What To Do For A Dog That Doesn’t Like Toys? 6 Things To Do

Do you have a pup who does not like to play with any toys that you bring them? If you want to know what to do for a dog that doesn’t like toys, read our article.

Most dogs are like kids and are obsessed with their toys. Some dogs are motivated by treats, and some by their toys. Therefore, toys are an essential part of the training process.

But a rare group of dogs refuses to take an interest in any toy. Here is a long article for owners of such dogs where you will find answers to all your questions. 

What To Do For A Dog That Doesn't Like Toys

Why Does Your Dog Don’t Like Toys?

Usually, dogs are very similar to children. They adore their toys. We understand if you are worried because your dog won’t play with toys. Before making your dog like toys, you first need to check if any health issues are causing distress in your dog. 

Physical health issues

Dental Problems: 

Dogs play with their mouth, usually chewing on a toy or pulling a toy while playing tug-of-war. It could be possible that they have a weak or swollen jaw that is irritating whenever they try to play with the toy. 

Dental problems are common in dogs. Suppose you notice a dog who used to love its toys and now avoids them. It is advised to do a quick dental check-up. 

Chew toys are suitable for their dental health as they help remove tartar from their teeth. 

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Mental health issues


It is possible that your dog has lost interest in toys and finds other things more stimulating than toys. You can try adding more toys and rotating them every week to retain your interest in new toys. Tug and interactive toys could do magic if your dog is bored of toys. 


Dogs get attached to you more than you could ever imagine. You have several other tasks and responsibilities throughout the day, but your dog’s only mission is to be with you.

Such attachment results in separation anxiety, and your dog would not touch food nor toys when you are away. Similarly, if your dog is suffering from any other type of anxiety, he would not like to play with toys.

Over-stimulation By Many Toys: 

Dog parents love spoiling their four-legged companions and buying them many toys. Your dog could get overwhelmed by so many toys and decide not to touch any of them. 

It is advised to introduce one new toy at a time and reserve others for later so that your dog can genuinely enjoy the toys. 

What To Do For A Dog That Doesn't Like Toys

Why Are Toys So Important For You and Your Dog?

Toys Keep Your Dog Engaged

Dogs are attention-seeking creatures who are not tough to entertain. You could easily engage your dog with an excellent squeaky chew toy or a sniffer toy.

When they are busy with their toy, you could easily do your chores around the house or even leave them on their own for a while. When you leave the house, give your dog enough toys so that they can play and be busy with them.

Toys Help Reduce Anxiety

Have you ever tried giving your dog a toy in your mouth when he is hyper-excited? They eventually calm down. Various statistical studies show that toys help dogs cope with anxiety

Games like tug-of-war can help your dog release stress and anxiety. Thus the introduction of toys at an early puppy age of your dog is essential to learn to get engaged with toys. This could also prevent separation anxiety.

Chew Toys Improves Dental Health Of Your Dog

Dogs are obsessed with their chewies as they are often made with a flavourful fruity smell. Chewing the toys increases blood circulation in their gums, thus tightening them.

Moreover, chewing also prevents the formation of tartar on their teeth. Chewing also strengthens your dog’s jaw. So chewing improves the overall oral health of your dog and thus should be a crucial part of its daily activities.

What To Do For A Dog That Doesn't Like Toys

Toys Are A Great Source Of Exercise

A good dog is toy motivated as it is way easier to train than a food-motivated dog as you always fear overfeeding it. Toys are not only great for training but also for exercise.

A tug-of-war game where they pull a toy from you is an exciting game that is a good source of exercise for your dog. Fetch is the best game for dog exercise. They need to run, observe and sniff to find the ball quickly. Such exercise that stimulates their brain is vital and should be part of their routine. 

Toys Help You Bond With Your Dog

Lastly, toys provide a medium to bond and communicate with your dog. Tug-of-war, fetch, or other interactive games are opportunities for your dog to spend time with you and have a fun time together. 

How Can You Interest Your Dog in A Toy?

Do The Introduction Right Way

You must have given several toys to your dog, but it does not seem to have any interest in them. A primary reason behind that is that you have not introduced the toy correctly. 

If your dog pays no attention to the toy, you have to grab his attention in a way he loves. 

For such dogs, a squeaky toy or a toy that makes sound works excellent as they get curious about the sound at first and then start having fun with that. Try praising and rewarding them whenever they engage with the toys. 

It would help if you played with the toy to let your dog have an interest in them. Wherever you play with the toy, your dog will understand that the toy is something fun and would want that. 

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Combine The Toys

Like any kid, dogs too get bored of a single toy and lose interest in the same set of toys. You would see a toy your dog adores initially but won’t play with it after a few weeks.

To prevent your dog from losing interest in its toys, you should combine them, give one or two toys in a day, and create a rotation schedule for all his toys. In that way, he would get to play with a toy only once a week, and each toy would become a special treat for him.

