Can A Neutered Male Dog Get Stuck With A Female?

Neutering is supposed to stop mating, isn’t it? So, can a neutered male dog get stuck with a female like an intact one? Surprisingly, yes, it can! The only assurance from the surgery is that a neutered male dog cannot impregnate the female. 

Yes, even after neutering your dog, he can get excited with a female and get into a “tie”, especially if he mates for the first time.  However, this is rare. If it happens, it is important to calm your dog down and patiently wait for a while for the tie to break of its own accord. 

As a dog owner, you must have many questions regarding your furry friend getting neutered and how their sexual behavior changes afterward. Your task should be to educate yourself on the subject as much as you can so that you can help him if there are challenges. 

Can A Neutered Male Dog Get Stuck With A Female

Give this article a read if you are looking to start to understand sexual tendencies after neutering, such as will your dog continue to mount other females, will he get tied, and many other such questions

Can a Neutered Dog Still Tie?

Yes, it very well can.

Most dog owners feel traumatized at the thought of neutering their beloved male dog. The number reason behind this fear is that they think their dog will never mate or have intercourse with a female; however, this is not true. A neutered dog can still have sex with a female partner. And since they can still have sex, obviously they can still tie.

What is Neutering in simple terms?

Before moving forward, let’s also get clear on the idea of a neutered dog so that everyone understands what we are exactly talking about. 

In simple terms, neutering is one way of sterilizing the male dog not to impregnate the female while continuing mating with her if he wants. In other words, neutering results in removing testicles, which doesn’t allow the dog to produce sperms. 

Removal of testicles doesn’t mean zero testosterone production. Neither does neutering eliminate the male behavior driven by testosterone since the brain is affected by testosterone during the early development phase of the dog. 

Thus, behavior like sexual interest, male dominance, and urine marking still stays with a neutered dog, to some extent. The dog can still get an erection and mate with a female

Can A Neutered Male Dog Get Stuck With A Female

Understanding Tieing in Dogs

When the dog mounts a female in heat both of them get stuck together with their buttocks facing each other as part of the normal process of sex. This is known as tieing in dogs. This is not a problem but when anyone tries to move them apart, it can be a hazard for both of them. 

The reason dogs tie is due to bulbous glands, a bulb-like structure found at the base of the penis of male dogs. When the dog mates with a female, it swells up and ends up making them both stuck together and continue to remain that way for several minutes. 

This process happens even when a dog is neutered. Neutering simply removes the testicles of the dog, not the processes which impact the genital tract. Your dog still has a penis that can get an erection and penetrate the female dog. 

Can a neutered male dog get stuck with a female?

It is not unusual for the neutered male dog and his female partner to get stuck after mating. Even if he doesn’t have sperm in his body, your neutered dog can still have erections and thus, can tie with a female. 

So, Can a Neutered Dog Still Get Stuck? 

Yes, a neutered dog can still get stuck with the female for about 5 to 30 minutes or more. 

The best thing you can do to separate him from the female is to let them be exactly in their position. If you wonder what more can be done to unstuck them, read the below points. 

Can A Neutered Male Dog Get Stuck With A Female

Leave them alone 

It is not that unusual for dogs to get stuck after mating, especially if they are breeding for the first time. As a dog owner, you might feel that it is your responsibility to separate when the only thing that you should do is leave them alone and allow the natural course to take place.

Dogs know their business. It might take them upto an hour to remove themselves from the position, and eventually, they will be able to do it. 

Calm them down 

It is important to soothe their nerves and calm their tense muscles to unstuck the two dogs from each other. You can gently pat them on the head to help them relax, and soon, they will be free from each other. 

However, you need to stay relaxed as well, even if you feel a bit of discomfort within you since your dog will be able to sense it, and once he does, calm would be the last thing on his mind. 

Can two neutered dogs live together?

If properly paired, two neutered dogs can live together without or with very low chances of fighting with each other. Two neutered dogs can live together without or with minimum fights because when they are neutered, they lose testicles where male hormone testosterone is produced, which is also one of the reasons behind male aggression

We cannot conclude that the dogs completely lose their charge after removing testicles, but they surely learn how to live with each other with the least amount of fights. However, other reasons like frustration, illness, and mood swings contribute to the two dogs fighting, which is quite natural for two neutered dogs who live together. 

Can A Neutered Male Dog Get Stuck With A Female

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a neutered dog penetrate a female?

Yes, a neutered dog can still penetrate a female 

He can get an erection due to testosterone production in adrenaline glands, however little it is. Neutered dogs can thus, mate with the female even though he cannot impregnate her. In other words, he can tie with a female but cannot produce and, therefore, transfer his sperm inside her.

Will a neutered dog still mount a female in heat?

Yes, a neutered dog can still mount a female in heat.
He can still get an erection even after his testicles are removed. If a neutered dog catches the scent of the female in heat, she becomes his entire focus, and thus, he starts obsessing over her until they mate and throughout her cycle. 

Even though neutered dogs can still mate, it is entirely on the dog whether he wants to mount a female or not since many dogs lose the desire to mate after they are neutered. His age and personality also influence his desire to mate with a female in heat.

Will a neutered dog try to mate with a spayed dog?

Surprisingly yes. 

A neutered dog will still try to mate with a spayed dog. The brain structure of dogs comes under testosterone at an early age, even before birth. Thus, even though the testicles are removed from his body, he can still feel sexual emotions and exhibit testosterone-driven behavior, including mating with a female, even if she is spayed. 

The good thing is that neither of them is equipped to create a puppy, which is eventually the main purpose of getting a dog neutered and a female dog spayed.

Can my dog sense my miscarriage?

Scientifically speaking, there are no studies to back this.

Dogs are known to sense pregnancy in humans even before the diagnosis. It is quite natural for your dog to feel the physical and emotional changes your body goes through when you become pregnant, even before you know it. 

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and if they can sense your pregnancy, they can also sense miscarriage. If your dog becomes protective of you more than usual, it can mean that they are trying to show affection to you, maybe because you are pregnant or because they want to ease your pain. 

After all, they already know that you would be having a miscarriage. However, you must understand that there are no scientific studies that back this up, so it is a conjecture for now.

What happens if a dog eats human sperm?

Nothing, they may not like the taste though!

If a dog swallows or eats a human sperm, nothing will happen to them in all probability. We mean that the female dog will not get pregnant with human sperm, and the male dog will not show any human tendency.

Final Words

It is important to keep a close eye on your recently neutered dogs since it takes some time for the hormonal change to occur in his body. During this time, your dog will have a high urge to mate. Secondly, some amount of sperm may still be in his genital tract, so avoid letting him close to a female dog in heat.

It is your responsibility to keep a female in heat away from him because if he smells her scent, it would be quite a task to keep him away from her. Once he is past this phase, you can be relieved that he cannot impregnate other females although he can freely mate with them. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hoped we answered everything you wanted to know. We have written extensively about many queries related to tieing and mating in dogs such as: When Dogs Get Neutered Do They Remove The Sack?, Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate?, and Does It Hurt A Dog To Poop After Being Spayed?