What To Do When Your Dog Swallows A Squeaky Toy? 4 Things You Should Immediately Do

Don’t try to induce vomit if you dog swallows a toy by mistake! Instead, read our guide on what to do when your dog swallows a squeaky toy and know the right things to do.

If your frantic search of “what do i do if my dog has consumed a Squeaky toy” made you land here! Congratulations, you are at the right place. First of all, don’t panic! and don’t make them vomit forcefully! Instead, call your veterinarian right away and fix an appointment.

However, if you see that your dog is about to choke, see if you can take it out without hurting your dog and yourself. Keep in mind once you call your vet, you may be asked to make them vomit, but this will be the last option and should be performed only under the guidance of your vet.

What To Do When Your Dog Swallows A Squeaky Toy

What Happens When Your Dog Consumes a Squeaky Toy

The moment you hear your dog making a squeaky sound that their favorite toy makes, your first reaction is to go grab it out! Sadly this has the opposite effect; your dog will create a reflex and might end up swallowing it.

What To Do When Your Dog Swallows A Squeaky Toy: Immediate Actions

1. Call The Vet

First up, act fast and dial the number of your veterinarian or drive to the veterinary hospital immediately. The vet will examine the dog and decide a call for action

  • If the toy is small enough and can pass through the stool, they will ask you to wait for 12 hours.
  • Otherwise, they will perform the extraction process. 

Also, as per vet doctors, you have 2 hours before the object can enter the intestines because once the object enters the intestine, the situation will get critical. 

2. Try To See The Squeaker

Now try to see the squeaker; if your dog hasn’t swallowed it properly, you can pull it out gently, but if the squeaker is near the throat, your attempts to take it out can push the toy further down.

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3. Heimlich Your Mutt

If your dog starts to choke and you cannot remove the squeaker, try to perform the Heimlich maneuver. You can find the videos on youtube or read about them on PetMD.com. The process of the Heimlich maneuver is explained thoroughly. 

Whilst the thought of making your dog puke seems tempting and makes sense at the same time, do not perform it till the time your vet asks you to do it. This is because there can be sharp objects inside the squeaker that can harm the dog while coming out. Inform the build of the toy to your vet and let them take further action.

If your doctor does ask you to induce vomiting, then chances are your doctor might ask you to give your dog two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide, which will make them sick. 

4. Visit The Vet

If you end up visiting the vet, your dog will undergo many processes after the diagnosis. They would either induce vomiting or perform an ultrasound or an X-ray to see where the squeaker is before deciding.

If vomiting isn’t the option taken by the vet, they might perform surgery (this is if the toy has reached the intestines). This means giving your dog some sedation and then removing the object. 

How To See If Your Dog Has Swallowed a Squeaky Toy

At times you might be unsure whether your dog has consumed a squeaker toy or not, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you are confused, contact your vet. Although there are symptoms and behavior that your dog might portray, so check them, they are: 

  • Your dog is or about to vomit.
  • Your dog is licking his lips.
  • Your dog is coughing or hacking up.
  • Your dog seems to be drooling a lot more than normal.
  • Your dog isn’t eating as much as he used to.
  • Your dog is acting oddly, including becoming drowsy.
  • Your dog is suffering from diarrhea.
  • A blockage has caused constipation in your dog.
  • Your dog appears to be in a lot of discomforts.
What To Do When Your Dog Swallows A Squeaky Toy

How To Stop Your Dog From Swallowing Squeaky Toy

The best way to stop your dog from consuming squeaky toys in the first instance is to keep the toys away from them. Although asking your dog to stop chewing anything is next to impossible, this will always be a double-edged sword. You can do this by banning all sorts of squeaky toys, which is a bad thing to do, but your dog needs sensory toys. 

If you cannot keep squeaky toys away, the best thing to do is treat your dog like a toddler or baby who is going through a phase. 

This means you will need to keep your dog under supervision, remove everything off the floor and change all the toys they play with. This means removing everything tiny so that they don’t chew it up. 

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Here Are Other Things That You Need To Keep in Mind (Because Prevention Is Better Than Cure)

  • Though stopping your dogs from putting anything inside their mouth is next to impossible, here are some other preventive measures that you should take. 
  • Although it’s almost impossible to stop dogs from putting things in their mouth, here are some preventive measures you can take:
  • Try and buy squeaky toys that are too big to swallow and don’t have removable parts. 
  • Keep all well-chewed toys away as they can break apart easily and harm your dog.
  • Never keep your socks and underwear on the floor.
  • Throw all the garbage like large pits of fruits and vegetables in the dumpster outside your home. 
  • Remove all the chew toys and natural chews before they degenerate, and start fitting your dog’s mouth in simple terms; once you feel that the toy is becoming dangerous, throw it away. 
  • When you are not at home, keep all the toys away. 
  • If your dog has a constant habit of chewing, you need to put a basket muzzle, especially when you’re going out; the muzzle will allow the dog to breath and drink but will prevent them from eating anything and everything so that they can stay safe for the time being. 
What To Do When Your Dog Swallows A Squeaky Toy

Keep Your Dogs Safe From Chew Toys

If your dog is a known chewer, then following the steps mentioned above will help you. Make sure you have called your vet if you suspect your dog to have consumed something. This will help them in staying safe and keep their mind free of tensions!

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