What Is a Sooner Dog?

Have you heard the term “sooner dog” from someone old in your family and were left wondering: “what is a sooner dog?” Read the answer here before you get bamboozled again!

Sooner dogs are usually referred to as the dogs that are a mixed breed or the ones which are from Oklahoma. Oklahoma is designated as the “sooner state” because it was the first state of the unassigned lands that settlers entered before the start of the 1889 Land Rush.

While “sooner” has taken on a negative connotation over the years, the term “sooner dog” continues to be used with love and affection for these dogs native to Oklahoma.

Another origin story behind the term “sooner” dog can also mean that the dog is not trained yet. In that sense, Sooner dog might also refer to as an early dog or the first dog that you take on in your household.

What Is a Sooner Dog


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Also, it is not a particular type of breed. A sooner dog mostly looks like the other dogs. It is not a specific breed; the word sooner is termed for the outlook these dogs carry. Sooner dogs were known for their hunting and were not considered very friendly dogs. They are aggressive, depending upon the circumstances.

An example of a sooner dog is a Bogle dog, and it is a mixed breed of Beagle and Boxer dog. Yorkie Poo is also a mixed breed dog of Yorkie and poodle breed. Therefore all sooner dogs are a sort of mixed breed. 

What Is The Easiest First Dog?

Before you plan to adopt a dog or become a dog parent, you already have in mind which breed or what kind of dog you want. Though it is good to have an idea of what type of dog you want, it’s pretty necessary to understand what type of dog would be best suited if you own a dog for the first time.

It is extremely important to know what kind of dog would be best if you are a new dog owner, depending on your surroundings, house structure, and pocket. So, let’s take a look at some of these dogs:

Bichon Frise

This breed gets quickly adapted to all kinds of living. It is also quite soft, like a stuffed toy. Also, people facing problems like allergies to dog hair should undoubtedly opt for this breed as this breed is non-allergenic. 

Dogs of this breed require love and attention from their caretakers or owners, and they are always ready to give you company during a stroll or while going to the garden.  

Golden Retriever

These dogs are pretty warm, caring, and can adjust to any home environment. They are quite friendly and easily mix up with new people and pets. 

This breed requires a lot of exercise, so people who love to work out and wish to go on long strolls can get good company. Also, these dogs are easy to train as they want to learn things. Therefore, it’s a great option to own this breed to get happy and lovable vibes around you.

What Is a Sooner Dog


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Labrador Retriever

This dog is suitable for people who can give them a lot of warmth, attention, and exercise. These dogs love to play, are pretty active, and are brilliant. These dogs are very faithful towards their owners and love to accompany you anywhere. 

This breed loves food, so they tend to gain weight very quickly. You can even manage this by taking them for regular walks and playing with them.


This is one of the fantastic dogs for beginners as it loves to play and is quite tender with everyone. Again, they can be a good exercise companion for you and even love to cuddle. 

They can adjust to any temperature, but the only thing is this dog requires a log of the spur, both physically and mentally. Also, this breed need not be adopted in miniature form, and one can go ahead with the usual size.

Shih Tzu

This dog is the most loved dog by the people as it is quite small and fluffy. They are not hostile and comfortably adapt to your home’s environment. They share a warm relationship with their owner and love playing around. 

Furthermore, they turn out to be an excellent partner even with kids for their playfulness. They do not require much exercise and are intelligent and mostly alert about what’s happening in their surroundings. But they also require regular trimming and bathing.


This breed is a very ruthless racer but is restful. They have a strong trapping impulse, so they need to be held aside from other animals. They are quiet and love to sleep when at home. And are even excited to accompany you for any adventurous outdoor activity.   

All of these dog breeds are a good option for new dog owners. Though you might find some other dogs to be more cute or nice, it is advised to opt for a dog that you feel will be comfortable for you and your house. For any dog, you choose, keep in mind that every dog requires regular care, cleaning, time, and attention.

What Is a Sooner Dog


Is A Terrier A Good First Dog?

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the best dogs for first-time dog owners and people who wish to have a small and easy-to-handle dog. This breed is usually concerned about its owners and is quite loving. 

This breed requires a basic level of exercise and has a normal energy point. People who love to go on a daily walk can take along this dog, as it is quite pleasant for this breed. This breed has regular hair growth, so it undoubtedly requires regular trimming and cleaning. 

Also, these dogs require some training to make them comfortable with their surroundings. If you have the budget to handle all such training and grooming stuff, then, of course, you can go ahead with this breed as your first dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A First Cross Dog?

The first spawning of the mixed puppies is known as an F1- cross, and it is a half-and-half mix of two breeds, which are Golden Retriever and Poodle. When any two breeds are crossbred, it is called F2-cross. And similarly, it goes on like F3-cross and so on.

What Is A Mongrel Mixture Known As?

A mongrel dog, also known as a mixed breed or a mutt dog, is a dog that is not from a particular breed or is not the outcome of deliberate breeding. The word ‘mong’ is a mongrel, which means ‘mix.’ 
Most of the mixed breed dogs or mongrels do not have a pure-blooded forebear. There are many crossbreed dogs resulting from the merger of various breeds, and they differ from mongrels as they are deliberately bred. 
One good thing about mongrel dogs is that they are less expensive than dogs that are deliberately bred. And even mongrels are less prone to any health problems related to genes.

Final Words

Adopting a dog is always good, or becoming a dog parent is quite overwhelming, but you should always keep in mind that one should have time for your new housemate. As you’re also welcoming a new member, that member is also adapting to a new environment. So go through the breeds mentioned above and make your planning to adopt a dog more feasible.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we gave you the answers that you were looking for: if not, we are just a comment away! You might also like to read: What Is A Male Dog Called A Bastard?