Why Does My Dog Poop Standing Up?

Why does my dog poop standing up? We have heard this one a few times and decided to investigate. If your dog is not pooping in the squatting position, it might be time to get it checked by a vet. It might be in pain.

It is hard for human beings to understand if their beloved dog is going through pain. Thankfully, we can learn a lot from dogs’ body language and notice if they act funnily or strangely. 

For example, if your dog starts standing up while doing his business, it is a sign that he might be suffering from some spinal injury or lower body pain

So, if your dog is no longer taking the normal position for defecating, we think it’s about time you booked an appointment with your veterinarian and got your pet thoroughly checked. 

However, it is essential to do your research and learn about this problem, and this article hopes to help you in this regard. Read on to learn more about why does your dog poop standing up?

Why Does My Dog Poop Standing Up?

It could be one of several reasons, most of them bad  injuries, diseases and more.

It is not natural for dogs to poop while standing up, especially if they start doing it out of nowhere. It is usually a sign of back pain, injury, or perhaps some other issue.

So, what can be wrong with a dog who poops standing up? We have discussed it all below  

He might have a back injury 

If your dog is no longer pooping in the normal defecation position, he may have a back injury or another back-related issue. Some dogs stand on their hind legs while pooping, mainly because they suffer from a back injury. 

Even though dogs can get back injury or pain at any age, certain breeds are more inclined to back injury, namely, Bulldogs, Pugs, Dachshunds, Beagles, Basset hounds, etc. However, it doesn’t mean that other breeds cannot have such injury or pain. It is, thus, essential to take your dog to the vet from time to time. 

There can be arthritis issues with your dog

One of the most common causes leading to your dog standing or half-squatting while pooping is arthritis. Some of the common symptoms of this disease include:

  • Biting or licking hind legs, 
  • Limping on rear legs, 
  • Unusual tiredness in the body, 
  • Irritability, 
  • Notable changes in usual behavior such as not following their favorite human or not barking at all, 
  • Yelping when touching the affected area, in this case, it’s legs
  • Hesitation in moving their bodies
  • Being inactive throughout the day

Issues related to anal glands 

In case your dog has issues related to anal glands, they may show some or all of these signs – difficulty in sitting, constipation, unpleasant odor that comes from their glands, scooting instead of walking, trying to chase his tail, constantly biting and licking the anal area, etc. 

Sudden traumas in the rectal area are another reason why issues with anal glands can show you and, thus, trouble your dog while pooping. 

Other health problems 

Apart from the above causes, your furry friend can have other health concerns, including disc issues (canine intervertebral disc), perineal hernia, fecal incontinence, paralysis, and degenerative myelopathy condition. In any case, you need to consult a vet and get to the root of the problem. 

My Dog Can’t Squat To Poop – What To Do?

Get the dog checked by the vet, they will tell you how to proceed.

Once you learn about the cause that your dog cannot stand poop, you can start to take suitable measures to reduce the discomfort of your furry friend. So, how should you start with it?

The first thing to do, in any case, is to book an appointment with the vet and get him tested. When you tell him your pet’s condition, he will usually go for tests like CT scans, X-rays, and physical examination of the body. 

Once the results come in, your vet will tell you the best way to approach the problem and prescribe therapy or medicine or both for your dog. 

Apart from following your vet’s advice, you can also learn about the condition that your dog is suffering from and help him recover quickly. Below are some of the steps you can take to help your dog recover from his back pains, arthritis, anal gland issues, etc. 

  • Don’t skip check-ups at any cost.
  • Learn from authentic websites and books about your pet problems. Do not take the advice of inauthentic YouTube and other online videos to help your dog.
  • Keep up with your dog’s routine, as suggested by your vet. 
  • Keep your pup groomed and clean as much as possible.
  • Stay consistent with his exercise and try to keep it active and to go and be happy. 
  • Keep its diet healthy and take your dog out for short walks. 

If you continue to follow the routine and take care of your pup, it will soon get well and run and poop without standing at all!

