​​What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

Taking your dog out for a walk provides physical and mental stimulation. But have you ever wondered what time to take dog out at night? Should you take him out at night at all? Answers to such questions coming up!

When people say they need to take their dog out for a walk, they assume that their dog needs to pee. Yes, taking them out to pee is essential to avoid messing up the house. But talking your dog out also has many health benefits.

It helps in mental stimulation, exercise, and training opportunities. Regular walks and other physical activities help promote good health and prevent diseases among both dogs and humans. 

What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

Many dog owners wonder about this question: what time to take the dog out at night? If your dog is too young, take them out at night just before bedtime to prevent any nightly accidents. Having a good and tiring walk at night will further help your dog have a good sleep and will not ramble throughout the night. 

When you decide to take your dog out at night, you need to look at certain factors like breed, age, and health factors. In this article, let us further look at the best time to talk your dog out for a walk, its benefits, and tips to help your dog have a good sleep at night. 

Best Times To Take Your Dog Out For A Walk

Let us look at the pros and cons of taking your out for a walk at different times.

Taking Them Out In The Morning

As your dog wakes up in the morning, take them out for a potty break to prevent accidents in your house. Taking them out in the morning before breakfast is a good habit. 

Especially during summers, the temperature in the morning is mild, and you don’t have to worry about sunstroke. Dogs are more energetic in the morning, and it is also a good time to train them. 

Take them for a walk for at least an hour in the morning, and it should be the longest walk of the day for them. But if the temperature outside is cold, it may not be ideal for taking older dogs for a walk in the morning. 

Cold weather can lead to joint stiffness and arthritis in older dogs, and your dog may not like walking. In such cases, you can wait for the sun to warm up and then take your dog out.

What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

Taking Them Out In The Afternoon

For older dogs, the afternoon is the best time to walk during winter as it will be warm outside. On the other hand, it may be the hottest part of the day during summer. Avoid afternoon walks if your dog has long fur or is prone to sunstroke.

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Taking Them Out In The Evening

Evening time is the most peaceful time to take your dog for a walk. At this time, most dog owners take their dogs out for a walk after their work. If this is the only time you take your dog out for a walk, stay out for a longer time. 

Let them play and run around and use all their energy. Dogs that are very friendly and social love seeing what’s going on around the streets and also find other pets passing by. 

But if you stay near a busy road, taking them out would be risky as the traffic outside at this time may be worst. Also, the loud noises may scare your dog.

Taking Them Out At Night

If your dog is too young and prone to accidents, it is better to take them out for a walk before bedtime. A night walk can help your dog have a good sleep at night and will not be restless.

During summers, the temperature outside gets cooled down at night, and it is an ideal time to take your long-haired dog for one last walk during the day. 

What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

Night walks are usually more relaxing and peaceful than afternoon walks. Remember to make your pup wear reflective gears, so he is visible to you and other passersby in the dark.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Your Dog For A Walk?

Taking your dog for a walk is not just about “potty breaks.” It also helps in mental stimulation physical exercise and is good for your dog’s overall health.

Walking Helps In Mental Stimulation and Exercise

Walking is good for both the physical and mental health of your dog. Just like kids, dogs also like exploring around. If you keep your dog in the house for a long time, they will get bored, further leading to destructive behavior. Dogs are dependent on their dog owners to take them out to explore the places, smells, and sounds around.

Walking and exploring new places, seeing other pets passing by, and so on are some of the great mental and physical stimulation for your dog. Walking burns out their energy and helps them sleep better at night.

What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

Walking Keeps Your Dog Healthy

If you don’t take your dog for regular walks, he may become overweight and obese, which can further cause other health problems. Even if your dog is active, it still needs to burn out a lot of energy. 

Walking has a positive impact on the overall health of your dog, such as:

  • Weight. Obesity is a major cause of many health conditions. Dogs need to burn more calories than they consume every day. Walking is a great way to burn off excess calories and keep your dog healthy.
  • Joint. Immobility is another cause of health issues. The even older dog needs to go for a walk for some time. Humans and pets can have stiff joints if they sit for a long time. Walking will help keep the joints moving and will further improve their function.
  • Digestion. Regular walks help in proper digestion. Taking dogs for a walk regularly prevents constipation.

Walking Is A Great Way To Train Your Dog

When you take your dog out for a walk, it is a great training opportunity. If your dog is young, he may not know how to walk with you on a leash. So you can make him learn to follow you. Along with this, you can teach them certain commands and use treats as rewards for good behavior.

Do Dogs Need To Be Walked At Night?

It’s a great way to get him ready for a nap when you also want some peace and quiet at bedtime.

A long and relaxing walk at night before bedtime is a great way to have a good sleep for you and your pup. Remember to make your dog wear reflective gear and a leash for safety. Let us look at some tips and gears to stay safe when taking your dog for a walk at night.

Remember To Use Reflective Gears

Using reflective gears will make your dog visible at night and keep you and your dog safe from accidents. Reflective vests are recommended for both humans and dogs.

Walk On Similar Paths

Though exploring new paths and avenues is fun, avoid trying new places at night. It is better to stick on a known path to avoid encountering other pets your dogs may run after.

What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

Use A Headlamp

Headlamps will help you see the path clearly and navigate the dark areas safely. If you take your dog out for a walk every night, a headlamp will be useful.

Always Tie Your Dog With A Leash

Though your dog may not require a leash, at the same time, you will not want him to get lost at night. If your dog walks very fast, they are at great risk of getting hit by a car at night. So it is better to use a leash while taking them out for a walk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Late Should You Take Your Dog Out?

There is no specific time limit, you can take your dog out whenever you are up for it. But don’t let your pup govern your schedule, train him to go as per yours.

On average, you need to take your dog out at least three to five times a day to relieve themselves. If your dog is a pup, make sure to take him out every four hours, and don’t forget to take him out before bed.

How Often Should You Let Your Dog Out At Night?

It depends on the age. Typically for younger pups you need to take them out every hour or two hours.

If your dog is too young, you may need to set the alarm to take it out a few times at night, depending on its age. If your pup is just nine weeks old, you may need to take him out every 2 hours, and for 14 weeks old pup, every 4 hours. This is just a general guideline. You can find how long your pup can hold and schedule his routine accordingly.

What Time Should I Put My Puppy To Bed?

The time itself is not as important as creating a ritual around bedtime.

It does not matter when you sleep, but you need to set a proper bedtime schedule for your pup. The AKC recommends putting your pup to sleep at the scheduled time every day.

Though there is no right time for your pup to sleep unless it becomes a routine, make sure your pup sleeps for at least 8 hours every night. It is better to set its bedtime routine and make your pup sleep before you so you wake up at the same time.

A Few Final Words

Night walks are generally peaceful and relaxing. Your dog’s age and breed are important factors when you take them out for a walk. You need to take young pups who are prone to accidents for a walk just before their bedtime.

Thank you for reading, we hope you got the answer to the questions that you came for. You might also like to read about other nighttime questions related to dogs such as: Why Does My Dog Want To Stay Outside At Night? Or How Long Can A Small Dog Hold Its Bladder Overnight?