What Kind Of Dog Is Coconut Rice Bear? Answers to 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Are you a fan of Coconut Rice Bear on Insta and FB? If you would like to bring home a dog like her, you need to know: What kind of dog is Coconut Rice Bear. We are here to tell you just that.

As per the American Veterinary Medical Association, pet ownership is increasingly rising in the United States, with nearly 57 percent of all households owning a pet at the end of 2016. So far, dog ownership is the highest, with about 38 percent of the households having one or more than one dog. 

This popularity is growing fast, and these pets have also made their way to social media in no time. One of such dogs is Coconut Rice Bear. Coconut Rice Bear enjoys a verified Instagram account, a distant dream of many humans! 

What Kind Of Dog Is Coconut Rice Bear

With a massive fan following that includes more than 400k followers, Coconut’s popularity grows with each passing day. In this article, we will answer questions about Coconut Rice Bear, including what kind of dog it is, how old it is, its following on instagram and the reason behind its popularity 

Coconut’s Personal Details

#1. What breed is Coconut Rice Bear?

Let’s start with the main question: what kind of dog is Coconut Rice Bear? Is Coconut Rice Bear male or female? 

Coconut is a female samoyed. The Samoyed is a breed of medium-sized herding dogs. They have white, thick, and double-layered coats. 

#2. How old is Coconut Rice Bear?

The Insta-famous San Francisco dog was born on 11 July 2015 in Canada. As of now, it is six years old. And, as per allfamousbirthday, its zodiac sign is Cancer.

Lai purchased it from a breeder in Toronto in 2015, completely unaware that years later, he would be managing its social media handles full-time while also indulging in so many brand endorsements. 

#3. Who are Coconut Rice Bear’s owners?

Chuck Lai, an accomplished product manager, and entrepreneur owns white beauty. He attended Penn State University for his Bachelor’s program and the University of Arizona, where he did an MBA.

He owns gawkerverse, which is a network of inspirational websites. Lai describes the dog as “playful and silly, but a little dramatic” and the “queen of San Francisco.”

What Kind Of Dog Is Coconut Rice Bear

#4. What does Coconut Rice Bear eat?

As per an article published on SFgate in 2019, Coconut enjoys indulging in a homemade mix of ground meat, rice, and vegetables mixed with kibble. 

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Internet Popularity and Fame

#5. Why is Coconut Rice Bear so famous?

Coconut has earned fame as the talking Samoyed. Infact, Coconut used to entertain birthday wishing videos in the past, and people seemed to love it a lot. 

Due to the use of DoggoLingo, which happens to be a style of speaking popularized by a Twitter account named WeRateDogs, the white furball’s captions reach out to a wider audience because it makes them immediately relatable. 

Not only this, her sparkling white hair makes her the subject matter of umpteen conversations. Joyrideharness says that Coconut’s overall fluffiness and inspirational speeches steal everyone’s heart. 

What Kind Of Dog Is Coconut Rice Bear

Coconut was the furball that she was today even when she was small, and her white fur makes her blend with the snow in the foreground pretty seamlessly. 

Interestingly, contrary to how it seems on the outside, the owner says that Coconut is not very high maintenance, and there have been stances where he hasn’t bathed her in as many as four months but only brushed her coat daily. 

#6. How did Coconut Rice Bear become so popular?

Lai says that Coconut’s Instagram account was just a fun way for him to document his pet’s life. The Instagram account rapidly shot to fame when 9gag shared one of its videos, leading to the account gaining a whopping 50k followers. When the account hit 200k followers, Lai started making sponsored content. 

#7. How many followers does Coconut Rice Bar have on social media? 

As of April 2022, Coconut’s blue tick Instagram account has 468k followers. Her Instagram handle showcases her running, jumping, eating, posing for their upcoming calendar, playing wordle, and whatnot! 

It indeed is a delight for pet lovers. Not only this, she is followed by as many as 622k people on Facebook. In addition, Coconut has nearly 10k followers on YouTube. The very first video on this channel is her unboxing, where she arrives for the first time in San Francisco, her current home. 

What Kind Of Dog Is Coconut Rice Bear

The channels show many of her firsts, including her first meeting with another puppy, her first bath, her first birthday cake, and getting her hands on her first stuffie. However, Coconut’s Twitter account has been suspended for reasons best known to Twitter. 

Coconut previously made headlines in August 2019 when SFGate compared Coconut’s earnings to an entry-level programmer. Coconut’s parent Lai says that despite Instagram being a more profitable platform, the short-video sharing application Tik Tok seems a better place for him to build a following. 

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Money Matters!

#8. How much does Coconut Rice Bear earn?

Coconut began monetizing only in 2019. As of 2019, Coconut makes about 3500$ per post, and considering that Lai back then mentioned how they planned on doing 2 Instagram posts per month, the net annual earning from this clocks up to $84000. Coconut’s clients range from a personal finance website to a dog harness maker. 

#9. What is Coconut’s net worth? 

As per allfamousbirthdays’ analysis, Coconut’s net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollars. 

#10. Where can I get Coconut Rice Bear merchandise? 

Coconut also has its website to lay hands on exclusive merchandise. For example, Coconut Rice Bear calendar is priced at 19.95$, and one can avail of an additional discount of 15% if you use the code DAYOFWEDDING. 

Coconut Rice Bear also has its list of hand-picked items on its Amazon Shop, where 30 items are listed. The list comprises books, a harness, a dog toy, a dog water bottle, and many other things that are likely to interest you if you are a pet parent. 

In addition, merchandise such as mugs, calendars, and cloth face masks are also available on websites such as Zazzle

What Kind Of Dog Is Coconut Rice Bear

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