When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On Holiday?

Wondering when can you leave a puppy to go on holiday? Get all your answers here.

Leaving your puppy at home and going on a holiday can be a tough decision. When you have a pup at home, we all know they become like your family members and are just like small kids who need proper care and love. So when can you leave a puppy to go on holiday?

Some dogs do not like traveling outdoors. They do not adjust to the situations easily. Many dogs take a lot of time to like the place you take them to. Many hotels do not allow you to take your dog along. 

In this case, the only option left for you is to leave them either with a family member, a friend, or a trained sitter. If you plan to leave your puppy back home, you will have to plan everything related to it. 

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday

You will have to make sure that when they are alone at home, they are safe and comfortable, they have enough to eat, know where and when to pee and potty, and are taken care of for any other needs. 

Read the article further to understand things you ought to follow when you leave your puppy and plan to go on a holiday.

Can You Go On Holiday When You Have A Puppy?

Yes, sure, you can travel with your puppy after the puppy is at least eight weeks or at max three months. Taking the puppy with you is a full-time responsibility, thus all essentials of the dog: the dog’s bowl, its leash, collar, and his food. 

Most importantly, get a name tag made and put it on his collar. Carry the dog’s bed, his blanket, and his medicines along when traveling with your dog.

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On Holiday?

If you plan to go on a holiday and want to carry your puppy along, ensure that it must be at least eight weeks old. If you are not planning to let the pup out much and are simply traveling from one place to another, eight weeks are sufficient. 

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday

For smaller dog breeds like Pomeranians, Corgis, and Chihuahuas, the pup should be at least ten weeks old and weigh at least ten pounds.

If you are planning to take the pup out on walks or leave them in the open on a beach vacation, make sure that the puppy has got the rabies injection. Remember, rabies is only given after the pup is three months old, and ideally, you should wait for at least a month after that so that any after-effects wear off.

At What Age Can You Leave a Puppy With a Sitter?

If no one in the house can take good care of your puppy, then leaving it with a trained professional is the only way to keep your puppy safe. Choosing a pet sitter is the best option as they know how to train pets. 

As a friendly piece of advice: do not leave your pup behind with anyone before it is at least three months old. Puppies take time to get acclimatized to their new home. If you suddenly change their habitat after bringing them home, they are bound to become nervous and agitated.

Secondly, remember that all basic vaccinations require at least 12 weeks, so it is important that you get the vaccinations done before letting your puppy stay with anyone else, let alone a pet trainer.

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday

Lastly, before leaving your puppy with the pet trainer, you need to spend time with the trainer or sitter to know them well. Ensure that your pup is comfortable and the trainer is experienced to handle your puppy well. 

Will My Puppy Miss Me if I Go on Holiday?

Anyone near or dear to you will miss you when you leave it alone with someone in the house. The puppy is the same as a small child, and he definitely will miss you, and it will be hard to say goodbye. Puppies are friendly, but they have a special bond with their owners. 

Things You Need To Plan for Your Dog Before You Leave for a Vacation

If you do not have a family member who is well acquainted with the dog or knows your dog well then, there are various things you need to plan. 

  • It would help if you found a home-like place for your dog so that it can stay with the person or in the environment you are planning to leave him.
  • Your dog needs love and must feel secure, thus finding a friend who can make him feel good in your presence.
  • Some local veterinarians offer boarding services. This will be the best option if your dog does not keep well or requires regular monitoring.
When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday
  • If you do not want your dog to stay out with someone, then you can hire a professional dog sitter. This will reduce the risk of security and place change. 
  • If the dog sitter is not willing to come to your house, you will have to take the dog to the sitter’s home. 

You will have to make sure that your dog gets friendly with a friend or a sitter or veterinarian for leaving your dog with someone. If your dog has some behavioral issues, it will be difficult to adjust to a new environment or with a strange person.

What Can Be Other Options Where You Can Leave Your Pet?

A kennel can be a great option to leave your dog when planning to go outstation. If you are worried that your dog will be caged, it’s not true. The kennels today have changed a lot with the changing environment. 

Modern kennels are clean places where dogs are taken excellent care of. Today, kennels do not have small congested cages where dogs keep barking and make the environment chaotic. 