The trick works best for all types of toys and saves you a lot of money as you need not buy a new toy every day to cope with your dog’s interests. 

Engage With The Toy Yourself 

Your dog’s favorite thing in the world is you. Any toy that lets it have some of your time is unique to your dog. To make your dog like toys, try getting involved in an activity with the toy and your dogs. 

Examples are the good-old games of tug and fetch. It is advised to get rope toys for games of tug and numerous balls and frisbees for fetch. If you play frisbee yourself with your dog looking on, it is highly likely, that it will want to join in too.

Your dog loves you and will be thrilled to have playtime with you at a particular time of the day. Schedule a playtime and teach your pup to have fun with the toys. 

What To Do For A Dog That Doesn't Like Toys

What Can You Do For Your Dog? 

Interactive toy

Think about your kid or imagine yourself as a kid. How easily you would get bored of a simple barbie or car and think of a remote control car or a treasure hunt game. You would choose the last set of games. 

It’s the same with your pet. Dogs get bored of simple toys. Adding a bit of twist and making toys interactive could help them get intrigued by a toy better.  The most simple interactive toys include squeaky toys. But for better results, try sniffer toys. 

Sniffer toys require your dog to sniff and find treats. If your dog is food motivated, try a food ball that dispenses treats when playing with it. 


As discussed earlier, your dog loves you the most, and all it wants is your attention. It probably understands your intention behind giving it a toy that you want your dog to get busy with so that you can do your work. 

You indeed need to do various chores, but it would be best if you could give your dog the attention it needs and schedule a proper playtime that lasts for a minimum of thirty minutes. 

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Play With Your Dog

Whatever toy you buy, make sure you play with them with your dog. Games that you could play with your dog include tug, fetch, and chase.

Dogs love to get chased or chase someone else. You could play the game indoors or outdoors. If you play outdoors, it is advised to play in a surrounded area so that your dog does not get out of your reach while playing chase. 

Such games help you bond with your dog, while you both could have a good exercise and laugh. Playing and cuddling your dog also proved to be stress-relieving. 

What To Do For A Dog That Doesn't Like Toys

Toys Best For A Dog Who Doesn’t Like Toys

All Types Of Dog Toys Available In The Market

When you talk about toys for dogs, there is a large market for those with a wide variety of toys available. Some essential toys which are readily available include

Squeaky Toys

These toys are known for their high-pitched “squeaky” sound made when pressed. Dogs love playing with them due to their interactive nature. 

The toys come in various shapes and sizes, which you can buy according to the age and breed of your dog. Most squeaky toys are made of high-grade rubber and silicone, safe for all house pets, even children.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are durable toys made by knitting many ropes together in different shapes. Rope toys are best for tug-of-war. Dogs love rope toys, and they serve as great chews and tend to engage your dog on them. Rope toys are readily available and are cheaper than any other type of toy.

Teething Toys And Chew Bones

Such toys are meant for chewing thus are made with edible grade materials. Chew bones are made with flavors that dogs love, and teething toys often have a fruity smell. Teething toys are made to soothe your puppy’s growing teeth. 

What To Do For A Dog That Doesn't Like Toys

Toys That You Should Buy For Your Dog If It Does Not Like Toys 

Interactive Feeder toys

In today’s market, a wide range of interactive toys is available. These toys require your dog to find out the hidden treats. These toys are efficient if you have a puppy that eats too fast.

These toys engage your dog for a long time. Such toys are perfect if you are trying to interest your food-motivated dog into toys. 

Sniffer Toys

Sniffers toys are similar to interactive feeder toys. Sniffer toys are mainly made of high-quality soft fabric. Most popular sniffer toys include snuffling mat and sniffers balls. 

Answers To Few More Questions On The Topic

How can I get my dog to like toys?

To get your dog to like toys, you can follow a simple thumb rule. First, get interested in the toy and play with it and show your dog how fun it is. For example, if you want your dog to learn to fetch, try playing catch with another family member. 

What do you do if your dog doesn’t like treats?

If your dog is not motivated by treats, find another thing that they love. Often dogs who do not care for treats love to get praises and cuddles. You can also see if they love toys or playing tug. Use the thing they love for your advantage to train them.

What To Do For A Dog That Doesn't Like Toys

Why does my dog not want to play with toys?

There could be various answers to your question. Your dog may or may not have dental issues and anxiety, which prevents your dog from liking toys. Try to play with the toys before introducing them to your dog to know that a toy is a fun object.

Can dogs be suicidal?

Dogs have a natural ability to fight for survival. But there have been reports of pet suicide when they are left outside of the house alone.

Interaction Is The Key To Make Your Dog Like His Toys

You need to understand your dog’s emotions and communicate with your dog to make it behave desirably. To achieve your goal of making your dog like toys, you need to have regular interactive playtime with your dog and its toys.