Should Dog Nails Click On Floor?

Is it ok to let dogs’ nails grow out? Should dog nails click on floor? When are they long enough for me to be worried about them as a dog owner? We answer all this and more in the article below!

Taking care of your dog’s paw is a vital part of their health. Dog owners regularly trim their dog’s nails since it is not just a beauty treatment but an effective way to a happy and healthy life for their dogs. 

As explained by Dr. Jennifer Frione, from Florida’s Lakeside Animal Hospital:  When the nails become too big and start clicking on the floor, they push back on the nail beds instead of the paw pads, which can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Overgrown nails can also start digging into the tissue surrounding them, which can cause infection.

Should Dog Nails Click On Floor

If your dog’s nails are so long that they constantly hit the floor, it can make your dog uncomfortable. Long nails are also an unattractive trait in dogs. This article will explain all about when to trim your dog’s nails, and how to make them quieter.

Should Dog Nails Click on Floor?

Long nails may not be the only reason why are hearing the clicking sound.

It is not necessary that your dog’s nails are the only factor that is causing this clicking noise. While some dog breeds have naturally long nails, some others have short nails that may still click on the floor because of the following:

How fast your dog moves

This clicking may also depend on how quickly your dog moves. Generally, when a dog moves faster, the louder the sound produced from striking its nail on the floor. You will hear more noise compared to when your dog moves.

Which surface it is walking on

The type of surface your dog walked and the existing grip are also responsible for the clicking sound. Your dog’s nails make more noise, and the floor is slippery. This happens because dogs use nails for extra grip when the floor is slippery. 

Polished surfaces also create more noise than rough surface floors. When your dog walks on tile or wood floors, you will hear a loud clicking sound.

Should Dog Nails Click On Floor

How heavy your dog is

Your dog’s weight causes them to put more pressure on their feet, making their nails touch the ground with more force. If you have a medium to a larger dog, you will hear more clicking on the ground.

You will be able to listen to the sound of clicking even if your dog has short nails. Some dog breeds have short nails that may click when they walk. However, long nails create more clicking sounds than short nails. 

How To Tell If My Dog’s Nail Too Long?

Check if the nails are touching the ground with the dog standing straight.

Let us suppose that you have eliminated the other possibilities in the previous section, and you are sure that the length of the nails is the problem. Long nails are a very unattractive feature of your pet. As a good dog owner, you should be able to decide when to trim your dog’s nails.

Finding whether your furry friend’s nails are too long is quite simple. Stand in front of your dog to see if their nails are touching the ground. They should not be so long as to be over their paws either. Your dog has long nails if they match these two criteria, and also make constant clicking noises.

How To Quieten a Dog’s Nails on the Floor?

Here are some effective ways to keep your dog’s nails from clicking on the floor (apart from cutting their nails) include:

Use Claw Covering

If you hear a clicking sound even after trimming your dog’s nail, you should use claw covering. If you decide to invest in a claw cover, you should consider buying soft nail caps as it helps reduce the click sound. These caps also protect your furniture floors from your dog’s sharp nails.

Use Dog Boots

You can also use dog boots or socks to quieten clicking on the floors. The dog’s boot works as a shock absorber and reduces the click sound due to the dog’s nails. You should consider using non-slippery pairs of boots for your dog.

Trimming or Filing

Try trimming or filling your dog’s nails. If you find that your dog’s nails are too long, you should trim them, but some breeds have long nails, and cutting them is not advised. You can visit professional dog groomers to trim or fill your dog’s nails safely.

Should Dog Nails Click On Floor

Use carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs keep your floor dust-free and scratch-free and help reduce the clicking sound. Carpets are a quick and affordable solution for quieting your dog’s nail clicking. You can cover the busy areas.

Train your dog to walk slower

You can also train or command your dog to stay calm and walk without hurrying. When dogs run around extremely fast and carelessly, clicking on the floor increases. You can let your dog perform plenty of exercise in the morning, causing your dog to move calmly around the house throughout the day.  

How Frequently Should You Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

You should do it every three to four weeks.

Dog nail care is essential for your dog, but you should trim them based on their breed and their nail’s length. On average, three to four weeks is what most vets recommend.

If your dog walks on rough surfaces, you will not have to trim its nails more often. Some dogs’ nails grow faster than other breeds, so you have to cut them frequently.

Can I Walk My Dog After Cutting the Quick?

First, make sure you didn’t cause bleeding.

If you cut your dog too short and hit the quick, your dog’s nails start bleeding since the quick contains the blood veins. You need to first stop the bleeding in your dog’s nails. 

If your dog doesn’t show any sign of discomfort or pain after getting its quick cut, you can go for a walk with your dog. However, it is best to avoid it when you find any sign of trouble walking with your dog.  You should let your dog rest for a few days, and your dog may also want to relax after its nail has been cut too short.

Should Dog Nails Click On Floor

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you be able to hear a dog’s nails on the floor?

Yes, they will make a noise even if they are not too long.

In most cases, yes, you will hear a dog’s nails on the floor even if their nails are not too long. Some dog breeds with short nails, such as Labrador Retrievers and Boxers, still make a clicking sound when they walk.

How do I stop my dog’s nails from clicking on the floor?

Use trimming tools or else claw caps.

Your dog’s nail may strike the floor and make click sounds; this may happen for several reasons. However, you can prevent it by wearing your dog socks, trimming your dog’s long nails, or placing a carpet on the floor.

How can I make my dog’s nails quieter? 

Use trimming tools or else claw caps.

Many dog owners use claw covering to make the short nails of their dog quieter. Dog owners use carpets and rugs to make their dog movement less noisy, and the carpet also protects the floor from their dog’s nails.

Should you hear dogs’ nails?

Yes, even if the nails are not too long, you can still hear them in a quiet place.

Yes, most dog owners are able to hear the sound of the dog’s nail striking the floor. It may depend on how fast your dog moves, its weight, or the type of floor you have. You can trim the nails of your dog, but you should not cut them shorter than the safe length.

Final Words

Dog nail care is essential as it helps your pet keep moving, walking, and running comfortably. Your dog may make a clicking sound as they walk, but it is not necessarily because of overgrown nails. Other factors may cause your dog’s nails to click on the floor. However, you can prevent this from happening.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope that you understood the various reasons why your dogs’ nails might be making a clicking noise. You might also be interested to read: How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp? And My Dog Won’t Let Me Cut Their Nails