Comfortable in Summers

Dog beds are usually round in shape. The warm bed and curling position while sleeping makes your dog hot. So he might try to seek a cool and comfortable place.

The bathtub is one of the best options for him. So if you find that your dog is lying in a bathtub, especially in the summer months, it is because of a temperature issue. He wants to cool his body to feel comfortable at home.

#2. Your Dog Wants Some Quiet Time

Your furry friend may lay in your bathtub because he wants to spend some time alone. You should not worry about this behavior. You should be happy that your dog has found the most healthy ways of managing stress.

#3. Your Furry Friend Feels The Bath Tub As Den

Traditionally, dogs were wild animals. They dug holes in a cool and dark place to make a den to sleep or lay comfortably without any threat to the outside world. Nowadays, although dogs are kept in houses, they have not forgotten the habit of digging holes and choosing cool and dark places.

The bathtubs in your bathroom are usually cool and dark similar to the traditional den. So, this may be the reason for which your dog lays in the bathtub.

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub

#4. Your Dog Is Nervous

Your dog may be nervous when many guests arrive in your house, or he hears some loud noise. So he starts moving to the bathtub to lie comfortably.

However, you need to pay attention to how your dog behaves after going to the bathtub. If he is lying or sleeping, you don’t have to worry about it. But if he is panting, then it’s a medical issue, and you need to take your pet to a veterinary doctor. Additionally, you have to help your pet cope with stress and anxiety.

#5. Whenever You Are In Bathtub

Your dog wants to spend some more time with you. So, your furry friend anticipates your bathroom routine and goes and lays inside the bathtub even if you are not in the bathroom. He lay down inside the tub until you arrive.

#6. You Are Encouraging Your Dog For This Behaviour

Are you giving treats to your dog when you find him lying in your bathtub? If yes, the dog loves treats, and your furry friend will repeat this behavior.

#7. Your Bathroom Smells Like You

Are you keeping some of your clothes or possessions inside your bathroom? If yes, then remember the dog knows your smell. So he will go to the bathroom and spend some time inside the bathtub.

#8. Your Dog Wants To Take Another Bath

Is your furry friend a bath lover? If yes, you will usually find your dog lying inside the bathtub.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Getting Inside the Bath Tub?

If you want to stop your dog from getting inside the bathtub, you can consider the below things.

#1. Use Cooling Pads

If your dog lays inside the bathtub to get himself cool, it’s best to cool pads made mainly for dogs.

#2. You Can Use Open Space

If you find that your dog goes to the bathtub mainly for bathing once again, try to bathe him in an open space.

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathtub

#3. Invest On Another Comfortable Bed For Your Dog

If you find that your dog is going to the bathroom and sleeping inside the bathtub, then it indicates that he is not happy with his bed. You can purchase another comfortable bed for your dog or change his bedding style.

#4. Don’t Scold Or Punish Your Furry Friend

If you find that your dog is hiding inside the bathtub for some reason, then don’t punish or scold him. It is because scold or punishment can make things worse. Additionally, never leave your dog alone if he is frightened because f hearing some loud noise.  

A Few Final Words

Laying or sleeping in your bathtub is normal, and you don’t have to worry about it. But if your furry friend never sleeps or lays inside the bathtub and suddenly he starts spending time inside the bathtub, then you need to think about it. 

You can look for other changes in your dog, like losing weight or feeling lethargic. Moreover, pay close attention to your dog when he spends time inside the bathtub. If you found some changes, then try to consult a veterinary doctor.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we were able to answer most of your queries. If we missed something, do tell us in the comments. You might also like to read: Why Does My Dog Lay Behind Me? And Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Heads Hanging Down?