Why Does My Pet Dog Squeak When He Yawns?

Why do dogs yawn, and why does my pet dog squeak when he yawns? Let us answer another popular pet parent question in the article below

Dogs are very similar to humans in some aspects, and they also yawn just like humans do. But you can rarely find yawning accompanied by sounds. 

A yawn is a sign of fatigue or lack of sleep. Yawning can be very satisfying for dogs and humans. You will often find humans making noises when yawning, but dogs can also frequently do it. 

Why Does My Pet Dog Squeak When He Yawns

Some pet owners suggest that like humans make a slight noise at the end of yawns dogs also do the same which often comes out as a squeak. 

A squeaking noise at the end is produced when the dog tries pushing air out at the end, which resultantly causes the vocal cords to vibrate. While some say that the dogs do so to communicate with their owners or express their nervousness and anxiety. Let’s look at all the other aspects of this.

Why Do Dogs Make Noises While Yawning? 

Dogs communicate through pawing, yawning, and mouthing. It is pretty likely that your dog wants to convey a message by squeaking while yawning. It can be a challenge for us to decipher what the dogs mean or what they want. 

Yawning can be indicative of a lot of things. Some dogs use yawning as a form of vocal stretching. When dogs yawn, they make sure that they make sounds that help them to warm up their vocal cords. 

Yawning can be a good way for the dogs to release their vocal cords. You can observe as a pattern that dogs commonly yawn after a good night’s sleep. If your dog has been in hibernation for a long time, it will yawn more. 

Dog’s are very smart and quick learners, due to which they learn that the easiest way for gaining the attention of the people is by making noises. Dog’s usually yawn more as they try to wake their other body systems. Some pet dogs can also develop making squeaky noises while yawning as a trick for grabbing the attention of their owners. 

Why Does My Pet Dog Squeak When He Yawns

The Psychology Behind Yawning For Dogs

Dogs will show you signs of stress and anxiety by yawning. During a fight or conflict, if your dog is yawning, it is a sign that they are pretty calm and confident. Some dogs also use yawning if they want to avoid fights and conflict. However, just like humans, yawning is also contagious for dogs. 

Yawning And Squeaking Are Signs Of Anxiety

Just like humans express anxiety in different forms such as moving their legs, hands, etc. Yawning with squeaking is a form through which dogs express their nervousness and anxiety. 


You can experience them being nervous whenever you take them to the doctor or scold them. If you don’t know why your dog is feeling anxious, then the best solution is to take them to the doctor and then get them checked. 


Dogs can also yawn and make funny noises. If you are trying to train them and are not in a mood to train, they can start yawning to show their interest. It is their way of saying they have had enough or need a break now. You can try and change your training sessions to keep them engaged. 

Why Does My Pet Dog Squeak When He Yawns


Most of the time, dogs yawn out of fatigue. Yawn accompanied by noises can be a way through which dogs want you to know that they want a cuddle or hug. You will observe that your dogs’ squeaky sounds are not very loud or troubling to your ears; instead, these sounds are just loud enough to grab your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes excessive yawning in dogs?

Anxiety and stress can be one possible cause.

It is possible that if your dog excessively yawns, he or she is suffering from stress. If you feel stressed, you need to observe your dog for signs that confirm this for you. 

Even pet dogs can suffer from anxiety and stress just like humans. You can watch the other activities or symptoms your dog is displaying that show their concern. 

The best time to identify symptoms is the time just before your dog yawns. If you place and remove the stressors causing anxiety and stress in your dogs, they will start yawning less and less gradually.

Why does my dog yawn when I massage her?

It’s a sign that the dog is feeling relaxed.

If your pet dog yawns while you massage him or her, this is a positive sign that your dog finds your massage relaxing. A good massage to your pet dog can have an immediate impact on the dog and can relieve all their stress and anxiety. 

Massage can reduce the heart rate causing it to drop. Due to this drop, the blood flow to the brain of the dog can also be reduced. Due to this, the brain starts to warm down, resulting in a yawn. A yawn results in the thermoregulation of the brain.

Do dogs yawn when they’re happy?

Yes, sometimes the yawn is one of contentment as well.

Yes, dogs do have a tendency to yawn when they are happy. Dogs that have an active personality yawn when they are excited. If your pet dog is excited about something they are about to do, they can yawn while frequently making squeaky noises. 

Yawning is a way for the dogs to get their body ready for some action. When a dog yawns, they take a deep breath, due to which their lungs are filled with air, and there is a massive boost in the amount of oxygen reaching the brain.

Do dogs yawn to show affection?

Yes, it might even be a sign of affection.

Yes, there is a belief that dogs yawn when they want to show affection and love. But most dog owners are not aware of this, and they tend to ignore this yawning. Dogs cannot talk, so they make squeaky noises to show their emotions which they cannot express otherwise.

A Few Final Words

Dogs can squeak while yawning because they want to express their emotions. To express their feelings, dogs can make squeaky noises, and noises while yawning are also used for attention-grabbing. 

Yawning with squeaky noises is a common occurrence with dogs. You should not panic or sweat if you see your dog yawning a lot, as in most cases, it is not a major problem. Some of the factors that lead you to do this are discussed above. 

Thank you for reading we hope we resolved your doubts. You might also find other noises that dogs make interesting such as whining, growling or barking.