When Do You Pay For A Stud Dog?

As a female dog owner, you must have many questions regarding her mating with an ideal partner, for example: when do you pay for a stud dog? How much do you pay? We will answer these questions in detail

If you are considering talking to a stud dog owner about mating with your female dog, one of the first things that will come to your mind is the fee. 

Apart from the fee, you would also be curious about when you would need to pay the stud dog owners. Many people forget to discuss this all-important point, because the money involved is not a small amount, and the stud dog owner may have a different view of the situation than you do. 

When Do You Pay For A Stud Dog

While many people choose to make the payment right before or after mating, others pay at the time of mating. In a few cases, it even happens at the sale of the first pup! 

However, it all depends on your contract and the kind of relationship you have with the stud dog owners. So, if you have doubts about paying the fee to the stud dog, we have covered them for you. Read on!

How Does the Stud Dog Business Work?

Before discussing the time of payment, it is essential to learn what services you are getting and what you are paying for. 

For first-timers, you must understand that a stud dog is a registered male dog retained for breeding. To become a registered stud dog, the candidate needs to have quite a few qualities. 

  • Good general health 
  • Good fertility 
  • Registered with the Kennel Club 
  • Fully health tested 
  • Good temperament 
  • Should be between the age of 7 months to 12 years 

The stud dog service comes with a few rules of their own, according to which everything should be planned and discussed beforehand. 

When Do You Pay For A Stud Dog

After the discussion, a written agreement is signed, provided by the stud owner. The contract includes, among other things:

  • Compensation, 
  • Boarding fee, 
  • Number of puppies, 
  • Vital details such as addresses and contact details
  • Time and duration of mating

So, When Do You Pay for a Stud Dog?

There is no hard and fast rule about the time of payment for a stud dog. You should refer to your contract to understand what the rules are.

Most people pay at the time of mating. However, others get paid when the contract is finalized – they may also pay a nominal charge at the time of signing the contract and can complete the payment when the mating process is done. 

Many people also pay at the sale of the first pup, but this usually works when the stud dog owner and the female dog owner know each other and share a relationship of trust. 

So, it depends on the agreement of both the parties, as in how and when the payment should be made. This brings us to a fundamental question – what is the usual fee for a stud dog?

When Do You Pay For A Stud Dog

What Is the Usual Fee for a Stud Dog?

It depends on the experience and popularity of the stud dog in question. If the dog hasn’t previously been used as a stud, the owner usually charges a nominal fee for covering the expenses. 

Once the stud dog has proven his abilities, that is, produced puppies, it is possible to expect his price to go up in your following transactions and deals. The proven sires usually charge somewhere between $300 to $1500. 

The first-timers can charge somewhere around $200 to $25. There is no typical charge for a stud fee. In some cases, owners also prefer to get paid by having the first pick on the dam’s litter. 

Why? This allows the owners to have another dog for free to be used as a stud in the future. The most expensive stud dog fee ranges from $5000 to $15000, and it usually applies to the mating of top bloodlines. 

If you are looking for an appropriate guide for a stud fee, you can study online advertisements of the breeding service you are interested in. You can also contact your nearest stud dog service to learn about the payment structure and discuss with them what you are looking for in the decided fee. 

The Role of the Stud Dog Owner

The stud dog owner is responsible to take care of the following things: 

  • Providing a stud dog contract to the female dog owner
  • Good understanding of handling the female dog during the time of mating 
  • They are ensuring the safety of both the dogs after they tie. Also, be aware and active so that none of them gets hurt in the process.
  • Supervising the entire mating process
  • Being able to advise or help the female dog owner if and when needed
  • Be willing to help with the help issues of puppies if any arise.
  • Be aware of the health and limitations of your dog. 
When Do You Pay For A Stud Dog

How To Know if Your Dog Is of Breeding Quality?

If you are positive that your furry friend has no history of dysplasia or any other genetically transmitted disease, has documents of his past, and is a purebred, you can go ahead with him and try his luck in the business. 

You will need to register your dog with the kennel club that falls in your jurisdiction or breed and get a health certificate from a vet, and you will be good to go. Now, the only thing left will be advertising and a female dog owner convinced that your dog would do a good job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stud fees?

Stud fees are fees paid for mating services provided by the male dog.

Stud dog fees refer to the amount paid to a proven male dog for his service. By service, we mean mating with a female dog looking for breeding. 

The fee, however, goes to the male dog’s owner, who can also choose to be paid by picking the first litter or whichever deems best to them.

How much should I charge for my stud dog?

There is no standard fee newbies may charge $200-$250 whereas experienced studs in high breeds might even charge $5,000 $15,000.

The stud fee is generally the first matter discussed by the owner and the customer. In most cases, the ideal stud dog fee is somewhere between $250 to $1500. However, it entirely depends on the fertility, experience, and proven ability (to produce puppies) of each dog that decides the fee. 

If this is your dog’s first time as a stud, you can expect less since he hasn’t proven his abilities yet. If your dog is a proven sire, well, you can go ahead and charge higher. So, there is no rule of law to decide how much a stud dog charges for mating.

Who pays the stud fee?

The female dog owners pay the stud fee to the owner of the stud dog. 

It is also possible that the stud dog owner asks to get paid by picking the litter instead of cash. If the payment is made in monetary terms, the female dog owner gets to keep the litter and thus, sell it at a profit.

What does the male dog owner get when breeding?

You usually get an agreed-upon fee.

Generally, the male dog owner gets compensated every time their stud dog is contracted to mate with a female dog. They typically charge $200 to $1500, mentioned in the signing contract. 

Many owners also replace cash payment with picking the best litter to gain another dog to be used as a stud in the future. Many male dog owners also waive the fee in exchange for a profit percentage from the sale of puppies. Apart from this, whatever both the parties agree on, tends to be the fee of the dog. 

Wrapping Up

There can be several reasons for you to put your dog out there and turn him into a stud. However, we believe that the main reason for becoming a stud dog owner should be improving the breed. So, if you think that your dog has it all to become a good sire, go ahead and connect with a breeding club or service and get the best out of your furry friend. 

Thank you for reading we hope you have a good understanding of the dog mating business after reading this article. If we left some questions unanswered, please write to us and we will answer them for you.

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