Kennels offer large rooms for dogs and make the atmosphere cozy for the dog. They also have a playroom with toys that dogs can play with and have a pleasant time with other dogs. If you live in a metropolitan area, you can also book a spa and a make-over session for your dog.

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday

Not all kennels are the same. Thus, it would help if you researched well before handling the dog to a kennel. See to it that the kennel has basic facilities to make your dog feel good. Boarding your dog in a kennel is the cheapest option if you plan to leave your dog when going out on holiday.

A Few Tips For Training Your Dog To Stay Alone After You Have Brought The Dog Home

Crate train your dog

Dogs need not be leashed or kept in a cage. People think of owning a dog in confinement which is not good. But, it is essential to train your dog to be in the crate. This will make it come into the habit of staying alone for some time. 

A crate is not a punishment, but it can be training for your dog. Instead, make it a place where your dog can feel good and comfortable. Keep treats and your dog’s favorite toys in the crate to make it feel good.

Socialize your pup

Socializing with other family members and your friends who visit your house regularly. Training your dog to socialize will help you when you plan to go on a holiday. Let your dog go out for long walks or an exercise session that will help them be with new people.

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday


Playing with the dog is the best exercise and let him play with other pets nearby your house. Taking the dog to the nearby park is also a great option to train him with other pet lovers.


Make sure that before you leave your puppy with a trainer or at a kennel, the vaccination process is over. This will make your pet and the trainer both safe. 

A place where other dogs are there can be a place where you can get infected soon. These places take dogs only when your dog is vaccinated.

Training Your Dog To Behave Well When You Take Him Outside

Before you take your puppy outside after reaching your destination, it is essential to make sure that he behaves appropriately. Take him for a walk, not by forcing him but by taking it politely. Train the dog not to jump on someone on the road. 

Try to make him behave in a friendly way with people who come and pamper him. Train your dog to wait for the car to stop and then jump out of the seat. These are small yet essential tips that you must take care of. 

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday

Learn to have vocal control over your dog so that he listens to you in every situation. Your dog needs to understand when to move and when to stop, and it is you who can train him politely. Road training is essential for you and your dog’s safety. 

How Can The Owner Make The Leaving Process Easier?

Plan a schedule for your dog as the dog sitter or a kennel owner does not know how your dog will behave with a stranger. If the owner writes down the eating schedule for the dog, it will be better for the sitter to understand your dog when he wakes up, what he loves to eat, when he goes for a walk and more. 

Say a proper goodbye to your dog before leaving him. Make him comfortable and pat him on the head, love him, give him his favorite treats and then leave. Do not cry or go with a sad face as dogs get to know when the owner is happy or sad. Leave him with a smile, and when you get back, get goodies for him.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you stay home with a puppy?

Ideally, for very young pups, you should not leave them alone for more than even two hours a day. You can place them in a safe space like a small home kennel, but they will need a lot of attention from you.

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday

Young pups at the age of 7-8 weeks are still learning to pee and potty in the right place, so you might end up getting soiled beddings, so be sure to check every now and then.

Can I take my new puppy on holiday?

This depends on several factors, such as how old the puppy is, how far you are traveling, for how long, and how much time you will be able to spend with it during your vacay.

Ideally, you should not take a pup on a holiday before they are at least eight weeks old. Even on your vacation, you would need to make time to check up on them and not leave them alone for more than an hour. 

Can I take a 12 week old puppy on holiday?

Yes, you can. Make sure to get the puppy up to date on all vacations, and it would be best if you can potty train them before tagging them along.

Can you take a 12 week old puppy on a road trip?

Road trips can be pretty hard. Even a twelve-week-old puppy would not be able to hold their pee for more than three to four hours, so you will end up having to take a break at every rest stop on the way. 

When Can You Leave A Puppy To Go On A Holiday

Secondly, puppies tend to get car sick easily. What is more dangerous is that they become vulnerable to canine diseases when they are vomiting and are car sick. So I would suggest not to take your pup on a long and winding road trip at that age.

Yes, You Can Leave Your Pup Behind, But You Need To Plan Everything Carefully.

I hope the article above has made you understand the different things you can plan before going out on holiday and leaving your puppy behind.

Your pup is a part of your life and a family member; thus, not taking him along while traveling can be challenging. If you plan to go out with your puppy for the first time, it is better first to train your dog for short trips.