5 Reasons Why Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up And How To Calm It Down

What should you do if your Rottweiler puppy growls when picked up? Is the puppy aggressive and ill-mannered? Or can it be because of some negative association? Check out all the reasons below.

Do you own a Rottweiler puppy? Does your puppy growl or bite when you pick up? When you see such behavior of your puppy, you wonder why such things happen and what triggers your pup to growl or bite. 

Of course, there could be many reasons why a Rottweiler puppy growls when picked up. Let us take you through the possible things your puppy is trying to communicate and discuss some of the myths about Rottweiler puppies. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • Reasons why your puppy growls when picked up
  • How to stop a Rottweiler puppy from growling and biting? 
  • How can you train your puppy to stop growling and biting?
  • How to deal with puppies who don’t like to be picked up? 
  • Aggressive Signs of a Dog 
Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up

Reasons Why Your Puppy Growl When Picked Up 

So your Rottweiler puppy growls when picked up; you must be wondering what the reasons behind it are. Whether you have an adult dog or a puppy, here are possible causes that could trigger such behavior. 

# Some Body Pain or Health Issue 

If your puppy has started suddenly growling when picked up and has always been fine before this, then it is a cause of concern. 

It might be that your puppy is having some health issues or pain in the body somewhere. That irritability may be due to an injury or disease. When the puppy has pain in the front legs, they tend to be a bit grumpy. 

If you see a sudden change in your puppy’s behavior, pay extra attention and go for a vet check-up immediately to find the right explanation for it. 

# Improper Handling 

Make sure you handle these puppies with a positive association. Puppies who are not handled positively and with love end up growling and biting. 

Also, when a person does not know how to hold a puppy, it can lead to improper handling, causing inconvenience to puppies, resulting in discomfort. 

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# Negative Experiences 

When a puppy feels something unpleasant is going to happen, they may react accordingly, leading to growling. 

For example, if you pick up your dog to trim its nails, and the dog has experienced some kind of injury while trimming nails earlier, he will immediately growl the next time. 

# Teething

This is one of the most common causes of biting. When your puppy reaches four weeks, they tend to get 28 temporary teeth known as puppy teeth. 

When your puppy is going through a teething process, the temporary teeth are replaced by adult teeth, leading to discomfort and pain. 

While your puppy is in the teething process, it leads them to be more aggressive than ever. Teething is a potential cause of biting and growling. 

# Stress 

When your puppy is new to the environment or gets to see new people every day, they get stressed, and it is the main reason for growling when picked up. 

Also, when some new hands pick up your Rottweiler puppy, they may get frightened and growl and protect themselves. 

Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up

How To Stop A Rottweiler Puppy From Growling and Biting? 

Here are some factors that you must consider to stop a Rottweiler puppy from growling and biting. 

# Relieving Stress 

As your puppy is young and new to your home, you must consider some ways to relieve their stress level. First, you need to be patient and allow your puppy to fit in the environment. 

It is also recommended to avoid picking them up until they get familiar with the environment. Some puppies will easily adapt, while some may keep a distance initially with a few members of your family, so make sure you give them enough time to adapt. 

# Relieving Pain and Discomfort 

When you notice your puppy has suddenly started growling, as we said before, it could be a reason for any discomfort or pain. Treat them with love and care until they feel comfortable. 

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How Can You Train Your Puppy To Stop Growling and Biting? 

If you could not find any of the above-stated reasons why your puppy growls or bite, then maybe you need to change some training techniques to solve the issue. 

# Never Shout 

Yelling on your dog is not the right way to train your puppy; instead, you must be patient. You must appreciate your dog when they are good and behave appropriately. 

You don’t have to be aggressive; when your puppy growl or bite, you must say “No” in a polite and firm voice. 

# Reward

When your puppy stops growling or biting, reward them immediately. You must do this 3-4 times when they growl, and then over time, they feel confident that when they do not growl, they are rewarded with a treat. Although it may take time for your dog to get trained, you can win if you follow this method patiently. 

Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up

How To Deal With Puppies Who Don’t Like To Be Picked Up? 

Here are some tips on how you can deal with your Rottweiler puppy who does not like to be picked up: 

  • You must train your puppy with the help of a positive interrupter or a professional trainer. 
  • Avoid picking up your dog from the part where they feel discomfort. 
  • Learn how to pick up the dog in the correct way. Put proper support on your pup’s spine and hold them from their chest. Never pick your puppy up from their legs. 

Aggressive Signs of A Dog 

Before you own a puppy, you must know what aggressive signs of a dog are? Here are a few: 

  • Biting 
  • Growling 
  • Snarling 
  • Stiff Body Posture 
  • Ears Pinned Back 

If you see any of the signs in your puppy, you must take action to control your dog’s aggression. 

Do all breed puppies growl when they are picked up? 

Regardless of breed, all puppies growl when they face the above signs of growling. Unfortunately, this is a common issue that most pet owners face. 

You don’t have to be shocked if you see your pup growling or biting; just take the necessary actions as we have suggested. 

Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up


# Is it normal for puppies to growl when picked up? 

Growling when picked up is a common sign of either aggression or pain. If your puppy has suddenly started growling, it might be because they are experiencing pain or discomfort. 

On the other hand, if they have been growling all the time, it might mean that they feel scared around you for some reason. Check if there is any behavior or object that might be scaring them.

# What do you do when a Rottweiler puppy growls at you? 

In the above article, we have mentioned how you can stop your puppy’s growling. Just follow those points, and instantly your puppy will stop it. 

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# How do you respond when your puppy growls? 

It is important to respond with patience and calmness so that your puppy does not get more aggressive. 

# How do you discipline a Rottweiler Puppy? 

You must give your puppy an appreciation reward when they do a good job; this way, your puppy will be disciplined. 

Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up

Rottweiler Pups Are Lovely And Playful Creatures

You don’t have to get worried when your Rottweiler puppy growls at you; make sure you know the right cause and right way to deal with it. Read the above article to know how to prevent your puppy’s growling and biting habits. 

Rottweiler’s are generally loving and playful pups, so there is no reason why they should be growling at you unless they are in pain or are scared of something. Positive associations and a regular check-up should have your Rottweiler pup happy and smiling in no time,

Happy Training!