What Temperature Is Too Cold To Give A Dog A Bath Outside

Many dogs need frequent baths due to the nature of their fur and skin. But what temperature is too cold to give a dog a bath outside? How frequently should you really bathe your dog? Read on to know answers to these questions and more.

Whether your dog loves playing in the mud or paddling in the ocean, he will need a bath. It will keep its coat and skin clean and free from dirt and dust. 

If you bathe your dog outside using a pipe during summers, then you will have to adjust your schedule during cold weather, as it is not ideal to bathe your dog in cold weather outside. If their body temperature drops, it can cause hypothermia, so it is better to wash your dog in ideal conditions outside.

What Temperature Is Too Cold To Give A Dog A Bath Outside

So what temperature is too cold to give a dog a bath? What temperature your fido can handle outside depends on its breed, size, and age. 

Usually, dogs don’t mind getting a bath outside in cold temperatures, but it is advisable to bathe only when the temperature outside is above 90°F. You also need to look at the water temperature. 

In this article, let us look at some tips for bathing your dog in chilly weather outside and other related questions.

What Temperature Is Too Cold To Bathe Dogs Outside?

When you plan to bathe your dog outside, ensure the temperature is above 90°F; otherwise, your fido may not be very cooperative. It is advisable to bathe your dog outside only if the weather is warm enough. 

If you are bathing your dog yourself, here are some tips to keep them comfortable in cold weather.

Make Sure To Lower The Water Pressure

When you bathe your fido outside, keep the water pressure coming from the pipe low. Don’t hit your dog with high water pressure. 

You can add an attachment to the pipe to control the water pressure and ensure that the water does not come out strongly. Else you can fill some buckets with lukewarm water and scoop on your dog if the water pressure is too strong for your dog.

Use Only Lukewarm Water

Dogs do enjoy playing in cold water and splashing around during summers. But it is not safe to bathe your dog with cold water when it’s cold outside. 

Dogs’ skin is not like humans, and bathing them in hot water can burn them easily. If you like bathing in hot water, it’s probably between 90° to 105°. But this temperature is too hot for your dog. A temperature between 75° to 90° is ideal for your dog.

What Temperature Is Too Cold To Give A Dog A Bath Outside

Use Warm Towels To Dry

You can warm up towels in a dryer. After bathing your dog, let him shake off the water from its coat. Then you can use the warm towel to dry your dog and absorb the water from their body.

Keep Your Dog Inside After A Bath

After having a bath, let your dog be inside till it gets completely dry. 

Adapt To Your Pet’s Lifestyle

If your dog stays outside, you can still groom them even if it is chilly outside to bathe them. To avoid getting your dog wet in winters, you can use dry shampoo.

How Frequently Should You Bathe Your Dog During Winters?

On average, vets recommend once in two-three weeks, but this varies a lot. 

You should wash your dog once every other week or at least once every three weeks. If you wash them frequently, you can use a gentle shampoo. If your dog smells, it is time to bathe them up. You can consult a vet on how frequently you can bathe your dog. 

Remember, it is not ideal for bathing your dog every week. The oils produced in their skin promote hair growth and keep their coats healthy. Over-bathing can strip off the natural oils from the skin and cause skin irritation and dryness.

What Temperature Is Too Cold To Give A Dog A Bath Outside

Here are a few factors to look at when you bathe your dog.

  • Skin Type. Some dogs have specific skin allergies or other health conditions. This makes them bathe more or less frequently. Unless your dog needs a medicated bath, bathing them frequently can make things worse.
  • Your Dog’s Activity Level. If your dog is inside the house most of the time, he will be clean most of the time. But if your dog stays outside often, plays in the mud, and jumps through the puddles will need to bathe frequently.
  • Fur Type. If your dog has long and thick fur, the dirt and debris get stuck in the fur quickly and need more brushing and cleaning.

How Can You Keep Your Fido Clean During Winters?

Many dogs are not comfortable getting a bath during winters. You can keep your dog clean by following these steps and don’t need to bathe them up frequently. 

Plan Their Walk Carefully

You can keep your dog clean by planning its walking route carefully. Don’t let your dog walk in muddy puddles, which can be challenging to remove from its coat.

Dog Wipes

You can use dog wipes to keep your fido clean all the time, and these are very useful in cold weather. After a walk, make sure to wipe your dog’s paws and legs to keep them clean all the time.

Brush Your Dog

Brushing your dog regularly will help remove the dirt and shed hair, and it also distributes the oil and keeps its coat healthy.

What Temperature Is Too Cold To Give A Dog A Bath Outside

Is It OK To Bathe A Dog In Cold Weather?

Yes, as long as you do it in a safe environment.

Yes, it is OK to bathe your dog in cold weather if you do it inside your house. Just make sure to use lukewarm water and keep your dog warm. Also, avoid letting them outside until they are dry completely, and you can use a hairdryer to dry them up faster.

Can You Bathe A Dog In 40 Degree Weather?

That’s too low for bathing your dog.

No, it is not ideal for bathing a dog in 40-degree weather. Though dogs don’t mind going outside or bathing in chilly weather, you need to ensure the temperature outside is above 90°F. If you bathe your dog in 40-degree weather, it may develop hyperthermia and cause shivering and muscle tremors.

A Few Final Words

As a dog owner, you need to know what temperature is too cold for your dog to have a bath. Usually, the temperature below 90 degrees is too cold for your dog to handle, and it is not ideal to bathe your dog in this weather. Also, remember to use lukewarm water when you bathe your dog, either inside or outside. 

Thank you for reading, we hope you got the answers you were looking for about bathing your dogs in the cold. You might also like to read:  How Soon After Spay Can I Bathe My Dog? And When Can I Bathe My Dog After Lime Sulfur Dip?