Why Does My Cat Bite My Dogs Neck?

My cat and dog love to play with each other, but why does my cat bite my dogs neck sometimes? Read on to know the subtle reasons.

Suppose you are lying on the couch while your dog and cat are playing, but suddenly your cat starts biting your dog’s neck. You will be confused by the actions of your cat and look for the reasons for their behavior. 

Many people know that cats are grumpy and unique but biting another animal’s neck is not normal. It can be a sign of aggression, and you need to know what you can do about it.

In this article, cat and dog owners will discover the reasons behind this behavior, and how to prevent it from happening again. 

Why Does My Cat Bite My Dogs Neck

Why Does My Cat Bite My Dog’s Neck?

Several reasons it could just be instinctive or else the cat might be trying to establish dominance.

Hunting Technique

In wild nature, cats use biting neck techniques to hunt, and if they try this hunting technique on your dog, you should be concerned. There are some reasons behind a cat biting other animals’ necks, especially dogs.

If you are an owner of cats for a long time, you will probably notice that they play while mimicking aggressiveness and hunting instinct. You may notice that your cat stalks, pounces, bite, and claws on each other, other pets, or objects. 


Sometimes, cats may play in this way to learn communication and essential hunting skills. Cats may attack puppies while playing because of their wild behavior. During play fight sessions, cats often bite the necks of dogs without aggressive intent. 

Cats are a very silent species. They will try to show dominance over new pets like small pups. If you introduce a dog into your household, there is a chance that your cat will bite the new dog’s neck to claim its territory. Cats also show this dominating behavior to other cats.

Generally, cats bite a dog’s neck because it is an easy spot to reach for them. This type of cat behavior is okay as long as a cat doesn’t harm dogs further.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Dogs Neck

Overstimulation from grooming

Dogs are experts in grooming; they often cuddle with other pets and owners. Some cats bite the neck of dogs due to overstimulation caused by grooming. Cats may bite your dog out of the blue when cuddling or playing. 

Cats show this behavior to handle the overstimulation and keep the dog out for grooming them for some time. In simple words, you can say that neck biting for cats is a way to say “Enough.”


Cats biting dogs’ necks can also happen due to hunting instinct. Most wild animals attack on the neck of other animals as it is one of the most vulnerable areas on their body. Cats also grab their kittens by the neck. 

Cats in their predator form’s neck biting are severe and make the prey lose consciousness. If your cat is biting the neck of your tiny four-legged friend out of their inborn hunting instinct, your pup is in danger. However, if neck biting from your cat causes no damage to your dog, you should still speak about their behavior with your vet.

Owner’s attention

Cats also bite in fights with dogs over objects like toys, the attention of the owner, or food. However, when cats show dominance over something, they hiss, yowl, and claw during fights with dogs. If your cat shows these signs of authority while protecting something, you should address their behavior.   

Medical Issues

Some cats with certain medical conditions, including hormonal imbalances and cognitive problems, show more aggressiveness as its symptoms. Because of this, your cat bites the neck of your dog. You should visit your vet and get treatment for your cat’s aggressiveness.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Dogs Neck

Why Does My Dog Bite My Cats Neck?


Dogs are friendly creatures, but sometimes they show strange behavior. Dogs generally nibble on your cat’s neck using their teeth to clean their skin and develop communication and bond between them. 

It is safe for your cat to get bitten by your dog as long as there is no aggression. 


In some cases, dogs bite the cat’s neck while grooming to establish bonds with the cat. Dogs also grab cats by the neck to carry or protect them from other animals. 

Prey Instinct

Dogs show dominance by biting the neck when they find a new cat in their house. Some dogs have a prey drive that can make them chase and attack their prey, especially cats. However, some dogs can become too fixated while playing with cats, attacking their necks.   

Why Does My Cat Bite My Dogs Neck

How to Stop My Cat From Biting My Dog?

Don’t worry if your cat and dogs fight and bite each other. You can keep your pet attacking each other by following these steps:

  • You should introduce your dog and cat in the best possible way. You can hold the new puppy while your cat smells it so that they can get familiar with them quickly.
  • You should provide your pets with toys or treats to distract them from fighting when you have to leave them alone.
  • You should wait at least two or more weeks to let your new pet roam around your house freely. Your previous pet may attack it to show its dominance of its claimed area.
  • Some breeds of cats show more aggressive behavior; they take more time to get along with new pets.
  • You should supervise your cat more if it shows normal behavior after meeting your new pup. 

Your pet can live in harmony, but it will take some time to adjust to each other.

What Is the Difference Between Fighting And Normal Play Between Cats and Dogs?

Aggressions between these pets are marked by violent noises like howls, hisses, barks, and other sounds.

Cats biting dogs’ necks can be possible when they are either fighting or playing. However, this reason confuses the pet owner and forces them to think about whether their cats and dogs are playing or fighting. 

If your cat and dog are playing normally and one bites the other’s neck, then it will look like there is no aggressive behavior between them. While fighting between your cat and dog, you will notice constant violent sounds from them. Cats start hissing at dogs and try to bite their neck because it is the easiest part of the body to attack. 

Why Does My Cat Bite My Dogs Neck

Why Does My Cat Show Aggression?

When a cat shows aggression, this may indicate a variety of things. The following reasons may be behind your cat’s aggressive behavior, including:

  • Play aggression
  • Fear of aggression
  • Pain-induced aggression 
  • Petting-induced aggression
  • Pain-induced aggression
  • Transmitted aggression
  • Maternal aggression
  • Status-induced aggression
  • Territorial aggression  

How to Prevent a Cat’s Aggressiveness?

Cats can be really rough sometimes. You should keep your cat’s aggression in control by using these tips:

  • Cats don’t easily get scared when trying to manage their aggressiveness using fear. You should divert their attention first.
  • Keep your cat and dog in different rooms to prevent them from fighting. 
  • You should give your cat more attention when they fight with your other pets.
  • You should also try to give your cat some alone time and space to get back to its usual self.
  • Reward your cat for its playful behavior.
Why Does My Cat Bite My Dogs Neck

A Few Final Words

In many cases, cats bite a dog’s necks while playing a little rough with dogs. You should not worry much if they don’t fight, but if you find strange behavioral changes in your cat or dog, you should speak to your vet. Your pets may have some medical condition that is influencing their behavior.

However, cats show dominance to new pets by biting the neck, so you should introduce your dog to your cat carefully.  Thank you for reading the article we hope you got the answer to your questions, if not please write to us in the comments.

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