My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

A reader asked us, “why my puppy barks at me when I say no?” We did some research and are sharing the answers today. Read further to know it all!

Being a pet parent for the first time is an exciting experience, but it also comes with learning. Every single day you would get to know a different aspect of your puppy. 

There are a lot of things about puppies that a new owner has difficulty understanding. They face a lot of difficulties during the training process of their puppies. One of the most common complaints coming from new pet parents is- my puppy barks at me when I say no. 

Pet owners don’t quite understand why their puppy is barking when being told not to do something. Does this mean they are beyond training and proper behavior?

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

The barking of puppies is their natural way of communicating, and it is pretty common for a puppy to bark. However, sometimes, excessive barking can be an issue for pet owners. 

If your puppy is barking too much even when you tell them not to do something, this can be a sign of aggression or playfulness. Knowing how to distinguish between the two is a must for a pet parent.

If you have been wondering why my puppy barks at me when I say no? In this article, we will discuss the reason for a puppy’s barking and the different types of barks.

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Why Does My Puppy Barks

Barking is a natural form of communication for puppies and dogs. They bark at you when they need to communicate with you. There are several other reasons why a puppy barks at me when I tell him no. Let’s figure it out together.

You Are Saying No For Something They Used To Get Before

If you have been allowing your puppy to do something before and now, suddenly, you are saying no, then they will bark at you. They can get confused as to why they were allowed before and not now.

They Are Playful

You don’t have to associate your puppy’s barking with aggression every time. Most of the time, puppies bark at us when they are playful and want us to respond to them. When you say no to them, they think you are communicating with them and responding by barking. 

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

They Want Your Attention

If you had given them attention in the past when they barked at you, it is more likely that they will do so again when they want you to pay attention to them. 

Another reason for their barking is they want a reward. When puppies bark excessively, we often tend to give them a treat or a toy so that they would get busy and stop barking. A puppy would associate their barking with getting a treat and do it more often for treats. 

Never give them treats when they bark. Wait until they have stopped barking or are behaving a certain way you want them to behave, and then only give them treats.

They Think You Are Aggressive

Another reason your puppy is barking at you when you say no to them will be if they think you are aggressive. It might be because you are pointing fingers and saying no, or your body language is stressed. 

They can also think that you are angry if you shout at them while saying no and constantly staring at them. Whenever you are saying no to your puppy, do it calmly and gently.

They Are Reacting To Emotions Portrayed By You

Puppies are overly sensitive and can sense your emotions. If you say no to them in an emotional state that you don’t usually show them, they can bark at you.

While commanding them to do something, make sure that you are calm and composed.

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

Different Types Of Barks

Before figuring out how to stop your puppy from barking, you need to understand the different types of barks.

Alert Barking

When there is a threat, a puppy will bark to alert you. They will bark a few times in a row with a medium pitch. If they are barking continuously, it is to alert you of any danger. If they bark in a high pitch, then you should conclude that they are planning to attack.

Demand Barking 

Puppies need a lot of attention. When they want you to give them attention, then they will bark continuously. These barks would be short and in a row. They will calm down once you give them attention. However, doing that would make them think that they can bark to get anything from you.

Anxious Barking 

When a puppy is anxious about something, it would have a short bark with a high pitch. When anxious, they will howl too. When you say no to them, and they get anxious, they would use this bark.

Fearful Barking

When your puppy is fearful of something, it will bark with growling. They will have a stiff stance and bark at a low pitch. This barking is to let you know that they are afraid and need help. This can also be a warning, to tell that even though they are afraid they will attack.

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

Playful Barking

When the puppy is feeling playful, even then, they would bark. Their body language would be relaxed with their tails wagging. If they feel joyous and playful, they will start slow and increase their pitch as they continue barking.

How To Stop Your Puppy From Barking At You?

If you have been wondering- why is my puppy barking at me when I say no and how to stop them. You can try a few strategies. Start by determining the cause of your puppy’s barking, and no matter what you do, don’t punish them for barking. 

