Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone?

When you live alone, things can get pretty boring. Why not liven up your life with a cute little puppy? Should I get a dog if I live alone? We say, why not! Read on to know the reasons.

Living alone has its perks. You can have all the space you want as there will be no one to interfere in your business. You will have all the time in the world if you choose to live alone. But sometimes, you might also feel lonely and desperately want someone to spend time with. 

If you don’t want to have humans around you, adopting a pet is the best way. And in case you are considering adopting a pet, then probably the first animal that might be coming to your mind is a dog.

Dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend. They are loyal and faithful, and you will cherish the relationship you will have with a dog.

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone

Besides, providing the companionship you are seeking, a dog will also make you feel safe. In this article, we will discuss all the things that you need to know before adopting a dog and what effects can be seen in the dog if you live alone in your house. 

Why You Should Get a Dog and Why You Should Not Choose to Have One?

Having a pet in the house comes with its advantages and disadvantages. When you come home and see your apartment empty and have no one to talk to, you are depressed. If you choose to have a pet in your home, then your pet friend will offer you many benefits, and all of them are mentioned below. 


The biggest reason you should choose to have a pet is if you are dealing with the issue of lack of companions in your life. When you don’t have people in your life with whom you can’t share your feelings, you start feeling lonely, and this loneliness can seriously damage your mental health. 

A pet dog will offer you the much-needed companionship in life. You can play with it when you need comfort, hug it, and most importantly, come home, and there will be someone waiting for you. Humans can betray you, but a dog will never do that. 

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone

Help in Socializing

Most of the people that choose to live alone are not good at socializing. They are not good at making new friends and don’t like or enjoy the company of others. Having a dog means you need to go out of your house for several reasons. The time you will be spending out of your home with your dog will help you meet new people and improve your socialization skills. 

Having a pet means you will find it easy to meet like-minded people, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to join a pet club. Your dog will definitely find a partner to goof around with, and you can start a conversation with that dog’s human. ‘

Make you Fit

Having a pet dog means you have to take a lot of responsibilities, and one of the responsibilities is that you need to take your dog for a walk on a regular basis. The walks will not make your dog idle, as walking is an excellent exercise for a dog’s body. 

When you take a dog out for a walk, you cannot leave it alone, and you also need to walk with your furry friend. The more you walk, the more benefits you get from that. 

Studies have shown that having an active pet dog in the house makes a pet owner more active and fit. You will burn a lot of calories and will eventually become a pet. Moreover, if your dog is playful, you will also run a lot with him or her, which will also make you fit. 

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone

Good Mental Health

The most significant disadvantage of living alone is that it possibly takes a toll on your mental health. When you feel alone in your life, you will feel stressed and anxious. 

If you are one of them suffering from anxiety and depression or going through stress-related problems, you will hugely benefit from having a pet dog. 

The dog will become your friend. Your mood will be boosted just by the mere presence of your pet in the house. Your home will be filled with life because of the furry friend, and your mental health will slowly regain its normal state. 

Ensuring Safety

Last but not least, pet dogs also ensure the owner’s safety and the house in which it lives. When you are not in the home, your pet friend will protect the home at any cost. 

So, you can leave the home worry-free knowing that there is someone to look after your house in your absence. Choosing the right dog breed is the key in this case, and we will be discussing that later in this article.

Disadvantages That Can Come Across If You Are Willing To Have A Dog

Lack of Experience

If you plan to get a pet dog for the first time, then the lack of experience in handling a dog can make your life difficult with a pet dog. In this situation, you can take the help of books and classes held for the new dog owners. 

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone

You need to have patience, and sometimes dogs can do something harmful in the house. At that moment, you can not show your anger on your dog. Other than that, knowledge about how much food needs to be given to a dog or what required exercises can only be gathered from previous experiences. 

Difficulty in Finding a Rented House

When you choose to live on your own, getting your own house might not always be an option for you as it requires a huge amount of money, and, naturally, you are not willing to put a huge amount of investment all at once unless and until you have an astonishing bank balance. 

If you are one of those who want to live alone, then the best option to fulfill your needs is to live in a rented house. While searching for a rented house, you will come across many stubborn house owners who will not rent their property to you just because you have a dog with you. 

