What Is The Biggest Puppy In The Litter Called? Is There A Special Name For Them?

What is the biggest puppy in the litter called? Is there a special name for them?

Choosing a puppy is a big decision. We all know that puppies come with a lot of happiness and can enrich your life in many ways. 

With so many options, it may become difficult to choose the right one for you. Your pet will be with you for a longer time, so it is important to select the right puppy. 

One thing that is true of all new litters is that the biggest pup is usually the healthiest and strongest of the lot. This is why it is the natural choice for most pup seekers.

But what is the biggest puppy in the litter called? Is there a special name for it?

What Is The Biggest Puppy In The Litter Called

What is Litter? 

A litter in a dog is a birth process of many puppies at the same time from the same mother, and litter is a birth of multiple offspring that can range between three to eight puppies. 

Offsprings from the same litter are known as Littermates. When it comes to puppies in the litter, they usually are similar but may vary in size and weight. 

What Is the Biggest Puppy in the Litter Called?

When we talk about the biggest puppy, there is no particular name given to a pup. It is a fact that the biggest puppy is the one that is fastest and healthier than others. The traits of puppies come out after eight weeks of their birth when they start playing with other puppies and compete for food. 

Is the Biggest Puppy in the Litter, The Fattest dog? 

Yes, the biggest puppy in the litter is usually the fastest dog, and the fattest dog is the greediest one. Typically, such a pup will have dominating tendencies. 

The biggest puppy tends to control the supply of food, becomes the fattest, and often ends up taking a higher share of nutrition than his peers. The biggest puppy has the natural advantage of winning over everything over other littermates. 

This is why while choosing your puppy, make sure you go for the fattest and biggest puppy and avoid choosing a small pup. A Bigger puppy is the better option than littermates. 

What Is The Biggest Puppy In The Litter Called

Dog Breeds that have a bigger litter 

As per American Kennel Club, one breed has a bigger litter of 7 or 8 offspring; it is Labrador Retriever. This breed is one of the most favorite American pets.

As per Guinness World Record, Neapolitan Mastiff is the breed that has delivered the maximum number of puppies in a single litter. The mother’s name is Tia, and she gave birth to 24 puppies in 2004, the delivery was done by the C section, but unfortunately, four puppies did not survive. The litter had 15 males and 9 females. 

The mother’s health also influences the size of the litter, so it is important to note that an unhealthy and obese dog does not have a larger litter. 

Is the First Puppy Born the Biggest?

In reality, and as per Vets, the order of birth does not define the puppy’s size. There is no correlation between the size and birth order of puppies. 

There are many chances when the firstborn puppy is the smallest and the last born is the biggest. The firstborn is the first choice of professional dog trainers, and they need more nurturing, but there is no relation in regards to their size. 

What Is The Biggest Puppy In The Litter Called

Average Litter Size: How many dogs are born in a Litter?

Here is a list of popular United Stated Breeds with their litter size: 

Labrador Retriever 

Litter Size- 7 puppies 

Typically Labrador Retriever mothers has a 5 to 10 litter average size, and the size also depends on the health and age of the dog. 

French BullDog 

Litter Size- 3 Puppies 

Most of the time, french bulldog litter size is between 2 to 4 puppies; there is an extreme case with 5 puppies in a litter. Also, French bulldogs deliver puppies through C-section only. 

German Shepherd 

Litter Size -8 Puppies 

The German Shepherd tends to have 1 to 10 puppies in a litter, but on average, the mother of this breed delivers 8 puppies at a single time. The largest litter is rare and unexpected. 

Golden Retriever 

Litter Size- 7 Puppies 

A golden retriever mother can have a litter with 4 to 7 puppies, and the largest litter is 12 puppies. 


Litter Size- 4 Puppies 

Bulldog litter size is easy to predict, and the bulldog delivers 2 to 4 puppies. The birth of bulldog puppies requires a C section as they are often bigger. 


Litter Size- 5 puppies 

A standard-sized poodle can have 3 to 5 puppies in a litter. The largest litter of poodles has 17 puppies. 


Litter Size 6 Puppies 

Beagle mother delivers between 1 to 8 puppies from a single litter. Typically, the litter size of a beagle mother remains consistent, and the largest litter size is 15 puppies. 


Litter Size- 8 puppies 

Rottweilers can have a litter size with 6 to 10 puppies on average; larger litters are expected from the breed. The largest litter of a Rottweiler is 18 puppies. 

What Is The Biggest Puppy In The Litter Called

German Shorthaired Pointer 

Litter Size- 9 puppies 

You can expect both small and larg litters from a German Shorthaired Pointer dog. The litter size varies between 5 to 10 puppies. 


Litter Size- 5 puppies 

Usually, Dachshund mothers can have 1 to 5 puppies in a litter; you might expect more puppies depending on the mother’s size. The largest litter of Dachshunds has 8 puppies. 


Is the biggest puppy in the litter the biggest dog? 

Yes, the biggest puppy tends to be greedy and naughty, competing well with other littermates to get food. In such a scenario, being healthy results in the biggest dog as the puppy gets maximum nourishment. 

What Is The Biggest Puppy In The Litter Called

Is the first puppy in the litter the healthiest? 

Yes, as they get enough food, so they turn out to be the fittest and healthiest. 

There Is No Special Name For The Biggest Puppy In The Litter

When it is about the biggest puppy in the litter, there is a clear answer that the bigger puppy is known to be healthier than littermates and considered a priority of dog trainers.