What Kind Of Dog Is Inuyasha?

Are you a big fan of anime and manga? Have you seen Rumiko Takahashi’s manga series Inuyasha? Let’s answer: What kind of dog is Inuyasha? and other trivia about this popular character.

If you have liked watching or reading the hit Japanese anime and manga series by the name of Inuyasha. Then you have also thought about finding the dog breed of the main character in the show, Inuyasha. Then this article will try to curb your curiosity. 

The manga writer, Rumiko Takahashi, stated that Inuyasha belongs to the Akita Inu dog breed in an interview. This breed of dog is somewhat native to Japan. We have discussed this dog breed in detail below. 

What Kind Of Dog Is Inuyasha

More About Akita Inu Dog Breed

The dogs belonging to this dog breed are pretty large and powerful. You will find the presence of these dogs to be intimidating and noble. These dogs are among the oldest dog breeds native to Japan, and they were used to guard royalty and noble people in feudal Japan. These dogs are also exceptional hunters; they can quickly kill boars, deers, and black bears. 

The personality of the Akita Inu dog does not let them back down from a challenge or fight. You will not find these dogs scared or frightened of something very quickly.

Socializing and training these dogs is also easy as they are inherently good learners. Because of their fearless personality, these dogs were chosen for guarding high-rated officials, royalty, and nobles of Japan. 

The Akita Inu dog can also be too stubborn at times, and they are not very fond of strangers. You will find these dogs always on alert around strangers. 

Tips To Remember With An Akita Inu Dog

If you want to get a healthy Akita Inu puppy, you should not buy them from a breeder, as such sellers can be very irresponsible.

What Kind Of Dog Is Inuyasha

The best place to get an Akiya puppy from is a pet shelter or rescue home. These shelters also take proper care of the dog’s vaccinations and other healthcare-related needs. 

  • Akita Inu dogs can be a bit too aggressive with other dogs. You’ll need to train them to be compatible with socializing with other dogs. You can also find these dogs prone to same-sex aggression. 
  • If you are a pet dog owner and want to have a dog for the first time as a pet, you shouldn’t go for an Akita Inu dog. Make sure that you give your dog constant socializing training as these dogs can very quickly get aggressive. 
  • The Akita Inu dog suffers from significant shedding of hair. You must be prepared to tackle and deal with all this shedding if you want to have this dog as your pet. 
  • If a person or another dog makes prolonged eye contact with an Akita Inu dog, they take it personally as an invitation to a challenge. They can respond aggressively to this challenge. 

Size Of An Akita Inu Dog

As you may have seen in the series Inuyasha, these dogs are more significant, even though their size was exaggerated in the anime and manga for dramatic effects.

But in reality, the male Akita Inu dog stands at 26 to 28 inches and weighs about 85-130 pounds. The female Akita Inu dogs have an average height of between 24 to 26 inches, and they weigh around 70 to 110 pounds. 

Health Risks To Akita Inu Dogs

Akita Inu dogs, just like all other dogs, are also prone to certain medical conditions and diseases. Some of the common conditions that they can suffer from are:-

  • Hip Dysplasia:- This is a condition in which your dog’s thigh bone will not correctly fit in the hip joint. You can identify this problem as some dogs complain about pain and discomfort while moving. This condition can also lead to arthritis as your dog grows old. You should remember not to breed dogs that have hip Dysplasia. If you buy a dog from a breeder, they will show you proof that the dog is tested for hip dysplasia. 
What Kind Of Dog Is Inuyasha
  • Gastric dilation:- This phenomenon in dogs is also commonly called bloating. It can easily affect larger dogs with a more bottomless chest like the Akita Inu dogs. If your dog eats one large meal in a day, it can suffer from bloating. Bloating is a sign that the dog’s stomach is filled with gas and air. A dog cannot vomit or belch when suffering from this condition. Bloating also results in lowering blood pressure in dogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What dog is Inuyasha from?

Inuyasha dog is a fictional character and the protagonist of a popular anime and manga series in Japan. In the series, Inuyasha is a demon dog, half-demon, and half dog.

The canine features of the Inuyasha dog are based on a dog breed native to Japan known as the spitz dog breed. 

Does Inuyasha have a dog form? 

Yes, Inuyasha does have a dog form. All the other members of his family have the ability to turn into dogs completely. All the other dogs are full demons in his family.

Inuyasha is the only person that can turn into a half demon-dog. Due to this, his appearance is also very different from other characters on the show.

What does Inuyasha mean in Japanese? 

The name Inuyasha translates to half-dog in Japanese. This name is very apt according to the story of the series since Inuyasha is the only character that is a half-demon and half dog on the show. 

What dog breed is Sesshomaru? 

The characters in the Inuyasha series, Sesshomaru and his father, resemble a particular dog breed. The dog breed is the excellent Pyrenees mountain dog, the Akbash dog, and a mixture of the sheepdog.

The author of the Inuyasha manga took inspiration from multiple dog breeds to create their characters. 

Is Yashahime a sequel to Inuyasha?

Yes, the series Yashahime is a sequel to Inuyasha. Inuyasha became a hit in the late 90s and early 2000s. Yashahime was recently released but made some changes according to the source material. 

A Few Final Words

Inuyasha is a very famous series that has positively impacted many people. The character of Inuyasha is based on the Akita Inu dog; if you wish to adopt or purchase this dog, then we have discussed some essential information about them in the above article. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope you liked all the information about Inuyasha. You might also like to read: What Kind Of Dog Does Tana Mongeau Have? And What Kind Of Dog Does Steven Crowder Have?