Why Does My Dog Pee In Other Peoples Houses?

Why does my dog pee in other peoples houses? What can I do to stop this embarrassing behavior? We answer all these questions in the article below.

I have trained my dog to pee outside for several months with a lot of patience. My dog is an enthusiastic learner, but sometimes he still pees in my neighbor’s house, which is quite embarrassing.

But why does my dog pee in other people’s houses? I was a bit worried and surfed on the internet and even talked to my veterinary doctor about this issue. 

Why Does My Dog Pee In Other Peoples Houses

I found that several reasons make your dog pee in other people’s houses. For example, problems such as stones and urinary infections might be causing him to do so, Age, improper training, fear or anxiety, and marking behavior can all be the reasons.

Let us talk a bit more about why this happens and what you can do about it.

Why Does My Dog Pee In My Neighbor’s House?

Your dog can pee in other people’s houses because of numerous reasons. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Urinary Tract Problems

If your dog starts peeing in your neighbor’s house all of a sudden, then one possible reason could be a urinary tract infection. UTIs are extremely common in dogs, so much so that upto 39% of cases had them in one study.

So before getting upset with your furry friend, it’s best to consult a veterinary doctor. The doctor will take the urine sample of your dog for examination. If he finds any bacterial infection, he prescribes oral antibiotics for your dog.

Moreover, there can be other urinary problems like stones or inflammation in the bladder, tumors, and others. The doctor can treat the urinary issues by prescribing proper medication and change in the diet of your dog. But, in extreme cases, the veterinary doctor may recommend surgery for your dog.

#2. Incontinence

If your dog has an incontinence problem, he might have little control over his bladder, and he can pee anywhere unknowingly. It can be the reason for your dog peeing in others’ houses.

Incontinence mainly occurs when your dog grows old, or it is too young and not properly trained. You should consult your veterinary doctor about this issue. He may prescribe some medications to treat incontinence problems in your dog.

Why Does My Dog Pee In Other Peoples Houses

#3. Aging and Dementia

When your dog grows old, he may have a mental illness like Dementia in which he forgets the pee training and urinates in other people’s houses. However, you can manage Dementia in your canine friend by giving proper medications and care.


Your dog may get nervous or anxious when you take him to other people’s houses, and with fear, he may urinate there.

#5. Excitement

Keeping your canine friend in a cage for a  long time is quite boring. So in the evening, if you decide to take your canine to your friend’s house, then he may become super excited, and the excitement can be the reason to pee in other people’s houses.

#6. Marking Behavior

A dog can easily smell the odor of another dog. Your dog can pee in other people’s houses to draw the attention of another dog. This is known as marking

Why Does My Dog Pee In Other Peoples Houses

#7. Your Dog Requires More Training

If your dog is peeing in other people’s houses, he might need more training or retraining. Some dogs learn pee training within a few weeks, whereas others may require time. 

You need to retrain your dog to pee in the yard after eating food, drinking water, and waking from naps. If he pees in the proper spot, then reward your dog with so many treats. 

But if he does not pee, don’t discourage or scold him. Bring your pet back to your house and take him out after a few minutes. If you repeat the process, I am sure he will learn to pee in the correct place. Remember to stick to one location for peeing rather than using multiple locations.

If you plan to take your dog to someone else’s house, get him to urinate at the designated location and then take them there. In this way, you can save yourself from getting embarrassed.

How To Stop Dog Marking In Other People’s House?

You can stop your dog from marking other people’s houses in various ways. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Neuter Your Dogs

Neutering is a process in which a surgical procedure removes the testicles of your dog. This procedure reduces the testosterone levels in your dog. Consequently, your dog is sexually less excited compared to intact dogs.

Neutering your canine friend may reduce urine marking in other people’s houses. But if he has been marking for a long time, then neutering alone may not resolve this issue. It has become a learning behavior for your dog. So you need to use other techniques.

Why Does My Dog Pee In Other Peoples Houses

#2. Talk To Your Veterinary Doctor

Sometimes your dog marks urine because of anxiety or stress. You have to consult your veterinary doctor to resolve the problem in such a case.

Why Does My Dog Pee In The House In Front Of Me?

There are various possible reasons for which your dog pees in the house in front of you. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Submissiveness

If your dog is peeing in the house in front of you, it may be because of submissiveness. Submissive urination is a behavior in which your dog pees because of anxiety or fear.

However, to identify whether it is submissive peeing or not, you have to keep an eye on his body language. If your dog is flattening his ears or hiding his tails in between the legs, then these signs are submissiveness.


When your dog ages, then he cannot control his bladder (incontinence). So this can be the reason for peeing in the house in front of you.

Why Does My Dog Pee In Other Peoples Houses

#3. Illness

Your dog may have some medical problems or severe illness for which he is peeing in the house in front of you.

#4. You Are Not Taking Your Dog Outside Frequently

When you don’t take your dog outside frequently to urinate, they will pee inside the house and maybe in front of you.

#5. Excitement

Your dog can become excited when a new member visits your house, or you bring a new pet into your house. The excitement can be the reason for peeing inside the house in front of you.

#6. Fear

Your dog can get nervous or fear when there is loud noise outside. Additionally, he may fear when you aggressively approach him. That may be the reason for peeing inside the house in front of you.

Why Does My Dog Poop In Someone Else’s House?

#1. Poor House Training

You think you successfully trained your dog when he does potty in the desired place a few times. But the process may take a bit longer than you think to be solidified correctly in your dog’s brain.

If you notice that he is pooping in others’ houses, then your dog requires some more training. Take it to the desired location and indicate it to do the potty. 

If he does potty, then reward him with treats. But if he does not potty, bring him back to your home and then take him back to the location after a few minutes. Never discourage or scold your dog for not doing potty.

Why Wont My Dog Poop In My Yard

#2. Medical Problem

Your dog can have a medical problem like diarrhea or digestive issues because of which he may poop in others’ houses.

#3. Aging

Your dog can have muscular atrophy, which prevents the ability of your dog to hold the bowel for a longer time. It mainly occurs when your canine friend grows old, and there are chances that he may poo in someone else’s house.

Additionally, your dog may have cognitive issues when he grows old. So he forgets where to poo and can do potty in someone else’s house, which is quite embarrassing.

A Few Final Words

Potty and pee training for your canine friend requires a lot of time and effort. You may get embarrassed when your doggy poops or pees in someone else’s house. But there are several reasons for it. You should never become angry and try to scold your dog for this reason.

Why Does My Dog Pee In Other Peoples Houses

First, try to check the health of your dog. If everything is well, it indicates that your dog needs more training. Thank you for going through this article, and we hope we covered all the necessary aspects that you wanted us to if not, we are just a comment away from answering your queries.

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