Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom?

You bought a high-quality bed and pillow for your dog to sleep on, but all that is just rotting in the corner. Why does my dog sleep in the bathroom? Well, there are several reasons attached to this behavior, and today, we shall discuss them all!

The thing about dogs is that they prefer to sleep in their ‘den’ rather than a room. By ‘den,’ we mean a place where they can relax and enjoy the silence that surrounds them. 

In American households, probably it’s the bathroom that can bring them such calm and relaxation. So, you can see your pup lounging or sleeping on the bathroom floor often, but there might be other factors attached to this habit, including:

  • Size of the room 
  • The scent of the room
  • The temperature of the room
Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually colder than other spaces in the house, and most dogs love this lowered temperature, especially during the summer season. 

Secondly, they get the strong scent of their owners in the bathroom and so love to spend time there. Finally, the size of the bathroom is usually small and so, they look similar to a den, which is the natural habitat of dogs.

So, we know now why they like bathrooms, but surely, there can be other reasons attached to their desire to lay or sleep in the bathroom, and in this article, we will discuss the most common ones and the solutions. So, read on!

Why Does My Dog Like To Sleep in the Bathroom?

It could be that they like a colder place, or the bathroom reminds them of your smell.

Sleeping is one of the many feel-good activities in a dog’s life. So, it can be challenging to explain why many dogs like to sleep in the bathroom. Let’s look at some reasons why this is happening

They love the cold floor in summers

It might seem odd to you, but most dogs fall asleep in the bathroom because they like cold floors and get comfortable laying on them. 

It is more likely for your dog to sleep on the washroom floor if the weather is hot, and they would otherwise love to cuddle with you on the bed or settle themselves well on their couch or sleeping area. 

However, you shouldn’t worry much if your pup lays on the bathroom floor all year round since there are several other reasons why they love it there. 

Dogs like Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Springer Spaniel, Chow Chow, and Bulldog are breeds that cannot tolerate hot weather and thus, would rather sleep in a bathroom than deal with the burning weather outside. So, your dog’s breed also decides their liking to sleep in the bathroom. 

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom

They like the smell of the bathroom

As annoying as it can be for you, your dog might like sleeping in the bathroom because it smells like you. As a dog owner, you must already know that these animals have a strong sense of smell. Some dog owners prefer their pet not to sleep in the same bed but in a different room and a separate bed.

But instead of choosing that bed, dogs use the bathroom as their sleeping room to feel closer to you and associate it as a place where they are always with you. Most items in the bathroom, including your hairbrush, laundry, soaps, shampoo, etc., have your scent and work like a charm for your pup if you know what we mean!

They are uncomfortable in their bed

Since your dog sleeps in the bathroom often, it might also be because of some issues that cause it discomfort. It can be because their bed is uncomfortable, they are suffering from mental health issues, they want to isolate themselves, they are in pain, or something else. 

Sometimes, when your dog feels anxious or sad or wants to isolate itself from everyone, it would go and lay on the floor. Dogs are pretty emotional people by nature and thus, need a lot of recharging that can be done when they spend some time alone in closed or small spaces.  

You can also try changing their bed or sleeping area since many dogs find their beds quite uncomfortable, so they choose to sleep on the bathroom floor. 

It is also possible that they are in some pain and find comfort in sleeping in a particular place only. Thus, it is essential to test all the reasons why your pup is not resting on his bed or only sleeping in the bathroom. 

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom

You might have encouraged their behavior

It might come as a surprise for you, but this is quite possible that you unknowingly encourage this behavior in your dog. 

If you have ever played with your furry friend in the bathroom or given them a treat or simply extra attention in there, the chances are that they associate it with them making you happy, and so, they go and sleep in the bathroom. Thus, for them, it is an activity that pleases you. 

Why Does My Dog Sleep in the Bathroom – Tips That Can Help

Now that you have noticed that your dog is acting funny and spending most of its bedtime in the toilet, you can consider applying the following tips to help it get back to normalcy. Check them out.

Stop encouraging the behavior

We know that you do not encourage your dog to sleep in the bathroom, not intentionally. However, there are certain things that you might be doing to promote the behavior, such as 

  • Treating them in the washroom
  • Letting them in at the time of your bath
  • Staying with them in the bathroom when they roll on the floor. 

When you are happy with them in the bathroom, they associate it with the feeling of giving you pleasure, and so, it is essential to learn about this behavior and change it to break their habit. 

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom

Change the dog’s bed and sleep location

Many times, pets do not like their sleeping space or bed, so they might decide to change their location and set out to a new corner. So, if your dog is lounging in the bathroom, changing their bed or sheets or sleeping place is considered. 

In this way, you can see if they continue to sleep in the toilet or like their new space/furniture. You can also get your pup a cooling mat during summer to keep them away from the bathroom.

Limit access to the bathroom

The simplest way to keep them away from the bathroom is to keep the door closed when you aren’t using it. With limited access to the bathroom, your dog will slowly and eventually lose your scent or the feeling of sleeping in the bathroom and will soon get back to normalcy. 

Why Does My Dog Guards Me When I Sleep?

It can be due to territorial issues, over-attachment, separation anxiety, kennel aggression, resource guarding, unintentional encouragement, bad memories, past traumas, and more. 

Your dog might feel the need to guard you while you are asleep for many reasons.  Many dog owners complain that guarding is quite annoying wildly when dogs growl or bark at the owner’s spouse, friends, or family members. It is, thus, essential to identify the exact cause for the behavior and help your pup get out of it. 

There are some steps that you can follow to bring down your pup’s guards when you are asleep, even when you cannot pinpoint the reason for their behavior. The following steps are thus worth trying. 

  • Do not let them sleep with you or in your room.
  • Make them socialize with your friends and family.
  • Try to soothe them before you go to sleep 
  • Discipline them with obedience training
  • Control their impulse to protect. 

The last one is a bit difficult to do. Watch this video to learn more about impulse control: 

Teach Your Puppy Impulse Control: Impulse Training Drills For Your Dog

Why Does My Dog Keep Laying in the Bathroom?

They like it because the toilet gives them a sense of security, ease, calm, and comfort. The place is cool and quiet, which is the most preferred ambiance for dogs to sleep. 

Should you worry about it?

The simple reason for this behavior is that dogs like to sleep or lay in the bathroom, and that’s that. It is pretty standard for dogs to fall asleep in the bathroom. 

In most cases, there is nothing to worry about, but if it is not their usual behavior, you should be concerned enough to observe its activities and, in any case, take it to a good vet. 

To elaborate the same, if your dog is habitual to sleeping in your bed with you or in his sleeping area and has suddenly changed his preference from the bed to the bathroom, you can talk to your vet. 

You can start with noticing any physical change in their body, such as weight gain, loss or gain in appetite, irritability, etc. Also, there is quite a difference between your pup sleeping or laying on the floor and panting on it or looking comfortable. 

Usually, it may last for a day or two. Still, if this pattern continues for more than a week, you should consult a vet because they might be in pain or suffering from anxiety, depression, or some other mental illness. 

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom

A Few Final Words

With proper training and discipline, it is possible to completely turn around their habit of sleeping in the bathroom. While it is okay to let them sleep or laze around on the bathroom floor, it can be a bit of concern if they continue to sleep there for more than a week. 

Thus, as a dog owner, you must keep an eye on them, make sure that they break this pattern soon, and get back to normalcy. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope that we covered all your doubts. If you have more questions, feel free to drop us a word in the comments box below.

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