What Dog Does Brawadis Have?

Are you a major Brawadis fan? Do you want to know what dog does Brawadis have? We have all the answers in the section below!

Brawadis is a famous American YouTuber, NBA analyst, and vlogger. He puts up game videos and slice-of-life videos from his own life. His dog is a Goldendoodle named Booker Awadis. He never misses a chance to showcase his dog in his posts. 

Born in San Diego, California as Brandon Awadis, Brawadis is well educated in the field of journalism and holds a graduate degree in the subject. His parents are also part of some of his YouTube vlogs.

He started his career in February 2013 on Vine. In 2015, he first appeared on YouTube.

What Dog Does Brawadis Have

What Dog Does Brawadis Have?

He’s a Dog’s Father. Brandon aspires to have children of his own someday, but for now, he is satisfied with his role as a father to a cute and tiny Goldendoodle named Booker Awadis, frequently appearing on his social media pages. 

Brandon has given Booker his own Instagram profile as any good pet parent would. Booker now has around 195,000 Twitter followers.

About Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are a hybrid breed, formed by breeding Poodles and Golden Retrievers. As such they are considered a “Designer dog” and are much sought after by celebrities.

Are Goldendoodles crazy?

Goldendoodles are definitely more prone to get the zoomies and are filled with a lot of nervous energy. People think they are crazy because they don’t realize that they are too big for this kind of energy, they can cause a lot of destruction.

Do Goldendoodles bark a lot?

They do. All dogs do. Get used to it. Goldendoodles bark just the normal amount you would expect a dog to do.

What Dog Does Brawadis Have

Are Goldendoodles smart?

Yes, they are not just street smart, they are also emotionally smart. They understand the emotions of their pet parents better than most other dogs.

Do Goldendoodles like to cuddle?

Yup. If you are thinking of getting a Goldendoodle, get ready for a lot of cuddles, hugs, kisses, and love. Their cuddling is what sets them apart from other dogs.

Are Goldendoodles high maintenance?

Yes. All those oodles of oomph don’t come cheap these lovable pups need regular grooming every eight to twelve weeks, and we won’t recommend you to try doing it yourself.

Rise to Stardom

On April 3, 2015, Brandon Awadis created his YouTube channel “Brawadis.” He began with NBA films in which he discussed the game and his favorite team, the Phoenix Suns. 

After some time, he began to mix NBA films with amusing stuff such as pranks, replies, challenges, etc. His channel quickly became famous, and he eventually surpassed a million followers. 

It proceeded to expand at a fantastic rate; his channel now has over 3 million subscribers. Till October 2018, it had gained over 577 million views.

What Dog Does Brawadis Have

‘Insane Burning YEEZYS Prank’ and ‘Caught Cheating on Girlfriend Prank Gone Wrong’ are two of the most popular videos on the main channel. The YouTuber pranks his brother in the first video, whereas his former is the subject of the second. These films have currently received over 8.8 and 7.7 million views, respectively.

Brandon Awadis’ second YouTube channel, dubbed “BrawadisNBA,” was launched on February 25, 2016. The channel, dedicated to the NBA, features countless gameplay footage of your favorite basketball teams. The channel presently has over 177k followers, which speaks to its popularity.

Early Life

Brandon Awadis was born in Diego, California, on June 23, 1995. FaZe Rug (Brian), his brother, is the manager of the FaZe Clan and often uploads vlogs and Call of Duty videos on YouTube. 

On the web, their parents, Ron and Sana Awadis, are known as Papa Rug and Mama Rug, respectively. Brandon Awadis’ videos occasionally include both of them. Brandon went to college to study journalism.

In terms of his personal life, the NBA fan dated Jackie Figueroa, a social media influencer, from 2015 to 2017. During their relationship, the two used to work together a lot on one other’s social media posts.

What Dog Does Brawadis Have

Brawadis was a huge basketball lover as a kid and aspired to pursue a career in sports writing. He began playing basketball as soon as he entered high school but quickly realized he wasn’t very good at it. 

He began watching live basketball events before pursuing a career as a National Basketball Association (NBA) analyst due to his interest. Brawadis’ passion for journalism switched two years before he graduated from high school, and he enrolled at San Diego College to study journalism. He hasn’t stated where he went to elementary and high school.


The YouTuber likes playing basketball with his pals and is a sports fanatic. He is a die-hard basketball lover who likes watching live NBA tournaments. He is a car enthusiast who is particularly fond of exotic automobiles and regularly posts images of them on social media.

Brandon is an animal enthusiast with a husky dog of the unknown name as a pet. When he has spare time, he likes to go to the zoo and engage with the animals. On the other hand, he is not a fan of keeping animals “imprisoned.”


Brawadis began his online career by making a Vine account in 2013, one of the first persons to do so, although he’s not very engaged. He didn’t bother creating a TikTok (a newer version of Vine) account after Vine was taken down from the internet. 

Instead, he shifted to YouTube, where he opened his channel in April 2015, which is now massively followed, and where he posts videos of his day-to-day life and pranks and basketball videos.

What Dog Does Brawadis Have

As a writer, Brawadis contributes to the worldwide daily VAVEL.

He is also the team manager of the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association. However, his name isn’t included among the organization’s executives.

Brandon is quite active on social media and is particularly well-known on Instagram, where he makes money through sponsorships and adverts. 

He has millions of YouTube subscribers, and the numbers are growing due to the popularity of his videos. The well-known YouTuber has a Twitter account with hundreds of thousands of followers, which he started in 2012. He has a Facebook account as well, albeit he seldom updates it.

Personal life

When it comes to his love life and the women he’s dated throughout the years, Brawadis has been entirely private. He has only revealed information on one of them and following their breakup, he ceased disclosing his personal information to the world. 

Jackie Figueroa met the YouTuber online in 2016 before agreeing to see him in person. Later that year, they made their relationship public, and their love affair became the talk of the town.

What Dog Does Brawadis Have

Estimated Net Worth

Brandon started his YouTube channel at the age of 20 and has since grown in fame and followers. From his videos, he receives a monthly salary of over $40,000, and according to some reliable reports, the successful YouTuber earns close to $500,000. Brandon’s net worth is expected to be $2 million in 2021.

A Few Final Words

Brawadis is doing great in his life, and his dog is as charming as a dog could be. His dog lives a king’s life and enjoys all the extra care, attention, and facilities available. If you envy his life, I won’t be surprised. 

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