Why Does My Dog Love His Collar?

Why does my dog love his collar so much? Simple, because putting on a collar means it’s playtime or time to go to the park! But there are other reasons as well, and I will explore them all in this post

Having a pet is a fascinating moment for every dog owner. Getting new things for your dog and watching their reactions to them can be very exciting. 

I recently bought a brand new harness for my pet and she took to it like fish to water. He loved it from the get-go and never wanted to take it off, even when I wanted to clean it or give it a bath. It got so funny that I had to question myself: why does my dog love his collar so much?

I talked to a couple of other pet parents at the park, did a bit of research online, and even talked to a friend who is an animal behaviorist. Here’s what I found out.

Why Does My Dog Love His Collar

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Why Do Dogs Love Their Collars?

Dog collars are associated with many of their favorite things since it comes on when you and the dog are about to go on a walk or for play.

It’s a gift from you

Some dogs get attached to their collar because it is a gift from you their favorite person in the world! Dogs are very intelligent, and they can pick up different habits and behavior they notice in their surroundings. 

The training and treats make it a prized posession

They may not like the collar or harness initially because it’s a bit uncomfortable, but with a little bit of effort and training, they will like it. It’s the training and effort and treats that you are giving which make your dog even more attached to their collar. Once your dog starts wearing the collar every day, it might develop an attachment towards it. 

Dogs notice everything from their surroundings and pick up the behavior by repeating habits frequently and training them. If you want your dog to wear the collar every time, then they will start considering it as having precious moments with you.

It’s like a piece of jewelry

Once they are comfortable with a collar, it turns out to be like jewelry that your dog will like wearing every time. The texture and experience can be comfortable and soothing to your dog’s neckline and skin. Dogs love to explore new things.

The collar might not be new; however, the experience can be fascinating. Dogs love their collar because it’s associated with rewards or walks. Collars have become a routine of his daily life, and it may happen that your dog has developed some attachment related to it. For instance, we all like our favorite clothes and dresses, especially when it is gifted by someone special.

Why Does My Dog Love His Collar

Its signals that a walk to the park or playtime is coming up

Most of the time, people don’t put on a leash or a harness at home. They only put it on when they are about to take their dogs out for a walk or to the playground.

Dogs love to play and spend time with their owner. If you make your dog wear the harness when taking off in the park or out, he will start liking his collar. They will start believing that it indicates that it is the time to enjoy and seek pleasure with you.

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Collar acts as a sense of security

Some dogs feel secure when they wear their collars. Once you take it off, they do not feel safe anymore. With the help of a collar, the dog knows that it can always find its way back to the master.

It smells similar to his favourite dog or person

The smell of the collar may be similar to the smell of his favorite person or dog. Dogs experience their world through smells. Dogs often rub off everything when they like something. 

When they find the smell of a particular thing like a dog, they want it to be with them always. It also signals that the dog may become possessive of its collar.

He might like the design and pattern

Many dogs love their collars as they associate them with happiness or consider them a sense of reward. If it fits them right and is comfortable, they get attached to it. If they like the design and are soothing to them, they love their collar.

Why Does My Dog Love His Collar

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Why Won’t My Pet Allow Me Remove His Collar?

Taking off the collar signals that playtime is over, and dogs don’t like that.

He wants to play more 

Various dogs think that wearing a collar is a sign of going out for playing and long walks in the garden. If you remove the collar, the dog will feel that the outdoor walks and the playtime are over. 

When you remove it, it can also signify that you want your dog to need some rest. However, if your dog wants to play outside and wants more time with you this shows that he doesn’t want to remove the collar.

The dog is possessive about the collar

Many dogs consider their collars to be a part of their life. Your dog may act more possessive to it. If he is too attached to it, he won’t let you or someone else take it off. Some dogs obey their masters sincerely and take full ownership of everything present in their house. 

It is absolutely fine for dogs to act possessive for their collars. But when they turn out to be aggressive when you try to remove their collars, it can be irritating for the dog owner. However, you can handle it and deal with such types of issues very easily. 

If they have an injury near the neck from the collar.

Your dog may get a scratch on the neck from the collar. The frustration of scratching can result in painful wounds, which can irritate your dog. Since they cannot speak, the pain may aggravate when you touch them around the areas with pain. 

You can calm your dog before you want them to get rid of the collar. When you provide comfort to them, it shows that you care about your dog, and he will trust that you will give a solution to his pain. Once you help them get rid of the pain, you can easily replace it.

Why Does My Dog Love His Collar

Dog Feels Threatened

Your dog may feel intimidated when you try to take off the collar. They may feel threatened if you try to remove it forcefully. This will lead to confusion, and your dog will react as these things were not expected from a loyal and caring master. Always try to calm your dog before you approach him to feel threatened by anything.

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Why Does My Dog Hate His Harness?

Make sure you do the measurements right and always get a custom-fitted harness for your dog.

While my dog loves his collar and harness very much, this is not always the case with dogs. Some of my friends who are also pet-parents told me stories about dogs simply refusing to let them put on a collar or anything else on their bodies. These are some reasons that they could figure out:

Causes discomfort

Before you purchase the collar, pay attention to whether the size is suitable for your dog or not. Dogs usually hate their collars when they don’t fit right or are uncomfortable. You can adjust the straps for the right fit. If it doesn’t fit properly, it can create unwanted pressure on the body, chafe, and dig into their skin. If they feel that it is uncomfortable, they will not wear it. 

Design is not good

Even if the harness fits properly, the design can be the main problem why your dog is not wearing it. You need to get thicker that won’t chafe or dig into the skin. You can go for a collar with multiple points to adjust and fit the harness around the entire body. 

It shouldn’t shift position when your dog pulls on the leash. Make sure you get a good quality collar. Mesh webbing can be the perfect one for your dog.

Why Does My Dog Love His Collar

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Answers to Other Common Questions

Why do dogs get weird when you take off their collar?

They might be suffering from an injury in the area and are uncomfortable with you touching or taking the collar off

If the collar doesn’t fit properly or if it causes discomfort for the dog. If a dog suffers from a bite, injury, or muscle strain, then the area is delicate to touch. When you take off the collar, it may aggravate the pain and cause physical discomfort; thus, dogs get weird when you take off the collar.

Do dogs prefer collars on or off?

It can go either way, as a pet parent we can only try to train them to use the collars.

Some dogs are attached to their collars and love to walk with them. They display proud behavior in front of everyone when they are wearing collars. As some masters train in such a way, they get attached to their collars and associate it with a gift from their masters. 

Some dogs get irritated and frustrated due to the rough material of the collar or when they suffer from any wound on the neck. Try to calm them and then peacefully help them take off the collar.

Why does my dog get excited when I put his collar on?

Because it signals play time.

Dogs are smart, and they pick up the behaviors very quickly. If they associate rewards with their collars, then they get excited due to it. They often become very happy because they get time to spend with their masters.

Is it cruel to put a collar on a dog?

No, as long as the collar fits the dog perfectly, and you know how to use the leash, it is not cruel.

If the collar is too tight, it can be harmful to the dogs. Even moderate tight collars can result in skin irritation and hair loss. It is bad for them to wear such a tight period for such a long period. It is not cruel to put a collar on a dog; however, make sure that your dog is comfortable while wearing it.

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A Few Final Words

Our beloved pets try to explore new things, and this is an important reason why they behave in a certain way to new things. Collar or harness can be the reason for happiness for your dog, and some of them may get irritated due to it. 

In this article, I have explored reasons why your dogs love their collars and why do they sometimes hate them as well. Thank you for reading, I hope the reasons presented were useful and helped you understand your dog better.

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