Takes a Toll on the Budget

Sprucepets reckons that owning a dog could set you back by a cool $10,000 an year. The biggest problem you need to manage while living on your own is the budget. 

If you choose to have a dog while living alone, you need to understand that you need to spend a huge chunk of money on your furry friend. If you spend recklessly, then it will affect your mental health profoundly. 

You need to buy dog foods, toys and also you need to spend money for vaccination purposes. All these can take a toll on your budget if your earnings are not that much. So, do your calculations before thinking about bringing a pet dog home. 


Taking care of a dog is almost similar to taking care of a baby. You need to be responsible for this job. Not only do day-to-day requirements that you need to fulfill, but you also need to act responsibly during emergencies. You might even need to sacrifice a few things in your life just because the pet doesn’t like it. 

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone

If you are willing to take on all these responsibilities only then, you should think about adopting a pet dog. Irresponsible men and women should never think of adopting any pet as they will never be able to provide the things needed for a dog’s growth. 

Putting in Efforts

You might not realize that you need to put in a lot of effort to handle a pet. You need to take it for a walk and ensure that it consumes an adequate amount of food and drinks to remain in good health. Other than that, you also need to take him to the veterinary clinic for regular checkups. 

I hope you understand how much time you need to invest in a pet dog. If you are unable to give that much time to a pet dog, then it is ideal not to have one as it can induce more stress rather than taking it away. 

Best Breeds For Someone Who is Living Alone

The primary factors that need to be considered while choosing the right dog species for the home are safety and your budget. Every single dog species is different from the others. Their habits are different, such as the price of a puppy. In this section, we will mention some of the best dog species to choose from if you live alone in your house.

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone

British Bulldog

When you choose to stay alone, the primary reason might be that you don’t like to get mixed with people. British bulldogs are very lazy, and they do not require a lot of exercises. They can be your perfect cuddle buddy in your leisure time, and most important;y you will forget all your stress just by looking at the cute face of a British bulldog.


Schnauzers are almost perfect in everything they do and will not cause much trouble in your life. They are full of energy, and you can play with a Schnauzer anytime you want. One of the best things about a Schnauzer is that they can socialize well. So, you will not have a problem having your pet dog around your guests. 


If you live alone and worry about your safety, then a highly intelligent dog like Doberman is perfect for you, and alongside that, the size of a Doberman is enough to make someone fear this dog. They are a tad bit aggressive, but you can make them socialize with proper training. This breed of dog is highly active, so you need to match the dog’s activeness. 


The look of a Boxer might be terrifying, but you can count on our words that these dogs are extremely friendly. A Boxer can be your ideal companion if you have an active lifestyle. If that is not the case, you should look for other alternatives. 

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone


Dalmatian is one of the few dog breeds that does not go through separation anxiety issues. They can spend most of the day alone in the house. So, this one is ideal for you if you have a busy work schedule and want to be greeted by someone when you return home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dog should I get if I live alone?

Greyhounds, chihuahuas and French Bulldogs are a great fit.

If you live alone and are planning to have a pet, then you need to understand that at some point, you need to leave the pet dog behind in your house to get to your workplace. 

Under these circumstances, you need to choose the breed of the dog very carefully. The ideal candidates are Basset Hound. Greyhound, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, and a few others.

Can you raise a dog if you live alone?

Should I Get A Dog If I Live Alone

Yes, but it will take a lot of hardwork and learning.

A pet dog requires proper supervision. Raising any animal single-handedly is a difficult task. As here the matter is about raising a dog, let us tell you that puppies need attention more than adult dogs. So, to raise a dog properly, you need to educate yourself about how to take care of a dog properly.

Can dogs live alone for 8 hours?

Yes, but this is pushing it. Try not to leave your dog alone for this long.

Ten hours is the maximum limit for which you can leave your dog alone in the house. In some cases, the time comes down to 8 hours also.

A Few Final Words

Living alone is not easy. Even introverts sometimes require someone to share their feelings. But if you don’t get along with people, then we hope that now it is clear to you that having a pet dog will solve a lot of problems in your life. 

They can destress you by giving you their full attention, you can play with them, and most importantly, they will remain loyal throughout their stay with you. 

If you live alone, bring a pet to your house as soon as possible but keep the repercussions in mind and prepare yourself accordingly. Thank you for reading we hope we were able to make up your mind about getting a dog today!

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