Why Do Dogs Get Mad When You Blow On Them?

Have you ever wondered why do dogs get mad when you blow on them? Their reaction might be awkward or weird for you, but they have their reasons, and we will explore them in this article.

Have you ever tried to blow on your dog’s face? If you did, you probably have gotten an adverse reaction from your pet friend. Your pet might bark at you or get upset, and even more, dangerous things can happen as it might bite you after your action. 

So, as a dog owner, you might be wondering what the reason behind this dog is? The possible reasons behind your dog’s behavior are disturbance, being surprised, misinterpretation, and a few others. 

Why Do Dogs Get Mad When You Blow On Them

In this article, we will try to find out the reason behind a dog’s hatred towards this behavior of any human being and will discuss all of them in detail. So, without any further delay, let’s get straight into it. 

Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Hatred Over Blowing on the Face

The canine in your house may behave abnormally or completely hate a blow on its face due to the following reasons,

The Behavior is Unexpected

Studies have shown that dogs don’t like surprises and sneak attacks. In most cases, the dog owners try to blow on their dog’s face when they are least expecting it. 

So, the sudden burst of air on the face makes the dog uncomfortable. If you are not super close with your dog, it will try to get you out of its face. 

The nose is the most sensitive part of a dog’s face. A dog tries to know everything around it by smelling the object as this body part of a dog is ultra-sensitive to the airflow. Your blowing might dry the nostrils, which is highly uncomfortable for your pet friend. 

Considering Blowing as an Aggressive Behavior

Dogs usually bark or act angrily when they feel threatened by something. For the dogs and especially for the puppies blowing wind on their face might be a sign of aggression and if they feel that you possess a threat to them, they will start behaving aggressively. 

Most dog owners don’t think about this aspect, but you should always keep that in mind, and then your dog’s aggressiveness will start making sense to you. 

Why Do Dogs Get Mad When You Blow On Them

Getting Uncomfortable

Irrespective of how much training and effort you make to socialize with your dog, there is no denying that similar to humans, dogs also have their personal space and comfort zones. 

If someone unknown to the dog tries to get too comfortable on the first meeting, then your pet friend might feel threatened by this extra friendly behavior of the dog. 

This makes the dog defensive, and they attack the person to protect itself. So, next time you see a dog, whether you know it well, don’t try to blow on its face. 

As no matter how comfortable it is with you before that, your behavior will throw all the comfort out of the window, and it will consider it an invasion of its personal space. 

Unpleasant Breath

Finally, the rude behavior of your dog can also be because of your oral hygiene. If you are unhygienic and your breath stinks just like any other human being, there is a high chance that your dog might not like your breath on your face. 

They are more sensitive toward bad smells than humans because of a strong olfactory gland with more than 300 million receptors, which makes a dog’s smelling capacity 10000 times more than a human being

In some cases, it has also been seen that the smell comes out of your mouth after consuming certain foods such as mint-containing foods, raspberries, et cetera. 

Why Do Dogs Get Mad When You Blow On Them

Signs that Your Dog is Hating You Blowing on its Face

Now, as you know why dogs hate air blows on their face, it is time to know the signals that a dog usually gives when you do that. The signs can be divided broadly into two categories: Calming signals and Aggressive signals. 

Calm Signals

If the dog breed you have in your house is not aggressive, then upon finding the behavior intolerable, it may try to communicate with you so that you stop blowing air on its face. The signals usually a dog gives in this case which are referred to as calming signals are

  • Turning the head in the opposite direction.
  • Licking the lips and areas around them as it gets dry by the blowing air. 
  • Yawning frequently.
  • Blinking of eyes at a rapid pace.

If these calming signals don’t make you understand that it is not like blowing air on the face, then it will take the aggressive approach mentioned below. 

Why Do Dogs Get Mad When You Blow On Them

Aggressive Signals

If your dog is feeling threatened, and the cause of the threat has not gotten away, it will behave aggressively, and it is entirely instinctive. A gust of blowing wind on the face will generate a similar response that we are talking about.

  1. They will fight with you aggressively.
  2. Your dog will run away from you. 
  3. Your pet dog will stay still and wait till the thing that is scaring you gets away, in this case, the person blowing air on its face. 
  4. Last but not least, your dog might behave in a goofy manner and will fool around doing silly things. A dog usually does this to make the threatening thing understand that it means no harm. 

You will expect the dog to behave in the less harmful ways, which are 2 and 4, but dogs wither fight or freeze in most cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dogs hate the middle finger?

A middle finger is a sign which they don’t understand, so they don’t like it

Like humans, dogs can also get mad if they are shown the middle finger. But the reason behind their madness is entirely different from humans. 

Dogs usually follow commands and hand gestures from humans, and suddenly, if you show them a middle finger, they will get confused and will not be able to communicate with you. That is why dogs hate the middle finger and either act confused or get angry.

Do dogs like being kissed?

Yes, but remember to keep away from their mouth.

Kissing is a way to show the affection and love you have for a person or an animal. Most dogs usually behave when someone kisses you. In some cases, it has also been seen that the dog participates in the kiss by licking the human’s face. 

When you kiss a dog, it will be happy. When a dog gets happy, it usually wags its tail. Although under stressful conditions, dogs can behave completely differently and may bark or growl at you when you try to kiss the dog.

Why do dogs not like their ears blown on?

Dog ears are very sensitive, the don’t like the sensation.

Most dogs do not enjoy it when someone blows on their ears. Ears are very sensitive areas of dogs, so they have higher chances of getting damaged than human ears.

A Few Final Words

As we have reached the end of this article, we hope that now you have come to know why your dog hates when you blow right on its face. It can just growl at you or can completely go crazy after this behavior of yours. 

The reaction entirely depends on the dog’s breed and its mental state. So, it is better not to provoke your little puppy or fully grown dog as this might result in something dangerous, although you might have tried to do this for fun. 

Thank you for reading, you might also be interested in understanding other quirks of your dog such as getting scared of skateboards and blowing bubbles in the water.