Why Are Iams Dog Biscuits Discontinued

Iams was a much-loved dog biscuit product that was discontinued a few years back. Dog lovers fondly remember it. Why are Iams dog biscuits discontinued? There are many theories. Let’s find out in the article below.

In 2007, it came into FDA’s light that certain pet foods were responsible for the death of cats and dogs across the United States. Vegetable proteins were being imported from China and were used as an ingredient in pet food manufacturing. 

Traces of contaminants were found in these vegetable proteins. After a comprehensive investigation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that two Chinese nationals and their businesses, along with a U.S. company and its Chief Executive Officer, were charged with importing products that were alleged to be wheat gluten. 

Why Are Iams Dog Biscuits Discontinued

However, the same was found to be contaminated with melamine. Iams has been formulating dog and cat food for over 70 years and is a renowned brand in the pet food segment. Also, Iams dog food recipes are backed by research from the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition. 

In this article, we will look at the reasons behind Iams Dog Biscuits suddenly going off the market. 

Is Iams Dog Food on Recall?

Are there any recalls on Iams? Brands with the most dog food recalls are Blue Buffalo, Evanger’s, Diamond Pet Food, Nature’s Variety, Iams, etc. Iams pet food has been recalled multiple times over the years. 

It has concerned high levels of aflatoxin in their products. In the past, Iams has been recalled for salmonella contamination. Iams has been recalled in March 2007, December 2011, March 2013, August 2013 for melamine contamination, high amounts of aflatoxin, and the potential for mold and salmonella contamination, respectively. 

However, since Mars Inc. acquired the company in 2014, there have been no recalls on Iams. The latest recall on Iams was in 2013 itself. There are no recalls on the brand as of 2022.  

What Happened to Iams Dog Food?

Procter and Gamble acquired Iams in 1999. As of 2014, Iams is owned by Mars Inc. and Spectrum Brands. 

What happened to Iams dog treats? Iams dog treats have been discontinued. Iams has discontinued multiple products over the years, such as Iams ProActive Health Chunks, the lamb in the Iams Healthy Natural dog food. They have not given a clear reason why they stopped any of these products. 

Why Are Iams Dog Biscuits Discontinued

Iams Origin Debate

Is Iams Dog Food From China?

Iams dog food’s ingredients are primarily sourced from the United States itself. However, akin to so many other human food and pet food companies, some of their ingredients are sourced from China. 

Is Iams Made in America?

A common question associated with the manufacturing of Iams is: Is Iams made in China? The answer is yes, Iams were manufactured in the United States. 

Iams Aflatoxins Related Scare

What Are Aflatoxins?

The National Cancer Institute defines aflatoxins as a family of toxins produced by certain fungi found on crops such as cottonseed, peanuts, maize (corn), and peanuts. Exposure to aflatoxins can occur by consuming contaminated plant products such as peanuts. 

It can also occur by consuming dairy produce or meat from animals who have eaten contaminated feed. Exposure to this group of toxins is linked with an increased risk of liver cancer. 

Are There Dog Foods That Are Killing Dogs, and Was Iams One of Them?

As of January 21, 2021, FDA alerted pet owners and veterinary professionals about particular pet foods that Midwestern Pet Foods was making that may contain high amounts of aflatoxins. 

The list included Splash Fat Cat Fish Foods, Pro Pac, Sportmix, and Nunn pet foods which were manufactured in the firm’s Oklahoma plant and had an expiry date of 9th Jul’22. However, the FDA terminated this recall on 25th Oct’21.  

Why Are Iams Dog Biscuits Discontinued

Another brand is Sportmix Wholesomes Biscuits do not enjoy a good reputation in the dog food market since they contain preservatives and fats that are harmful to dogs and are made of unwanted dry leftovers. Their nutritional value is poor and is unrecommended by puplore

Iams was a pet recommended product, it was never part of this list of products.

Did Iams Have Aflatoxin?

Iams food has been recalled once for containing elevated levels of aflatoxin. Iams was recalled for aflatoxin in December 2011 for their product named Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy dry dog food. 

Was Iams a Bad Dog Food?

What’s wrong with Iams dog food? Chicken is the primary source of protein for Iams. It is also known to contain chicken by-product meals, whole grain sorghum, and cornmeal. Iams uses dried beet pulp as a sugar filler which can cause weight gain in pets. 

Iams is classified as an average to slightly above-average dog food. However, it is budget-friendly and is thus popular. 

Do Vets Recommend Iams Dog Food?

Is Iams vet recommended? A PetSafe guest author writes that when she consulted a veterinary expert for the best dog food brands, this is the list of top pet food brands the vet gave them. 

It includes Hill’s Science Diet, Purina, Royal Canin, and Iams & Eukanuba. Some brands they recommend avoiding are American Choice, Friskies, Meow Mix, Pedigree, Sam’s Choice, and Special Kitty.  

Why Are Iams Dog Biscuits Discontinued

What Dog Food Is Better Than Iams?

As per the Community Care College, one must avoid animal fat, animal digest, meat, and bone meal in their pet’s diet. These ingredients are rendered from animal sources that may or may not contain euthanized animals. 

According to the FDA, the ingredients mentioned earlier have a high probability of containing pentobarbital, a lethal drug. The presence of pentobarbital is seemingly related to hydrolyzed ingredients in pet food. 

In a detailed comparison between Iams and Purina Pro Plan, Hepper has found the latter to be the winner. Hepper compared them to be more allergen-friendly, more flavor, and more protein sources. However, the former would be an ideal choice for the pricing point. 

A Few Final Words

You can certainly control what goes in your dog’s body. It is imperative to read the ingredients list before making any purchase. Iams has had four significant recalls leading to which it had to discontinue some of its products, such as the brand’s dog biscuits. 

Why Are Iams Dog Biscuits Discontinued

Tell us about which brand you trust for your pet’s food and how your experience with it has been so far. Fellow pet parents like ourselves will undoubtedly benefit from such conversations. We would appreciate your valuable feedback, and future article suggestions are always welcome.  

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