What Kind Of Dog Is Gromit?

Are you a big fan of Wallace and Gromit? Ok: what kind of dog is Gromit? Stumped? Then this article answers every possible question that you can think up about Gromit, and more! Stay tuned for lots of nuggets, tidbits and facts about your favorite characters.

Wallace and Gromit are a classic comic pair famous for their adventures. Gromit is usually nicknamed ‘Lad’, ‘Mate’ or ‘Chuck’ by Wallace. Gromit happens to be Wallace’s best friend, sidekick, and pet dog. 

The inventor and dog have managed to gain so much fame over the years. Believe it or not, Gromit’s popularity is insane. It is so prevalent in Holland that a type of cheese has been christened after it- Gromit Gouda. 

It is exclusively available in the Netherlands and is generally served with specialty Dutch Mustard. According to an old feature in Science Daily, the effect of movies featuring dogs on the popularity of dog breeds can last up to as many as 10 years. 

Furthermore, this has been backed by data from the American Kennel Club that has analyzed 87 movies featuring dogs. In this article, we will look at what type of dog is Gromit and also answer many common questions that have been asked about the classic duo. 

Cracking Contraptions Compilation - Wallace & Gromit

When Did the First Wallace and Gromit Come Out?

On 4 November 1989,’ A Grand Day Out’ was aired for the very first time. From the first film and the duo’s subsequent adventures, fans from all walks of life have cherished their chemistry. 

Which is the dog in Wallace and Gromit?

Gromit and Wallace are best friends, and Gromit is the dog among the duo. 

Who was the creator of Wallace and Gromit? 

Director Nick Park has created short clay animation films around this duo. As a child, he was fond of drawing and was interested in film-making. 

Nick went on to study animation at the National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire. Here, he created what the world now knows as Wallace and Gromit. 

How and when were Wallace and Gromit created?

One can spot a beautiful sketch of ‘A Grand Day Out’ from Nick’s sketchbook on their website. Believe it or not, Wallace and Gromit was Nick’s graduation project at the Film and Television School he attended. 

When deciding what to do for his graduation project, he toiled with the idea of animating some characters that he had been sketching and writing about, which happened to be a man with a flat cap and his cat. 

Eventually, the latter transformed into a dog, and the man lost his mustache, and they became the Wallace and Gromit that we know today. 

What Kind Of Dog Is Gromit

What Does Wallace Look Like?

Wallace is a baldhead with a wide smile. Ask director Nick Park, and he says that the visual appeal of Wallace was inspired by an acquaintance who happened to be a postman named Jerry. 

What is Wallace’s last name? 

Wallace’s last name is never given anywhere in the entire series.

Where does Wallace live?

Both Wallace and Gromit live at 62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan. 

What breed is Wallace?

In the movie, Wallace and Gromit go on a journey to discover the mystery behind the garden sabotage that plagues their village. He is an inventor with a house full of labor-saving gadgets.

What is Wallace’s favorite cheese?

As shown umpteen times in the movie, Wallace’s favorite food is cheese. Wallace mentions Wensleydale as a particularly favorite cheese. 

This style of cheese is originally produced in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England. The cheese is supple and crumbly and has a slight honey aroma. 

Wallace And Gromit In A Close Shave (1080p)

What Does Gromit Look Like?

Gromit has a common appearance, nothing fancy! It has lightly tanned color fur and big brown ears popping out of his head. 

Nick also adds that Gromit’s intellectual, a cultured character, is inspired by the character named Snowy from Tintin- which was a favorite of Nick in his childhood days. Wallace and Gromit’s eyes have striking similarities. 

Why is Gromit called Gromit?

The story behind this relates to the director’s personal life. Nick Park’s elder brother was an electrician and often mentioned the term grommets. 

Grommets are washers or rings used in his work. It struck Nick that this word would make a good name for his creation, and he ended up naming it Gromit. 

What breed of dog is Gromit from the Curse of the Were Rabbit?

What breed is Gromit? Gromit is most likely a beagle.

Is Gromit smarter than Wallace? 

Gromit is brainy, and it graduated from Dogwarts university with a double first in Dogs and Engineering. Also, not to forget, he is left-handed, which also points towards his intelligent side. Gromit indeed is much brighter than his owner. 

