Why Does My Dog Like Looking Out The Window?

Today, we will answer another common question from dog owners: “why does my dog like looking out the window?” 

Dogs like sitting on the window, and if they suddenly start doing this, it is essential to know the reason behind it. When you are not available for them, and when you can’t give enough attention and time to them, they may develop this behavior. Also, the cool breezes may be peaceful for them. There can be many more reasons associated with such behavior.

In this article, you will explore more about why it is essential for you to understand behavioral changes in a dog and do you need to worry if they constantly sit on the window. Stay tuned to explore more about it. 

What Is The Root Of This Behavior Amongst Dogs? 

It is stimulating for the dog to see, hear and smell the outside.

We have heard many people discussing different questions like why my dog looks out the window? And why does my dog stare out the window? Some people believe that they do so out of aggression or to express their dominance. 

However, this isn’t true. There are multiple theories related to why dogs sit on the window, and many of them come up with a simple conclusion that looking out of the window is stimulating for dogs.

Dogs love to experience the world and the window is a good way for them to see the sights, smell the odors, and generally enrich themselves with the outside world. Since they don’t often get to go outside and spend their day outside the house, the window is their way to experience the world.

It is their way to experience the world.

What is going outside often seems to be more interesting for your dog. If you do not allow them to roam free, they are always interested in seeing what is going on outside. They like exploring new places. Thus, if you do not allow them to enjoy life, they will adjust themselves and lookout. 

Many dog owners are always confused about certain things, like why do dogs look out the window? And Why do dogs stare out the window? They might be interested in playing with the dog in the garden behind your house, or they may be sad. There can be multiple other reasons that they like the outside environment and are anxious about a particular thing.  

It might want to go outside

The reason why your dog likes to look out the window is that it wants to go outside. When you are going outside, it wants to approach the window or doesn’t want to stay from itself. 

There can be various reasons why your dog is doing this, and you can analyze if there is a change in their behavior. Being a pet parent, you can determine even a slight change in your pet dog’s behavior. 

One possibility can be that your dog wants to hear or see other animals outside. Another likely cause can be that your dog wants to play with other animals. 

Why do dogs look outside the window and bark?

Barking is a sign that they smell or hear someone approaching.

Dogs can only see clearly up to 20 feet and do not rely on their eyesight as the primary sense. They can see vehicles, pedestrians, children, animals, and whatever is going on right outside the window. These things are exciting for your pet dog, and sometimes this behavior arises because they want to interact with the people present outside.

The most common behavioral problem arises when a dog sits at the window and starts barking. There can be multiple reasons behind a dog barking at the window, but the most common is that your dog wants you to make you aware of something. This can make you aware of something like when someone is coming at home or barking at the milkman. 

If you scold your dog to quiet down every day, you are accidentally contributing more to his behavior. They consider yelling as your way of barking towards different things, and this will encourage him to bark at things when anything is not going well. 

The window is a barrier to the outside world, and it can turn a calm and obedient dog into a frustrated barker. They can become stressed and frustrated when they realize that they can’t play or roam outside. 

Many times your pet dog will compare him with other dogs. He will feel that he is stuck behind the glass window. This can make your dog constantly feel aggressive and frustrated over small things. 

How To Encourage Good Behavior In Dogs?

You can train the dog and engage him in other activities to give up this habit.

It is okay for your dog to look out from the window, provided that their energy is channelized adequately. Your dog won’t become an avid barker overnight. But, after several weeks and months of repeatedly going through frustration and anxiety, your dog can become more aggressive towards strangers and people outside. 

To prevent this, you can limit your dog’s time on the window. This will help you remove a considerable amount of stress from your dog’s life. You can reward your dog for being calm and creating a good environment. They can perform whatever they like, like playing or going on a walk. If they get frustrated with anything, it will become difficult for you to change their behavior.

Gradually you will see specific positive changes in the behavior of your dog. Instead of this, teaching your dog not to be frustrated is essential. You can reward them for not barking at passing strangers. If they are anxious while looking out of the window, you can play with them or perform their favorite activities. This will calm them.

What Are The Things Which Should Be Considered? 

The timing when your dog looks out of the window:

If there is one particular time when your dog tends to look out the window, then it is essential to consider the timing. It may happen that your dog is sitting on the window during the daytime. It would be possible that your dog is looking at the people who were present outside. In this case, you can take your dog to a less noisy room where it is less able to hear and see the people. 

If your dog has always looked out

If your dog did not always look out from the window, you could consider when your dog first started seeing outside the window. If your dog starts doing it suddenly, then there are various factors like smelling or watching animals outside, your dog starts hearing other animals, or when there is a particular change in the environment. These are the circumstances through which you can understand why your dog started seeing outside suddenly. 

Can Dogs See-Through Glass? 

Yes, but perhaps not as well as humans.

The dog’s eyesight, amongst other senses, is known to be behind humans. They aren’t able to clarify details that humans can do. However, they can still notice something through the glass. Whether it is a door, glass, or a window, their eyesight is similar for seeing through all this. They can see properly when looking through glass from relative dark to relative light. 

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Why does my dog look out the window?

It might just be that your dog likes it.

This behavior can also indicate that your dog likes how it feels sitting by the window. They are more likely to spend time looking out of the window if it is slightly cooler by the window due to climatic change or some air getting through the vents in the house.

What to do about your dog looking out the window?

You can engage him in other activities to take his mind off the window.

If your dog likes to enjoy the climate and environment by sitting on the window, then one option would be to let your dog continue and enjoy it. If your dog is doing this to the internal problems in your house, you can limit all those possible issues by making your house cooler and less noisy from where your dog cannot see people who are present outside.

Why does my dog look out the window at night?

Perhaps he likes to see or hear other animals.

If your dog stares out from the window at night, it can be possible that it likes to hear or see animals outside. Another possibility can be that it likes the way it feels by sitting near the window.

Why does my dog look out the window when I leave?

They await your return.

Dogs are very attached to their masters. It may happen that when you are going out for work or any other thing, your dog starts feeling anxious and has some separation anxiety from you.

Why does my dog look out the window and whine?

It is most likely because he wants to go outside.

If your dog looks out the window and whines, then the cause is likely it wants to go outside or listen to people present over there. It may love the view and environment over there.

Final Words

We always want our pet dogs to play happily and stay energetic all the time. Often we aren’t able to understand their behavior, and thus it is essential to understand their behavior properly so that they stay happy. 

Dog parents always worry about sudden changes in the behavior of their pet dog. If they suddenly go and sit on the window, it is crucial to understand why it is so. Thank you for reading, and we hope we have been able to answer this question of yours.

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