Why Does My Dog Poop on Top of Things?

Lack of training, or need to re-train.

If your pup likes to poop on the top of things and doesn’t care about its actions at all, well, we can assure you that this is normal dog behavior. 

You might feel embarrassed or disappointed in your dog for ‘pulling off’ such tricks, but your dog is fine with them. So, why does your dog poop on the top of things? May it be furniture or a wall? Let’s find out. 

  • He is picky 
  • He is bored of the same poop pattern 
  • The height of poop helps in the scent to travel faster and vastly
  • He is marking his territory 
  • He is communicating with other dogs 

The only way to get rid of these tendencies is to potty train your dog properly.

Why Does My Dog Get Diarrhea When Excited?

Don’t worry too much unless the diarrhea gets severe.

As a dog owner, you must already know that too much stress and anxiety can cause diarrhea in dogs, but did you know that it can also be because of excitement? 

Yes, when you talk your pup out on walks, give them treats, exercise with them, or play with them, their happy hormones surge, and thus, they get super excited, sometimes to the point that it causes them diarrhea. 

However, in most cases, it is nothing serious, and they can get over it pretty soon, but it is essential to consult your vet about the same to make sure that there is no underlying condition that’s making them poop so much.

Also, dogs poop a lot when excited, so you need to learn the difference between diarrhea and random poops. To help your dog avoid pooping, make sure that they remain hydrated all the time. 

Also, you can give them pumpkin treats but make sure that it is pure pumpkin and not a mix. You can also feed plain yogurt or boiled chicken with rice. If the changed diet doesn’t work, you must turn to a good vet and get medication for your furry friend to feel better after he gets excited and not spend the next few minutes pooping. 

Other Common Questions and Their Answers

Why does my dog poop high up?

It is probably marking its territory.
When your dog poops high, it is a sign of communication with other dogs in the area. When it poops on top of an object, it helps the smell spread quickly and vastly, making communication easier with other animals. 
It marks the territory of a dog to inform others about its presence, health, and hormone status. So, yes, do not wonder if there is something wrong with your dog because it is instinct to poop on the top. 

Why does my dog stand while pooping?

Your dog might be in too much pain to potty in the normal stance.

Your dog is probably dealing with back pain, back injury, arthritis, or rectum trauma. It is essential to take your dog to a vet immediately. 

This stance also means that your pup is suffering from a degenerative myelopathy condition where there are chances of your dog being paralyzed. So, yes, hurry up and book an appointment with your vet in case you don’t want your pup to suffer in the future.

Are dogs shy when they poop?

Not usually.

Dogs are not shy per se, but it also depends on the nature and personality of every dog. Many people have noticed that dogs look for a corner or want to be alone when they poop. 

It would seem like the pup is shy to poop in front of others, but the explanation is far from reality to a random person. In most households, when a new puppy ends up pooping on the floor or your favorite carpet, the first reaction is mostly not what they can expect. 

If you call them ‘bad dog’ even for a while, they might become scared or flustered due to your angry reaction and would consider pooping away from everyone’s eyes, and not because they are shy. 
However, it is not the case with every dog, and many of them would poop in any place they feel comfortable in, especially if they aren’t trained.

What do dogs smell before they poop?

To sense if the territory belongs to other dogs.

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. So, when they are about to poop, they smell the area to learn about other dogs in the neighborhood. 

Through sniffing, they get an idea about whose area they are in, and once they are done doing their business, they kick their feet to cover the poop to let the neighborhood dogs know about their presence.

Final Words

It is not natural for your pup to stand and poop, especially if they have pooped while squatting all their life. We have given you an idea about all the common reasons why your dog is doing its business while standing up, but it is entirely on you to visit a vet, tell them the whole story and finally, get your dog the treatment it requires. 

Thank you for reading the article. We hope we were able to answer most of your questions. You might also like to read: Why Do Dogs Try To Cover Their Poop? And Why Wont My Dog Lift His Leg To Pee?