Why Do Puppies Have Puppy Breath? Let’s Demystify The Sweet Smell

Why do puppies have puppy breath? Puppy breath is normal, and some people like the sweet smell of puppy breath. But if your pup has bad breath, we will show you how to correct it.

The scent of sweet puppy breath is something we can’t resist about puppies. The smell is usually sweet and pleasant when they are about four months old.

But why do puppies have puppy breath? And why do some puppies not have this sweet breath on them?

Why Do Puppies Have Puppy Breath

In this article, we will talk about 

  • What causes puppy breath to smell so good, and how long does it remain so?
  • What causes some puppies to have bad breath?
  • How to take care of bad breath in puppies?

What Causes Puppy Breath To Smell Good?

There is no clear-cut answer to what causes puppy breath to smell good. Puppy breath is there for a few months and is caused due to teething. There are few reasons why puppy breath occurs.

  • Most vets say that the sweet smell of puppy breath is due to their milk-only diet. The enzymes present in the milk break down into complex sugar and give a sweet milk-like smell. 
  • They have a sweet smell as they have a clean mouth and have not been exposed to dog food yet.
  • They are much too young to have developed any bacteria or plaque, which causes bad breath.
  • It smells sweet when the puppy’s teeth start growing. So when the teeth start coming out from the gum, it may produce a smell which is because of clean teeth.

How Long Does Puppy Breath Stay?

The sweet smell of puppy breath lasts for just a few months. The smell disappears when your puppy is about six months old.

Why Do Puppies Have Puppy Breath

Why Do Some Puppies Have Bad Breath?

We have looked at what puppy breath is and what causes it to smell sweet. But some puppies may even have bad breath. What could be its cause?


The most common cause of bad-smelling breaths in puppies is teething when your puppy is on its teething stage, the smell of its breath changes.

When your puppy cuts its teeth, it may get inflamed and have a foul odor. Sometimes they may have difficulty cutting through and might be teething with their toys too much, causing sore gums. Due to the swelling and bleeding around the gums, some people may get a metallic smell. Try to avoid giving hard toys to pups during their teething stage.

Mouth Injury

Pups have a habit of chewing anything which enters their mouth, which can cause accidents. A puppy may get a bad smell in the mouth due to injured gums or getting food stuck between their teeth. It may also be due to health-related issues.

Why Do Puppies Have Puppy Breath

If the injury is minor, it will heal quickly. But if an object gets stuck in its teeth, it gives a bad odor. If your pup shows any oral pain or finds it difficult to chew, you may check it out with your vet.

Poor Diet

They may even have eaten something that may not smell good or due to poor oral hygiene. Bad breath may be due to your dog following garbage or decaying leaves. It may result in tooth abscesses, ulcers, or any infections.


Indigestion may also give bad breath. You may get to know about it along with symptoms like diarrhea, gas, or vomiting. The bad smell also occurs due to some respiratory infections. If you find bad breath in your puppy during coughing, it may be a sign of some infection.

Metabolic Disease

Your puppy may be sick and show some signs of illness. Some puppies may have bad breath due to metabolic diseases like kidney failure. You need to consult your vet and get some tests done as advised.

How To Take Care Of Bad Breath In Puppies And Dogs?

Bad breath does not have to be the norm. It is possible to keep a sweet breath even after the puppy has grown a bit. You can help your dog from bad odors with proper oral care.

Why Do Puppies Have Puppy Breath

Can you brush your puppy’s teeth to help bad breath?

It is good to brush your puppy’s teeth frequently to prevent bad breath at least three times a week. It is one of the best ways to see if your dog has cavities or cracked teeth. Brushing helps remove gum disease or any dental issues and helps maintain a clean and fresh breath.

Many veterinary doctors would advise you to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Starting this in puppyhood is always an excellent way to develop the habit. Your puppy may not like doing it, neither would you, but you will get used to it with time.

These are specific brushes and paste made for dogs that come even in bacon flavor. My pup loves the finger brush method. These are rubber toothbrushes to be placed in your index finger and gently rub your dog’s teeth and gums. Along with brushing, you can get some toys to chew to maintain your dog’s healthy teeth.

When should you go to a vet for puppy breath?

If your puppy has a bad breath, you first need to look at its cause before going to a vet. If your pup has eaten something that does not smell good, then even your vet cannot help you with anything. 

Causes Puppy Breath To Smell Good

If you take care of your dog’s oral hygiene and healthy diet, you may not face any issues. But even if your dog has bad breath, even after regularly cleaning it up, consult your vet. 

If you find a crack in your pup’s tooth or find anything stuck in his teeth, it is best to consult a vet.

Puppy Breath Is Wonderful, but Long Term Dental Care Can Help Your Pup To Always Have Great Breath

Every puppy is unique in its own way and has different traits and characters. Though smelling your pup’s breath may not be your favorite thing to do. But as a dog owner, you must take care of your dog’s oral hygiene.

Causes Puppy Breath To Smell Good

The sweet-smelling puppy breath is magical and challenging at the same time. So if you love the sweet breath, cherish it, as it won’t be there for long. But if your pup has a bad breath that is there for a long time, consult your vet right away.