Why Do Dogs Roll On Dead Worms?

Why do dogs roll on dead worms? Dog roll on dead worms or bugs for several reasons, but the most common is that they try to camouflage their scent to find their prey and avoid predators. 

What smells awful to you is what your pup gleefully rolls in – grass, poop, dirt, dead worms and bugs. You name it, and they will wiggle on it. So, what is the reason behind your dog’s excitement to roll on and over dead worms and other dead things? 

Mostly, it is because dogs see the world through their nose and are incredibly enticed by new scents no matter how disgusting they smell. It is mentally stimulating for them to try new smells. 

It also rolls on dead worms out of instinct since initially, dogs come from wolves and so belong to the wild. Wolves do this to mask their scent with a less favorable smell, and dogs have continued with the habit. 

Why Do Dogs Roll On Dead Worms

Dogs also communicate information to other dogs by rolling on dirt or worms to let them know about the new smell they discovered.  So, if you are a dog owner with any questions regarding your dog rolling on dead worms, dirt, or grass, this article might be of some help!

Why Do Dogs Roll On Dead Worms?

It is behavior inherited from wolves. It is also a way of communicating and marking their territory.

It is in every dog’s DNA to roll, and wiggle on carcasses and particularly stinky things – dead worms are no different! Your dog will sometimes dig the ground to get the bugs or worms out, so he can wiggle on them. 

However, it would help if you did not worry about him for the following reasons.

Dogs have inherited this habit from their ancestors 

Experts believe that dogs have inherited from wolves, their ancestors; this is one habit that dogs have inherited from wolves. It is known that wolves hide their smells from potential predators and help them find their prey.

So, dogs, sometimes, roll themselves in new smells (yes, even if it is of a dead animal) to disguise their odours from other dogs, predators, and preys. It is a camouflage technique that domestication didn’t let them forget. 

Why Do Dogs Roll On Dead Worms

It is a way to communicate with other dogs

It is like a dog’s social media channel, where they roll in some odoriferous substance to let the other members know about the new smell they discovered. It is a gesture or activity that has the potential to make them the most in-demand dog in their community or area. 

Smells are stimulating for dogs

We are all aware that dogs have a strong sense of smell, and it is mentally stimulating for them, and they can’t help but roll over dead worms or anything that smells new to them. Also, when they move over something, it is because they are trying to take in the smell of the subject truly and will go on rolling and wiggling until you pick them up from the dirt and give them a nice bath.

Some Prevention Tips on Why Do Dogs Roll On Bugs?

Cleaning the yard regularly, and keeping an eye on your dog will help.

One of the grossest things that you can see your pup do is see them rolling on a dead bug or, perhaps, wiggling on a bunch of worms. So, what can you do to stop them from doing so? 

Well, you can start with preventing them from rolling on the floor. This can mean the following things:

  • You need to clean up the yard every week, especially if the dog’s stool area had been set up there.
  • You should keep your pup on a light leash when walking in the garden or park
  • Keep an eye on your dog to stop him from finding an undesirable substance and rolling on it. 
  • Distract him if he is about to or already has seen a “roll-worthy” substance. You can do it by bringing a treat with you or his favourite toy to have his immediate attention.
  • Train him good by using words like ‘leave it to understand that it will not make you happy immediately. Of course, it will take practical and consistent training to make your dog learn about this discipline, but it will be completely worth it. 
Why Do Dogs Roll On Dead Worms

Why Do Dogs Roll On Worms – What Can You Do When Your Pup Romps in It?

Rolling on worms and other things is the instinct of your furry friend. So, it is something that he cannot immediately stop doing. Thus, as annoying as it can be for you, sooner or later, and often, you will come across your pup rolling deep on worms.

So, what should you do once you spot him wiggling on dirt and pick him up? Here’s your answer-

Brush his fur thoroughly 

Most dog owners decide to immediately take their dog for a long bath when the first thing after you stop your dog from rolling over worms is to brush their fur thoroughly. The reason is that it can help get rid of any debris or toxic substance which can get attached to his body. 

With good and deep brushing, it can leave his fur soft and free from matted hair as well, and so, it will be easier for you to shampoo him later. Also, you must use a brush that suits your dog’s coat. They are available in different varieties, including slicker brush, rake brush, pin brush, bristle brush, etc. 

Use effective shampoo 

Since your furry friend has just come out from rolling on dead things, it is essential to use a shampoo that works effectively on his fur. 

According to experts, you should use a degreasing shampoo on your pup if you are bathing him to remove the debris of a dead animal from their coat. Apart from removing dirt, it can also take away the stinking smell from their fur, and you will be thankful for your choice. 

Why Do Dogs Roll On Dead Worms

Let the foam on his fur longer than usual

To obliterate the smell, leaving the shampoo foam on his fur for longer than usual is better. You can allow it to sink in his skin for as long as 10 to 15 minutes, perhaps more, if needed. 

You should also repeat the process if you can still smell the odor. Rub thoroughly when washing away the shampoo from his body to get quicker and better results. 

Focus on rinsing

This is the most crucial step to remove dirt from your dog’s fur, so he doesn’t smell bad and comes out completely clean from the organisms that might have attached to him via dead worms or bugs. So, rinse him well, take your time, and head over to the drying part. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if your dog rolls in something dead?

Cleaning him with a brush and bathing him and shampooing should be your course of action.

The obvious thing to do is get him out of there and get him cleaned. However, you should first wear gloves and approach him to keep your hands from stinking like him. Use rubber gloves with a good grip to pull your dog away from something dead. 

Once he is out, brush his fur to remove debris and toxic organisms from his body before taking him to a bath and shampooing him well and for a long time. You can orange peel to the water since citrus breaks down the grease. Once the bath is over, pat him dry and hope he is clean enough to chase the smell away.

Is it OK for my dog to eat dead worms?

No, worms contain parasites that can give your dog diseases.

Dogs have evolved from wolves, so they instinctively thrive on hunting for food. Thus, it is pretty standard for your pup to eat dead animals, but you must know that if the dead animal is worms, it can also be quite toxic for your dog. 

The parasites released via the dead body can get latched on your pup’s fur if he eats the worms and can give him horrendous diseases such as heartworm and tapeworm. So, you need to be careful and keep your dog clean after he rolls and wiggles on the dead worms.

Why do dogs roll on their backs and wiggle?

From camouflage to territory marking, there can be many reasons.

Dogs roll or wiggles on their back for a variety of reasons. It can be due to itching in their backs or some irritability. It can also be because he needs or wants your love and attention. 

Many dogs roll on the floor to camouflage and mask their scent to avoid potential danger, mimic catching prey or for hunting purposes. 

They also wiggle or roll on their backs to communicate with other dogs in the area if they have discovered a new smell or scent, especially if they are rolling on dead worms, bugs, or poop. 

Many dogs also move on their backs to mark their territory. It will help if you get an expert to learn more about this.

Wrapping up 

As much as it is a delight, owning a dog is not always easy. We, as dog owners, need to learn and stay updated on many things about these furry animals, including their rolling on dead worms and bugs. 

So, you must further educate yourself on this topic by talking to a vet or an expert on this topic and know precisely what to do to keep your furry friend free yet safe from contracting any disease or health issue. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we answered all your queries if you have some left, please do not forget to write to us in the comments section below. You might like to also read about other dead things that the dog might eat such as groundhogs and rabbits