What Food Do Dogs Hate?

Dogs are intelligent animals; if some foods are harmful to them, they instinctively turn away from them. So, what food do dogs hate? Let us find out in the article below!

Dogs are curious creatures, and you will often find them smelling and chewing different food items, but they will rarely eat any of them. Dogs can be picky eaters, and their taste preferences differ a lot compared to those of humans. 

Dogs might hate things that humans prefer, like chocolate, citric fruits, spicy foods, and many others. As a dog owner, you must always keep some facts in your mind, like what food dogs hate and what food is good or bad for them.

What Food Do Dogs Hate

We will be answering various questions like this that can be very helpful when you choose a treat for your dog next time. Keep reading to know more and what food items you can let your dog eat without worries.

What Food Items are Unhealthy For your Dog?

Many food items that you might consider tasty are fatal for dogs. Dogs are very sensitive creatures, and their digestive system can be easily harmed by the food items you feed them. 

Citrus Fruits and Items

One of the most common things that most dogs hate is citric fruits and items. Most dogs hate the smell of citric fruit and its taste, but there are also rare cases where dogs like them. 

Dogs mostly decide what they want to eat or not through its smell, and most stay away from fruits like oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruit.

How To Know If Your Dog Hate Citric Fruit:

You can do a very simple test to check whether your dog hates or loves citric fruits. Peel an orange or any other citric fruit and bring your hand close to your dog. 

If your dog avoids your hand and moves back, then it is likely that they hate the smell of citric fruit on your hand. If that happens to be the case, it’s better to keep citric fruit away from them and not feed them any.

What Food Do Dogs Hate


Chocolates are among the most popular desserts among humans, but they work exactly the opposite with dogs. Chocolate is toxic for your dogs, and if fed in excessive amounts, it can even kill your dog. 

Chocolates contain theobromine which a dog’s stomach cannot easily digest. Dogs avoid chocolates and caffeine products, and their owners should not try to feed them any.

Theobromine can be easily digested by humans, but that is not the case for dogs. The intensity of chocolate also greatly determines the effect it will have on your dog. 

The most toxic chocolate for dogs is Baker’s chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and milk chocolate. The safest chocolate for dogs is white chocolate, but you should still avoid feeding any of it to your dog.

Eating a small amount of chocolate can cause minor problems like a bad stomach or diarrhea. But consuming chocolate in high amounts can cause serious problems in your dog like Heart Attack and internal bleeding. If your dog happens to eat any chocolate, you should get proper medical attention for them as soon as possible.

Spicy Foods

Spicy food doesn’t pose any life-threatening danger for your dog, but it is still better to keep them away from your dog. Dogs mostly try to eat spicy foods like meats cooked in daily life. 

The reason dogs are attracted to spicy meat is because of the smell of meat, and they don’t feel any attraction toward spicy items at all. Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans (just about 15 percent of humans), and they can’t distinguish between flavors as much as humans can. 

But their stronger sense of smell helps them choose their meal. Most dogs have weaker digestive systems than humans, and it is better not to feed them spicy items as it may upset their stomachs.

Dogs may not feel the spicy taste as much as they can, but they are not fond of the pungent smell of spicy food. Dogs avoid spicy foods, and even if they try to get a bite or two of spicy food, you should still keep them away from your dogs.

What Food Do Dogs Hate

Milk and Other Dairy Products

Dogs are sometimes lactose intolerant too. Some dogs can digest dairy products, but others may develop digestion issues. Dogs have a very low amount of essential enzymes required to break the lactose in their body and digest it.

If your dog likes milk and other dairy products, then you should try to keep them as low as possible. You should take advice from your vet to know more about your dog and whether it is safe to provide them with lactose material or not.

What Human Food Items are Good For Dogs?

Human food is often not good for dogs, but there are exceptions that both can like and enjoy together. Human healthy food for your dog is meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and many more.

Dogs love meat:

Both humans and dogs love meat. Meats are a good source of protein for both of them and provide them with many more essential nutrients. Chicken Meat, Turkey, Pork, and many other types of meat are edible to dogs and only bring good results.

Dogs can eat seafood:

Dogs like fish and seafood, and there are only a few rare fishes that are harmful. Fishes like Tuna and Salmon, which are very popular among humans, are also edible among dogs and are a good source of nutrients for both of them. The Vitamins in fish help dogs in healing and get stronger.

What Food Do Dogs Hate

A Few Final Words

Dogs are smart animals, but they sometimes fail to decide what is good for their health and what is bad. It is their owner’s responsibility to take care of their diet and food items. 

Most of the food that humans eat is edible for dogs, too, but the quantity of the intake greatly determines whether it is healthy for them or not. Owners must only treat their dogs with food that is healthy for them and keep a close eye on their intake. 

We thank you for reading the article and hope that we were able to give you all the information that you required. If we left something out, please write to us in the comments, and we will get back to you quickly.

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