What Are The Black Dots On My Dogs Nipples? 

Today we will answer another common question from our pet owner friends: “What are the black dots on my dogs nipples?

While you rub your dog’s belly, you must have noticed some black dots on their belly as well as nipples. Are you worried about what the black dots are? And why do they occur? 

Typically, these black dots are just an accumulation of dirt and grime over time. But they could also be a sign of something dangerous such as an infection. Here is all you need to know about those black dots. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • What are the black dots on the dog’s nipples? 
  • What to do with those black dots on the nipple area? 
  • When should you be worried about them?
What Are The Black Dots On My Dogs Nipples

What Are the Black Dots on the Dog’s Nipples?

There could be many reasons why your dog has black spots around the nipples.   


If your dog is chewing her nipples and the black dots have come up recently, it might be time to get her checked by a vet. It is possible that she has a skin infection. It might also be happening due to fleas.


Another reason is just plain old dirt. All dogs get dirty because they love running around in dirt and dust all day. Dogs have dirt on their paws, and when they lick their nipples or other parts of their bodies, the dirt is passed on, leaving black dots near their nipples. 

This reason of black dots is common among many dogs, and it can increase if not prevented at the right time. Also, until many black dots are there, it is unnoticeable. 

Over time, if the dog is not cleaned properly, these black dots may become hard to touch; they are not as soft as a dog’s skin. To get rid of such stubborn black dots around your dog’s nipples, you need proper treatment from a vet, or you can even do it yourself as instructed by an expert. 

Dogs lick their nipples, and all debris or chemicals they have on their mouth are stacked in the natural oil produced by the nipples, the reason why nipples get black dots. 

What Are The Black Dots On My Dogs Nipples


Another common reason for black dots around nipples is the nursing dog is licking their nipples to clean them after feeding puppies. This can be continued and increases till the time the dog nurses her puppies. 

Black dots around nipples could also be a reason when nipples are inverted. As the area is sensitive and such dots are tiny, they are not removed by just taking a bath. There may be extra oil, dead skin, or sweating around the area in such a scenario. The storage of such things could lead to black or brown spots. 

Is It OK To Have Black Dots Around the Belly Area?

Yes, sometimes dogs have black spots on the belly due to acne.

Yes, it is normal for both male and female dogs to have black dots around their nipples and belly. They are just like acne on dogs. They are likely to increase if you are a pet owner, don’t notice them initially. However, it needs to be treated, and there are easy ways to remove black dots. 

How Can I Get Rid of Black Spots on My Dog?

If they are due to dirt, you need to maintain hygiene regularly.

You can easily get rid of black spots your dog has around the nipples sometimes; all you need is a mild washer that can help you get rid of stubborn black marks. You can also use regular oil to make them soft, and gradually they will diminish. 

Hydrogen peroxide is also a perfect way to deal with black spots on the nipples of the dog. But it is essential to take care of your dog’s health before you use hydrogen peroxide. 

These ways can help you soften the black dots and remove the dirt. Do not forget to use dog-safe products; if you are unsure about the products, do not hesitate to consult a doctor before using them on a dog’s skin.

What Are The Black Dots On My Dogs Nipples


Never use any harsh chemicals on a dog’s skin. While you think about using acne control creams for humans on your dogs, never do that. Dogs’ skin is susceptible; human creams can lead to harmful reactions

When you are done using the above-stated ways to remove black dots, do not wash the area with plain water; by this, you are sure your dog does not ingest any harmful thing. 

When Should I Worry About Black Spots on My Dog’s Nipples? 

If there is discoloration, discharge, or constant licking and biting along with these dots.

There could be many situations when the black dots are not caused due to oil secretion or dirt. In other scenarios, you may notice: 

  • Those black dots are not coming out even with good hygiene
  • The dog is constantly trying to lick or chew on them
  • There is swelling or discoloration around the dots 
  • There are many black dots around the torso 

Black Dots Won’t Come Out With A Proper Treatment 

Like humans, dogs also tend to get freckles and pigmentation as they age. You still fail if you try to remove black dots with proper treatment. This could be a dog freckle. If it is not causing any discomfort to your dog, leave it like that. If you notice that it is distressing your dog, consult a vet. 

Swelling or Discoloration 

If your female dog is not pregnant, it is a warning; otherwise, nursing dogs usually have a bit of crust around their nipples. This is common among light-furred dogs and does not have more fur in the nipples area. While you smell the foul odor from those black spots, there could be some skin infection. If you also find some swelling or discoloration around the nipples, rushing to the vet is a clear sign. 

Black Spots around the Torso 

While you see black dots around the nipples, look around the torso. If you find black spots all around the torso, then it is a cause of concern. This could be a reason for infestation, and it needs proper cleaning. If you think it is a pest infestation, then get it cleaned with the help of a vet. 

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Constant Licking Or Chewing

As mentioned earlier, this is a common sign that your dog has a skin infection and may need an E-collar as well as proper bacterial medicine from a vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the black dots on my dog’s nipples?

They could be due to dirt, or due to some infection as well.

In most cases, black dots are normal. They could be a reason for accumulated debris, over oil secretion, or some infection. It is common among both male and female dogs.

Why are my dog’s nipples black? 

It could be simply due to natural pigmentation or dirt.

The color of a dog’s nipples ranges from pink to black; it depends on the breed. But if you are recently noticing black nipples, then it is caused due to natural oil around the nipple getting dirty, and it requires proper cleaning.

Why does my dog have back spots on her nipples? 

Black spots may occur during nursing.

When we talk about female dogs having black spots on their nipples, they are nursing dogs, and it will continue until they nurse their puppies.

A Few Final Words

Black spots can occur due to many reasons, and in most cases, they might occur simply due to the accumulation of dirt. Before panicking, try to properly bathe and groom the dog, and see the results in a week or so.

If the dog is suffering from an infection and is constantly chewing, biting, or licking its nipples, you should take him to the vet immediately. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope that we have answered most of your questions.

If you have some lingering doubts, you can always drop us a comment below and we will revert. Lastly, you might also like to read: Why Does White Dog Fur Turn Yellow? And Why Is My Dogs Anus Turning Black?