What Kind Of Dog Does Jacksfilms Have?

What Kind Of Dog Does Jacksfilms Have? If you have followed Jacksfilms, you would know about his three cute eskies. Here’s more information about eskies, and why you should get one of them for yourself!

If you have been following Jacksfilms, you might know that he is quite fond of dogs. Jacksfilms is an American YouTuber. He has three American Eskimo dogs named Klondike, Sundae, and Chipwich. 

Jacksfilms dogs have also featured alongside him or without him in his projects on multiple occasions. For instance, Klondike has made numerous appearances in YGS, Jackask, and similar videos. We will further discuss dogs of this breed in this article further below. 

What Kind Of Dog Does Jacksfilms Have

Why Should You Go For An American Eskimo Dog? 

American Eskimo dogs are brilliant dogs that are also very spunky. You will find that these dogs also resemble a fluffy white cloud. These dogs are also commonly known as the eskie dog. 

These dogs are smaller in size, so families will not have a problem adopting these dogs. You will find that American Eskimo dogs are very loyal to their owners. 

People also regard these dogs highly among the most trainable dog breeds. These dogs were also used in the early 1800s and 1900s as circus dogs. People saw them performing agility stunts and maneuvers. 

Typically these dogs are full of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. You will find them quickly adapting to a busy household in no time. Sometimes they can also be the center of affection in a hectic family. 

What Do American Eskimo Dogs Look Like?

You can find that American Eskimo dogs or eskies are available in three sizes. These three sizes are toy, miniature, and standard. Eskies are pretty famous for their white and shiny fur coat. 

Due to this fur coat, these dogs appear to be fluffier. Many people buy these dogs because of their radiant fur coats. The fur coat of eskies gives them a bright look. On top of that, their personality adds more to their eyes. 

What Kind Of Dog Does Jacksfilms Have

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend and train your dog, then you should adopt or buy an American Eskimo dog. These dogs are rapid learners and easy to prepare. You will be able to notice the visible difference in intelligence, command, and attention in these dogs in comparison to other dog breeds. 

Eskies have a double layer of fur coat on their body. The undercoat is denser and thick, whereas the overcoat is thinner and fluffy. Some eskies also have cream-colored markings on their white coats. 

If you want to reduce hair loss and shedding in your Eskimo dog, you should regularly brush their fur coat. An Eskimo dog has a more approachable and friendly face than a German Shepherd or bulldog. 

What Is The Personality Of An American Eskimo Dog Like?

The temperament of an Eskimo dog is very gentle and calm. Eskies are an excellent option for companion dogs, and if you live alone and want to add a companion to your life, you can get an eskie dog. 


Eskies are incredibly loyal to their owners, and they are also very well behaved. American Eskimo dogs are very fond of children due to which they fit right in families. 


However, there is a downside to their amiable natures. That is, these dogs can be too sensitive sometimes. Due to the high intelligence of Eskimo dogs, they can understand the words and actions of humans and relate to the stresses in our lives. 


As eskies are full of energy, you will have to regularly take them for a walk. If you cannot meet their energy needs, they will start running around your house. These dogs can quickly get bored, and once they do so, they can begin to display some undesirable behavior. Some of the examples of such behavior include digging through or chewing stuff. 

What Kind Of Dog Does Jacksfilms Have

You can easily guide Eskimo dogs through their exercise time while playing. As Eskimo dogs are very loyal to their families, they can feel overwhelmed or shy around strangers. These dogs are also rapid to snuff out the danger. If they sense anything wrong, they will start barking immediately. 


As Eskimo dogs are loyal to their owners and family, they like to spend most of their time inside their homes. They don’t like being outside the home by themselves, and they will always need someone around to go out of the house. 

Due to this reason, these dogs can become great apartment dogs as they don’t require a backyard to run and play around in. 


You may think that eskies are hard to maintain dogs, but that is not the case. These dogs are simple and easy to groom. Cleaning them frequently will make their skin dry and irritating. You can bathe your skin dog once every few months. 

If you feel that your pet dog is getting dirty, then you can simply run a brush through their fur, and the dirt should come off quickly. 

Hair Shedding

Eskies do suffer from the problem of shedding their hair. You should at least brush them two to three times a week. As their hair is much lighter, eskies tend to shed them from time to time. Regular brushing will remove the dead hair and keep their fur coat shiny. 


Eskies can have a long and healthy life if they are properly cared for. They can live for 15 years if they manage to stay healthy. Eskies can inherit some serious health problems. According to the American Eskimo Dog Club of America, eskis are most vulnerable to two conditions that are retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia. As responsible pet owners, you should be aware of these problems. 

What Kind Of Dog Does Jacksfilms Have

Retinal atrophy refers to the phenomenon of the retina in the dog’s eyes growing weaker with time. Hip dysplasia is common for dogs. It is a condition in which your pet dog’s thigh bone cannot fit properly in their hip joint. If you see signs of such conditions on your dog, you should immediately inform your vet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What breed of dog is Chipwich?

Chipwich is the pet dog of the famous YouTuber Jacksfilms. He is an American YouTube star that creates content on the internet, including comedy videos, sketches, music videos, etc. Chipwich, the dog, is an American Eskimo dog. 

These dogs are smaller and furrier in appearance because of their genes. Chipwich has featured in multiple projects led by Jacksfilms. If you have seen this dog breed and think they can be a great addition to your family, you should go for them.

What breed is Klondike?

Klondike, the dog that belongs to a YouTube celebrity, Jacksfilms, is an American Eskimo dog. This dog comes in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard.

You can find toy eskies weighing about 6 pounds, miniature ones weighing around 15 pounds, and standard ones weighing around 35 pounds. Eskies are much smaller in weight and height in comparison to other dogs.

What gender are JacksFilms dogs?

All three of Jacksfilms American Eskimo dogs are females. Jackfilms also mentioned in an interview that he is very fond of his dogs, and all of them are female. 

How old is JacksFilms?

Jacksfilms is a 33-year-old YouTube star. He started his YouTube journey in 2008.

Wrap Up

If you have seen and admired Jacksfilms dog, this article specifically talks about that dog breed in detail. American Eskimo dogs are very cute and energetic dogs; you can consider buying these dogs based on the information given above. 

Thank you for reading we hope you liked the information! Drop us a word if you need some more information about Eskies or other dog breeds. You might also like to read our article debate on Pointers and Vizsla’s