What Does A Normal Puppy Belly Look Like?

What Does A Normal Puppy Belly Look Like

What does a normal puppy belly look like? A puppy’s belly is soft and smooth. The belly is usually loose, and you will find it moving if you touch it. Read on to know more about the puppy’s belly. When we talk about a puppy’s belly, you will find it is usually soft and smooth. … Read more

How To Hear Puppy Heartbeats With Stethoscope?

How To Hear Puppy Heartbeats With Stethoscope

Do you want to learn how to hear puppy heartbeats with stethoscope? Read on for detailed instructions and do’s and don’ts If you are a pet lover, your heart beats for your puppy. Wouldn’t it be lovely to hear the sound of your unborn puppy’s heart beating as well?  Rather than taking frequent trips to … Read more

Do Dogs Lose Hair After Having Puppies?

If dog hair is all over your place suddenly, you might wonder: do dogs lose hair after having puppies? The answer is yes but read on to understand the whys and hows. Yes, dogs lose hair after having puppies. Losing hair is a common after-effect of pregnancy. Most likely, your dog will lose their entire … Read more

Should I Buy A Puppy With An Inguinal Hernia?

Getting a new pup is a happy occasion, but if your pup has a disease, you might hesitate. Should I buy a puppy with an inguinal hernia? Let’s discuss this disease threadbare so that you can take a decision. A hernia is quite common in puppies, and inguinal hernia is one of the five most … Read more

How To Make My Doberman Puppy Gain Weight?

New pup parents are a worried lot. Doberman pups are naturally sleek, and parents are always worrying about how to make my Doberman puppy gain weight? Read on to get all the right answers. As pet parents, we want our pups to be healthy, and having an underweight puppy is a huge concern. Dobermans already … Read more