Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog?

We always want our pet dogs to be friendly and to get along with others. However, dogs often react in a hostile manner and are aggressive towards other dogs. 

This kind of behavior in dogs is always associated with their past experiences, possessiveness towards their masters, and when they want to depict dominance. 

Dogs’ aggression can be a dangerous problem. You cannot change your dog overnight. However, you can calm them down and teach positive ways to tackle bad behavior. 

In this article, we have mentioned why dogs behave in this manner and how to tackle them. Stay tuned to explore it in-depth in this article. 

Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog

Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog?

It could be because of fear that they are losing their territory.

Other dogs react towards your dog in a hateful manner only because of fear and loss of territory. They might feel that your dog is creating a threat to their status or he is not safe for them. So that is why they are reacting aggressively to protect themselves.

It could also be that the dog which frequently attacks your dog and behaves aggressively has gone through a traumatic incident in the past. It can also happen that your dog doesn’t socialize enough with other dogs. This is the main reason he does not feel safe and hates your dog.

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What Are The Signs That One Dog Hates Another Dog?

Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog

What Is The Root Of This Behavior?

Body language

It is important to understand more about socialization in dogs to understand why other dogs hate your dogs. Dogs communicate in different manners in comparison to human beings. 

They usually pick up the olfactory clues and then decide if they like the dog or not. Another reason why other dogs hate your dog is they do not like your pet’s body language. They have an incredible sense of smell. Thus they can guess body cues and understand the sense of smells. 

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Traumatic past experience 

Other than this, one factor due to which other dogs do not like your dog is because of a traumatic experience. It may happen that one of them might have fallen victim to a dog. 

Thus they have developed a sense of anxiety and fear from the other dogs. They may exhibit this fear whenever their dog passes by or when you accompany them for walks. Thus past traumatic experiences can be why other dogs hate your dog. 

Being possessive towards you

Often, dogs turn out to be highly protective of their masters or the human beings they love to be around. Thus, they try to behave in a possessive manner. Your dog may become aggressive towards other dogs when they are near you.

Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog

How Can You Find Out That Other Dogs Hate Your Dog?

Walk him among other dogs with a loose leash.

To find out, you can do one thing: put your dog on a loose leash. Make sure that the leash is short so that you can easily control him if any mishap happens. 

You can ask your dog to walk around in the park with other dogs. Try to be mindful of his behavior, but give him enough space so that he can roam around freely.

If other dogs start barking or attacking your dog, you can note what triggers them. If your dog is trying to be aggressive towards them, this can happen as they are possessive towards you.

You will often notice that your pet is trying to be more possessive towards you if it is a Rottweiler. They tend to behave in this way. Make sure you notice every tiny detail if they are being left or aggressively approached by another dog.

When a dog hates or reacts aggressively towards other dogs is one of the most widespread problems of almost every dog owner today. It is known to be one of the greatest fears that dog owners feel, and they tend to ignore it. 

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Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog

Ignoring it can cause multiple problems in the long run. However, there is no particular way of dealing with this behavior of other dogs and your pet dog. You can’t select one solution, so you have to explore things in depth to fix this by training therapy and help you can avoid this. 

Can You Overcome This Problem By Training Them?

Yes, you can train this behavior out of your dog.

Training is an excellent way through which your dogs can tackle all these problems. Other dogs may behave in a hostile manner and try to be more aggressive towards your pet. But when you train your pet adequately, he’ll understand that they are not enemies and just dogs like him that may become his friends.

You need to teach how to socialize with other dogs. You can get other canine pets so that he will understand how to socialize and live in groups. 

It will boost his self-esteem, and he will understand appropriate behavior about how to stay with other dogs. You can also appoint a dog trainer as they can easily deal with such things and help you overcome such challenges. 

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Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog

What Are The Other Solutions Which You Can Implement?

Being aggressive towards other animals or fearing a particular aspect does not vanish in just one night. Although you might be making a lot of effort, you will suffer from inevitable setbacks. 

However, you can always prevent something from getting worse. Always train discipline in your dog and ask your trainer to train in that manner. Try to train him with the help of a dog trainer. 

Do not expect anything within a couple of days after training. Try to appreciate his good habits and teach him to tackle things by being calm. This will help him even if other dogs behave aggressively towards him. Through this, he will become more confident and comfortable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do other dogs attack my dog?

A show of aggression or dominance.

Some dogs behave aggressively and try to show dominance if any other dog tries to occupy their territory. Other dogs may attack and try to act aggressively on your dog because they want to depict their dominance. The dog may be frustrated and stressed for a particular reason.

Why do dogs growl at my dog?

It might be threatening behavior.

The main reason a dog growls at another dog is that they want to threaten him. They may respond to the feeling of being cornered. 

An injured dog tries to bark at others to keep itself safe and away from itself. Growling also indicates that something is affecting the dog, and they are stressed.

Why are other dogs scared of my dog?

If your dog has not been socialized properly, other dogs can get scared of your dog.

When dogs do not socialize with other dogs, they try to get scared and afraid when they meet the dogs they do not know. 

That can also be a traumatic experience that they might have gone through in the past, which causes other dogs to be afraid of your dog. Some dogs are naturally suppressive, and they become anxious when they come across a dominant and powerful dog.

How do I socialize my dog, who is afraid of other dogs?

Slowly introduce him to doing activities that he likes with other dogs, such as playing fetch or taking him on walks.

Try to identify the reason why your dog is afraid of other dogs. You can change the opinion of your dog by letting him socialize more. 

You can even introduce him to some other dogs and engage him in multiple activities with them. By reducing the distance between your pet and other dogs, you can gradually help your dog socialize with other dogs.

Why is my dog aggressive to other dogs on walks?

It could be possessive behavior towards you.

There are multiple reasons why your dog is aggressive to other dogs when you take him for a walk. It can also happen due to possessive behavior over various things like you or other pets. 

They may feel defensive or have poor communication. Another common reason is fear due to any bad experience from the past.

How do I get my dog to be friendly to other dogs?

Training is the best solution to this behavioral problem

Try to introduce your dog to another friendly dog. You can keep the leash loose and be patient. You can take your dog to the other dog when he comes. You can repeat this process with multiple dogs so that they develop opposite associations with everyone.

Do dogs hate cats?

Dogs don’t hate cats, but the prey drive within them triggers when they see a cat or any other moving animal or a thing.

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A Few Final Words

Hatred and aggression in dogs do not occur from the first day. The primary reason is due to the lack of training or when the dogs are not trained properly. The good news is there is always a way through which you can change your dog’s behavior.

With correct resources, patience, time, and appropriate training, you can reap the results you want. You will understand and get relieved as your dog will be able to tackle the things on his own. 

In this article, we have tried to share the reasons behind this behavior. We hope this answers your questions, and if you have more of them, please write them down in the comments for us.

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