However, he has no option but to watch his owner get them into trouble. Wallace depends on Gromit to get them out of trouble. The former, however, never seems to learn a lesson. Regardless, the duo continues to be our favorite too.  

Is Gromit a girl?

Is Gromit a boy or girl? Most kennel clubs recognize Gromit as a beagle. 

When is Gromit’s birthday celebrated?

When was Gromit born? Gromit’s birthday is celebrated on 12 February each year. Each year the Daily Telegraph newspaper posts a super special birthday greeting for Gromit in the classified section of their newspaper. 

What Kind of Dog Is Preston in Wallace and Gromit?

Preston happens to be a robot dog created by Fred Ramsbottom, a scientist, to get help with his wool factory. Preston resembles several dog breeds but looks closest to an Anthropomorphic Presa Canario. 

What Breed of Dog Is Philip From Wallace and Gromit?

Philip can be seen in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Philip happens to be a bull terrier dog with a sparkly white coat and brown spots. 

When Gromit realizes that the townspeople are angry with Wallace, Gromit uses his brains and quickly dons the get-up of Victor wearing a female bunny costume. Philip and the rest of the people from the town then chase him away instead. He is able to bring Wallace back to life and end the curse.

When Was the First Wallace and Gromit Game Launched?

Frontier Developments launched the first game starring Gromit in 2003. It was named Project Zoo and involved Gromit investigating strange occurrences at a zoo. The players could control Gromit, and no matter what, Gromit never died in the game. 

How Wallace and Gromit Are Filmed?

Aardman Animations create stop-motion comedies for Wallace and Gromit. For their first-ever release in 1989, the voice for Wallace was given by Ben Whitehead and Peter Sallis. 

Gromit was meant to be a talking dog. Veteran voice artist Peter Hawkins even recorded its voice. However, when Nick Park realized the potential of his expressions, he went ahead with the latter option. 

And so what we see in the films is that Gromit is silent and communicates through facial expressions and body language. Gromit is entirely made of modeling clay called Newplast, except for his eyes and nose, which are simply beads and the armature that runs through his body, like a skeleton. 

Most characters by Aardman Animations are made in Newplast itself! Around 30 animators work synchronously to create Gromit’s performance on film. Every aspect of his movement is skillfully animated. As for them, the most challenging part of animating is the paws. 

Are Wallace and Gromit 2021 on Netflix?

Where can I watch Wallace and Gromit 2021? You can watch ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’, ‘A Grand Day Out’, and all the other movies of this dynamic duo on Netflix. 

Is There Going To Be a New Wallace and Gromit Movie?

Wallace and Gromit are set to return on screens after 15 years! It will be available on Netflix. Nick Parker and Aardman Studios are already working on the writing and storyboarding for a release in 2024, the name of which has not been disclosed yet. 

The movie does not have a set release date, and an exact date is awaited! What has been made public is that the movie will show Gromit’s concern over Wallace becoming over-dependent on his inventions as he ends up inventing a ‘smart gnome’ that develops a mind of its own. 

Things run so bad that it falls on Gromit’s shoulders, as always, to take charge, or Wallace may never be able to invent again. 

Can You Visit Aardman Studios?

Aardman is the renowned name behind Shaun, the Sheep; Wallace, and Gromit; Chicken Run and Morph. Aardman Studios are located in Bristol, a few hours west of London. The team is too engaged in their work to show visitors around and hence welcome visitors on virtual tours.

What happened to Aardman Animations?

In November 2018, Aardman Animations announced that David Sproxton and Peter Lord would be transferring a majority of the company’s ownership to its employees to let the studio function independently. 

Not only this, the owners even released a book titled ‘A Grand Success’, which documents the studio’s history.

A Few Final Words

Gromit is one of the world’s most loved canine creations. It is a brainy beagle. Tell us about which Wallace and Gromit movies you have watched and which is your favorite moment from the movies, and also tell us about your favorite dog movie. 

Lastly, consider sharing this article with acquaintances. Feel free to drop article requests in the comments. Thank you for reading, we hope it was as fun for you as it was for us when writing. You might also like to read about other dogs like Gabe the dog and Snoopy from Peanuts.