What Kind Of Dogs Did Ramsay Bolton Have?

Ramsay’s dogs were vicious in real life. Do you know who killed Ramsay Bolton in GOT? What kind of dogs did Ramsay Bolton have? Let’s find out.

Game of Thrones is the most liked fantasy American series. If you have not watched the show’s latest episodes, here is a spoiler alert. A lot of people worldwide have been celebrating the death of the most criticized villain: Ramsay Bolton.

His own dogs killed Ramsay Bolton! The dogs were trained to be ferocious, and Ramsay made a point not to feed his dogs. And as this was a fictional series, the dogs were allowed to eat their owners if they tried to be mean to them. 

What Kind Of Dogs Did Ramsay Bolton Have

Well, if you don’t know, Ramsay has killed his own father, step-brother, and mother. Let us not even talk about Sansa and Theon. Though most of us will not agree about dogs eating their owner if they do not feed them food for a few days, the character deserves such death in this fictional series. 

In this article, let us further look at what kind of dogs did Ramsay Bolton have and other related questions.

What Type Of Dogs Were In Game Of Thrones?

So, if you are wondering what kind of dogs did Ramsay Bolton have, these ferocious hounds came from Cane Corso or the Italian Mastiff. These are northern Inuit dogs used to portray the dreadful wolves in the GOT series. 

These crossbreeds are a mix of german shepherd and huskies that looked like wolves. These hounds are large Italian dogs, highly valued in Italy as guard dogs, hunters and a companion.

As per AKC, these types of dogs are made to hunt challenging games like wild boar. Usually, dog owners make their dogs meet other people and dogs in their area, and this way, they get to know who their friends and enemies are. However, Ramsey’s dogs were not clear about this. 

What Kind Of Dogs Did Ramsay Bolton Have

Dogs are usually loyal to their owners, but if their owner is a brutal and amoral demon-like Ramsay Bolton, who conditions their dogs to eat anything and anyone, well, you know what happened in GOT.

Are Northern Inuit dogs good pets?

Unlike their reputation in the GOT series, Northern Inuits are very friendly and loyal dogs. If you expect them to be great guard dogs or hunters, you will be disappointed. These pups will play with just about anybody! 

Is a Northern Inuit a dog or a wolf?

As explained earlier, these dogs may look like wolves but they are not. They are a crossbreed of Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies. They are temperamentally just like other dogs, and nothing like wolves.

Is an Inuit dog a husky?

Well, it is true that Husky blood runs through the veins of Northern Inuits. However, there are other breeds that were also combined in that mix. That’s why, even though Northern Inuits may look exactly like Huskies, they also have more wolf-like features and temperament.

What Kind Of Dogs Did Ramsay Bolton Have

How much is a Northern Inuit puppy?

Northern Inuits can be fairly expensive. Getting a puppy of this breed from a reputed breeder with all the necessary paperwork may cost you upwards of $1,000

What Are The Worst Things That Bolton Did?

Ramsay Bolton has been characterized as a terrifying and evil character. Let us look at some of the worst things he did in the series.

Burned Winterfall

When Theon successfully ran away and turned his men on Bolton at the Winterfall, some mystery happened at Stark’s home. Bran, who was hiding, comes out and finds the Winterfall burning and being destroyed. 

All the other people had already run away. At the end of season 3, it was shown that it was Ramsay who was responsible for destroying all this. Instead of getting the castle back, he killed all the people inside and burned it just for his own entertainment.

Torturing Theon

Theon betrayed Starks and was shown as the hated character in the series. Though when Ramsay tortured him, his fans actually felt terrible for him. Ramsay tortured him until he completely broke down. 

He named him “reek” and a broken shell. He made theon sleep with the hounds in the kennel and also made his personal slave. After being treated brutally, Theon changed and took revenge.

Tortured Myranda

Myranda was the maid of Bolton and his lover. Ramsay somewhat liked Myranda but was using her for entertainment and spent a lot of time with her even after marrying Sansa.

She used to tell Myranda how beautiful Sansa was, which made Myranda jealous. When Myranda told him to leave her, he was enraged and planned to kill her by Theon. 

What Kind Of Dogs Did Ramsay Bolton Have

Killed His Own Family

Roose, the father of Ramsay, was the only one who threatened Ramsay and was not frightened of him. But sadly, Ramsay ended up killing his own father and showed how brutal he was. 

And when Roose’s New wife gives birth to a baby boy, Ramsay kills his stepfather and mother and proceeds their body to be eaten by his hounds. All these moments showed the evilness of Ramsay and how brutally he killed people.

What Is The Name Of Ramsay’s Dog?

Ramsay named its ferocious dogs bastard’s girls. They were well-trained to hunt, track and execute occasionally. These packs of dogs were made of bitches only. 

Myranda was the maid of Ramsay and later became his lover. He always commented that she had a smell of dogs around her.

Did Ramsay Bolton Get Tortured?

Ramsay Balton was an evil character in the series, and he tortured Theon, who was named “Reek”. Theon was a compliant and meek servant of the house. He was sent from the back cells (dungeons) to the dog kennels, where he was made to sleep near the hounds. 

The kennel had two different types of dogs: a large black-haired dog was made to kill, and a brown-haired dog was used to help execute and track. 

Ramsay intentionally did not feed his hounds and made them starve. So this used to increase their hunger and made them eat human victims that came their way.

What Kind Of Dogs Did Ramsay Bolton Have

Why Did Ramsay Capture Theon?

Theon was the son of Balon Greyjoy (king of Island), and he thought of him as a valuable hostage. Ramsay is known to be a horrible psychopath and tortures theon until he breaks down. In season 3, Ramsay and his people burn down Winterfall after theon runs away.

Did Ramsay Care About Myranda?

No, Ramsay did not actually care about anyone except Roose’s approval of him. Myranda was there just to entertain him, and he had plans of killing her or getting rid of her if she got bored or annoyed with him. 

Why Did Ramsay Feed Myranda To The Dogs?

When Ramsay found Myranda’s corpse in Winterfall, he made her fed by the dogs, and he did not want them to waste good meat. 

Why Was Ramsay Hunting Tansy?

Tansy was also the servant of the house. Ramsay wanted some more entertainment when Theon broke down and started hunting for Tansey. He was searching for Tansey as his sick girlfriend (Myranda) was getting jealous because he was into her. He then killed tansy to mollify her girlfriend.

A Few Final Words

So if you are also a GOT fan, you must have had thoughts about the kind of dogs Ramsay owned. They were Northern Inuit dogs, a mix of German shepherds and huskies. Ramsay’s dogs were very vivacious in real life, and their breed comes from the Cane Corso, which is also known as the Italian Mastiff.

What Kind Of Dogs Did Ramsay Bolton Have

However, after he lost the battle at Winterfell, Ramsay was killed by his own dogs, the same hounds he used to kill his family. Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to quench your GOT fan fantasy! If you need a bigger fix, drop us more questions below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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