What Happened To Jake Paul’s Dog Apollo?

What happened to Jake Paul’s dog Apollo? Why did he have to be trained again, and how did Jake meet him after being apart? Get all the details in the article below.

Jake Paul is a professional boxer and social media personality. Jake Paul’s Youtube speaks volumes about his dog Apollo and their bond. Jake wanted the dog’s name to be strong, fierce, and had a message behind it while also being a puppy and christening it Apollo. 

Jake brought Apollo home with his friend Anthony in 2017, and Apollo appeared on Instagram for the first time on August 16, 2018, and has received much love ever since. It is no secret that Jake Paul has a soft side for animals, particularly dogs. 

What Happened To Jake Paul's Dog Apollo

This article will answer questions surrounding Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and see what happened to Jake Paul’s pet, Apollo. 

Jake Paul and his Dog

What kind of dog is Jake Paul’s dog Apollo?

Jake Paul’s dog Apollo belongs to the Belgian Malinois breed. Jake Paul, in one of his YouTube videos, Jake mentioned that he wanted to be a navy seal growing up, and he saw how they had Belgian Malinois as their service dogs. Owing to this, he also wanted one. 

Belgian Malinois are loyal, intelligent, and athletic. Not only this, they are often referred to as the compact versions of the German Shepherd. Belgian Malinois are working-class dogs and are always full of verve. 

How much does a Belgian Malinois cost?

They can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000

The Belgian Malinois is a mid-sized dog. According to dogtemperament, on average, a Belgian Malinois costs around $1000. 

However, their cost may also go upto $10,000 in some cases. Their height varies in the range of 22 to 26 inches. It is a rather uncommon breed and can be seen in navy seals.  

Where is Jake Paul’s, Dog Apollo? 

He is back with Jake Paul after receiving training for aggression.

Although Jake bought Apollo in 2017, Jake had to send him away when he started biting other dogs and his team members. The puppy was then trained, and Jake met him again after a year in an emotional reunion

So why did Jake Paul get rid of Apollo? Jake Paul could not manage to keep the dog despite the year-long training due to his busy schedule. Belgian Malinois being working-class dogs, require lots of exercise and training each day. 

If neglected, this breed of dogs can get aggressive and destructive which had already happened when Apollo was a puppy. Hence, Jake Paul no longer has the dog. 

What Happened To Jake Paul's Dog Apollo

How rich is Jake Paul?

Nearly $310 mn.

As per caknowledge, Jake Paul’s net worth is $310 million USD. Logan Paul’s net worth as of 2022 is $245 million. So is Jake or Logan Paul richer? Logan Paul and Jake Paul are siblings, with the former being older by 2 years. So going by these figures, Jake Paul is richer. 

Logan Paul and His Dogs

How many pets does Logan Paul have?

American YouTuber and social media influencer Logan Paul and fellow YouTuber Dwarf Mamba often starred together in videos. The latter owned a dog named Arya, and it was eventually seen in Logan Paul’s house. 

However, Arya died in 2018 due to some complications in surgery. It is no secret that some of Logan Paul’s pets had a tragic demise. 

Paul’s pet turtle is an albino soft-shelled turtle named Pancake. In a video released in May 2018, he claimed to have moved Pancake into a unique habitat. Pearl Bingbing is the pig’s name owned by Logan Paul and his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bennett. However, it remains unclear who has the pig’s ownership now that the couple has parted ways. 

What happened to Logan Paul’s dogs?

Logan Paul is an animal lover. The YouTube star-turned boxer owns a mantis shrimp, a parrot, two pigs, and Bromley Blue, a husky. Unfortunately, Logan Paul’s dog ‘Kong da Savage,’ a Pomeranian, died in April 2019.

His dog mistakenly killed his bird named Maverick in July 2019. After the tragic demise of his pets, Logan finally decided to bring home another dog to fill the void of his previous dogs. 

What Happened To Jake Paul's Dog Apollo

Did Logan Paul’s dog eat his bird?

Logan Paul’s parrot, Maverick, was mistaken for a small rubber chicken by his pet dog, Mastiff, who ended up eating it. Following this, Logan posted an emotional tribute to Maverick on Instagram, where he mentioned the whole story. 

He also posted a 20 minute YouTube video where he mentioned how attached he was to the parrot, and they were best friends for almost six years. His friends were also sharing stories about Maverick’s life in the video. 

What happened to Logan Paul on YouTube?

In December 2021, Logan Paul explained not uploading content on his YouTube channel. His last video in 2021 was in June, and ever since, there was no content on the challenge, which was bothering more than 20 million of his subscribers. 

Where did Logan Paul go?

On January 10, 2022, Logan announced that he had started his own drink company with KSI. Logan Paul and KSI together own Prime, a brand that makes hydration drinks. Following this, he came up with 3 more videos on his YouTube channel. 

Who is Logan Paul’s net worth?

As of 2022, Logan Paul has a whopping 23.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 22.4 million followers on Instagram. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Logan Paul’s net worth is $35 million.

Who is the richest YouTuber?

As per Forbes’s list of highest-paid YouTube stars, Mr. Beast is the wealthiest YouTuber, followed by Jake Paul on the second number. 

The former has made it to the list with $54 million in earnings, while the latter has made it to the list with a whopping $45 million in his earnings. Jake Paul has been in controversy over the years. He has faced multiple lawsuits. 

What Happened To Jake Paul's Dog Apollo

A Few Final Words 

Famous YouTuber and professional boxer Jake Paul’s busy schedule could not accommodate Apollo’s fitness and training demands, and this is why he had to let go of it. 

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