Why Do Dogs Blow Bubbles In Water? 

If you are wondering why do dogs blow bubbles in water, the answer is quite simple: they are just horsing around! Dogs are goofy in that way. But there are many other reasons why it might be happening, so read ahead and find out.

Dogs are fascinating creatures; there are some things that they do regularly which might not make any sense to us—blowing bubbles in water falls under this category. You have likely seen your dog suddenly dip his or her head in the water and start blowing bubbles in it. 

This makes pet owners wonder about the reasons behind dogs doing this. Many times, pet owners panic when they see their dog’s head submerged in water. Pet owners feel that their dogs might drown. But there is nothing to worry about, it’s just playful behavior and most dogs are very comfortable in the water.

We will find out in detail about what could be the reason for your doing this. 

Why Do Dogs Blow Bubbles In Water

Why Does My Dog Blow Bubbles In His Water? 

If you are wondering why do dogs blow bubbles in water, here are some of the many reasons your dog might be doing this: 


The most common reason could be that your dog is playing with water, and he or she likes to blow bubbles in it. Some dogs don’t like water bodies, while others enjoy going to the beach near lakes or ponds. Playing with water can be a form of entertainment for the dogs. At times, you can also find some dogs blowing bubbles in their water bowls. 

Likes to Swim

Your dog is maybe trying to prevent the water from going into his or her nose. Some dogs like swimming underwater, so they might blow bubbles in the water to get that sensation of swimming. 

Dogs capable of swimming underwater are more likely to blow bubbles in water for this reason. You can train your pet dog on how to blow bubbles underwater; they can also learn this naturally if you take your dog regularly for a swim. 

Another reason could be that your dog is very fond of swimming, and he or she is mimicking the experience of swimming. This could all be a way for your dog to entertain themselves. 

Why Do Dogs Blow Bubbles In Water

Cooling themselves off

Your dog might be blowing bubbles in water as they might be trying to cool themselves off. Dogs also sweat a lot, but dog sweat is different from humans. You will not find any sweat glands on the body of the dog. 

Instead, they are present on the paws, anus, and ear canals. Just like us, dogs sweat to keep their temperature down. Your dog might be too hot, so to cool themselves, they might be using water for blowing bubbles. Panting is also another method with which dogs can cool themselves. 

Because their nose is too big for the dish

Another reason for your dog blowing bubbles in their water dish could be if the container is not suitable for them. A dog with a more prominent nose or snout will find it challenging to drink water from a dish with less depth. 

If your dog’s nose gets submerged in water, then you should change their water dish. Some dog breeds, such as boxers or pugs, don’t have a snout. If their water is too deep, their nose will get into the water, and they will not drink water properly. 

Pain or discomfort

A dog’s behavior changes when they are experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort. If your dog has suddenly started blowing bubbles in water, then this could be a counteraction to the pain or discomfort they are going through. This activity could be a way for the dogs to distract themselves from the pain. 

You need to carefully observe if the bubbles are coming when your dog puts his nose on water or even when he’s not. If the latter is true, this could be a sign of infection. 

This infection could be creating breathing difficulties for your dog due to which they are forming bubbles while living. You can observe your dog for some time. If they have a watery nose or seizures, then you’ll need to consult a doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blowing Bubbles Bad for dogs?

Not as long as they are doing it out of discomfort due to an infection.

No, blowing bubbles in water is not bad for your dog as long as you keep an eye on your dog. There are different types of bubbles a dog can produce underwater. If the bubbles are of the correct type, you don’t need to worry.

Underwater bubbles are harmless to dogs. Bubbles don’t create any digestive issues for the dogs as they are non-toxic and don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Blowing bubbles can be a fun and exciting activity for your dog, and this could also help your dog play outside and enjoy.

How do I teach my dog to blow bubbles in water?

Just encourage your dog to put their noise in a small bowl of water.

You can easily teach your dog to blow bubbles in the water. Once you teach them, they are very likely to get hooked, and then they’ll keep doing this. You can encourage your dog to blow bubbles by taking a large bowl of water. 

Keep this bowl on the floor, then call your dog near the bowl. This would incentivize the dog to use the water bowl. Now you can reward your dog every time he or she goes near the bowl. 

Reward your dog as they go near the bowl. Add water to the water bowl, and if your dog puts his nose in the bowl, you can also reward him. You can start by adding a smaller quantity of water into the bowl. When your dog starts blowing their nose in the water, it will see bubbles forming in the water.

Why is my dog blowing bubbles out of his nose?

It might be because of a nasal infection.

Your dog could be blowing bubbles out of his nose because of any nasal infection. Nasal discharge is common in dogs if they suffer from any flu or disease. The majority of nasal infections caused to dogs are because of allergies, viruses, parasites, and even dental problems.

A Few Final Words

Dogs blowing bubbles can be in all fun and games, but it can also be a symptom of an underlying cause or problem, as explained above in the article. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to look after your dog and notice these signs. If any of the above-mentioned danger signs are present, the best course of action for your dog is to visit the doctor. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we covered all your questions. You might also like to read about other weird things that dogs do such as crossing their paws and licking your belly button