What Kind Of Dog Is Bibi Shasha?

Are you a fan of cute little Bibi Shasha on the internet? Do you wonder what kind of dog is Bibi Shasha? Do you love how the teddy bear looks, walks, barks, and everything about her? This article will satiate all your curiosity about her

Dog lovers and non-dog lovers worldwide have showered bundles of love on this tiny pup. This tiny pup is called Bibi Shasha and has earned fame as the living teddy bear. This is quite understandable since she is unbelievably adorable. 

She is easily one of the internet’s most adorable dogs. Moose, the Mini Bully, is another dog who has earned fame over the internet.

Bibi Shasha is the subject of umpteen articles and conversations. In this article, we will discuss Bibi Shasha and see what kind of a dog it is. 

What Kind Of Dog Is Bibi Shasha

All About Bibi Sasha

What does Bibi Shasha look like? 

Bibi Shasha has brown to cream fur and glittery black round endearing eyes. She looks exactly like a teddy bear or, as some say, even cuter than a teddy bear. The Poodle has a huge fan following worldwide, and it looks more like a stuffed toy than a dog. 

Why is Bibi Shasha so famous?

Bibi Shasha is famous because of its teddy-like appearance. It appears precisely like a teddy bear and has a huge fan following on Instagram. 

Where was Bibi Shasha born? 

According to famous birthdays, Bibi the dog was born in South Korea and lives in Gyeonggi-do with her family, including her five furry siblings. Gyeonggi-do happens to be the most populous province in South Korea. 

How old is Bibi Shasha?

According to famous birthdays, Bibi Shasha was born on May 16th, 2015, and will turn seven in 2022. Also, according to the same, her birth sign is Taurus.

How big is Bibi Shasha?

Bibi Shasha happens to be so tiny that it could fit into a handbag. In March 2018, she was in the daily mail, where she was described as a pint-sized puppy.

What breed is Bibi Shasha? 

It is unknown precisely what kind of dog Bibi is. Some say it is a South Korean Poodle-Shichon cross. On the other hand, some websites say it crosses between a chihuahua and a poodle. 

What Kind Of Dog Is Bibi Shasha

Who is Bibi Shasha’s owner? 

While we all know Bibi Shasha’s Instagram profile is full of adorable pictures of her, who handles the same is still a question. 

Does Bibi Shasha have siblings? 

Yes, Bibi Shasha has five siblings who can be seen accompanying her in many of her photographs and videos on their Instagram handle. In addition, Bibi Shasha has dog siblings named Petit, Bibi, Ruru, Shu, and El. 

Their owners refer to their puppies as the “Six Sisters Story.” Petit is a black and tan Chihuahua, and Bibi is a Maltese born in December 2013; Ruru is a silver, black toy poodle born on Christmas day in 2015. 

Shu and El are only a month apart. The former was born in March 2016, and the latter in April 2016. Their social media handle is named by combining the names of two of these dogs. 

What does the name Bibi Shasha mean?

As per Wikipedia, the word Bibi means Miss in Urdu and is used as a respectful title for South Asian women when used as a prefix or suffix to their name. 

According to some websites, the word Shasha happens to be a gender-neutral name of Russian origin that means a helper of mankind or defender. However, the word seems to have more than one version, and they look like Sascia in Italian, Sascha in German, and Sasja in Swedish and Danish. 

How many followers does Bibi Shasha have? 

Bibi Shasha has more than 100k followers on Instagram. However, the account does not show snippets of Bibi’s life alone. It also showcases its equally cute furry siblings. 

Shu, one of her siblings, was also featured in Dailymail for her lovely gesture of signaling her owner that she is thirsty by picking up a water bowl with her mouth. 

Their Instagram handle showcases multiple images and videos of the teddy bear and her siblings getting a haircut, lazing in their bed, enjoying a meal, taking a walk, and so many more snippets from their daily life. 

The followers seem to love this and shower so much love in the form of comments and thousands of likes on each post.  

What Kind Of Dog Is Bibi Shasha

What Is A True Teddy Bear Puppy?

The Teddy bear dog is a new breed known as Zuchon or Suchon. Teddy bear puppies are cross-bred from Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. These teddy bear pups are small in stature, and their bodies remain so even when they step into adulthood. 

What Two Breeds Make Up A Teddy Bear?

Apart from Bibi Shasha, many breeds end up with teddy bears like doggos. But, as per Parade, some breeds make for utterly cute teddy bear-like dogs.


A cross of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, a Cavapoo is cute, friendly, and weighs almost 10-20 pounds. 


Poochon is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Poodle. They are adorable, have curly hair, and are petite. 


Maltipoos are seen in numerous colors, including red, white, black, brown, silver, or apricot. 


As their name suggests, YorkiPoos are a cross between a toy poodle and a Yorkie. They are affectionate and are so tiny that you can conveniently take them anywhere. 


Cockapoos are curly-haired dogs. They are a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel and can be spotted in red, black, brown, and golden colors. 

Other dogs which appear like teddy bears are Bichon Frise, Havapoo, Westiepoo, Peekapoo, Cavachon, Keeshond, Lhasa Apso, and Bolognese. 

What Kind Of Dog Is Bibi Shasha

A Few Final Thoughts

A cross of many breeds yields teddy-like adorable pups. Bibi Shasha is a cross between a Poodle and another breed. Its unreal and teddy-like appearance makes it the subject matter of various discussions. 

Let us know how you found out about Bibi Shasha and if there is something you would want to read. Also, consider sharing this article with friends and family who are likely to find it interesting. 

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