Do Not Punish Or Scold Them For Barking

Most of the time, they are just being playful and communicating with you in the only way they know. If you reprimand them, they might think that trying to talk to you is a bad thing, and that might make them anxious or depressed. 

Do not ever punish them for barking at you, at least not in a way that requires you to shout at them or not give them treats.

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

Do Not Reward Or Give Too Much Attention To Them

Determine the cause for their braking. If they are playful, don’t respond to their bark, and continue with your day as nothing happened. If you respond to them, they will cue to bark every time they want your attention.

What some people do is give the puppy a treat to get them to stop barking. Wait for your puppy to calm down or stop barking for a while and then only give them a treat. Never do that because, in the puppy’s mind, they now see barking as a way to get a treat and would do so again and again.

Use Positive Reinforcement

If a puppy barks at me when I tell him no, and I respond by punishing it, that would worsen his behavior.

Train your puppy with positive reinforcement. Try a simple training exercise. Every time a puppy barks at you when you say no, leave the room and don’t return until they stop barking. If they bark again when you come back to the room, repeat the process and keep doing it until they have stopped barking. 

If they have not barked at you for a while, only reward them with a treat and praise them with a positive command like “good dog.” 

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

Do Not Show Emotions

When you are training your puppy to stop barking at you, you need to keep your emotions in check. Remain calm and composed as the puppy would pick up on your emotions and respond to them.

Increase Their Physical Exercise

When a puppy is not getting enough play or exercise, it is often the case that it can become restless. Barking at you might be the cause of it. Try to include sufficient exercise in your puppy’s daily routine.

If your puppy is barking at you for no reason, then increase the timing of their exercise. Don’t let them get bored and stressed as that could increase their agitation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it normal for a puppy to bark at me? 

Yes, it is normal for a puppy to bark at you. You first need to understand that barking is a form of communication for puppies and dogs. So, every time a puppy parks at you, it is not because something is wrong or they are showing aggression. Most of the time, puppies bark at you to communicate with you.

Puppies can bark for several reasons, and sometimes they bark to show their excitement or communicate to you about something. They will bark if they are hungry and want you to get them food or to go potty. Also, if you are holding treats or their toys, they bark in anticipation.

Considering all these situations, the barking of a puppy is a natural phenomenon and nothing to be worried about unless it is excessive non-stop barking with aggressive behavior.

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

Why does my dog bark when we say no? 

It is pretty common for a dog to bark when we say no. There can be several reasons why your dog might be barking. Dogs are overly sensitive animals, and their barking sometimes portrays their emotional state. 

If you are saying no to them aggressively, they bark to react to your aggression. Sometimes, they try to communicate with you because they associate the word “no” with something else. If you have rewarded them in the past for barking, then another reason for their barking can be to earn a reward.

If your dog is used to getting what they want, they won’t understand why you are saying no to a certain thing.

The reason behind their bark is different, but there is only one way to deal with it. You need to be consistent with them and never aggressively respond to their bark. Instead, be calm and composed and don’t give in to their demands. Also, never reward them for doing something that you don’t want them to do in the future. 

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

Why does my dog get aggressive when I say no? 

Aggression in dogs is quite common, and some of the time, it is even directed towards their owners. Some of the pet owners complain of their dogs getting aggressive when they say no to them. There can be several reasons behind it. 

One of the leading causes of aggression in dogs is a lack of sufficient physical exercise. They need to spend their energy exercising. Otherwise, they will show aggression and destructive behavior. 

Most of the time, aggression is a way of them telling you that they are not comfortable with the situation. This happens if they are used to having their way with you. Some of the dogs do it by huffing, and some can even bite if they get anxious.

It is better to train them to behave and manage the situation that might cause their anxiety or discomfort. Never punish them for being aggressive, as that could worsen the situation. Be patient with them, and don’t give up hope.

How do I stop my puppy from barking at me?

The key to stopping your puppy from barking is not giving them the response they want from you. Most of the time, owners would reprimand the puppies when they would bark at them. However, that is not the right approach to handle such behavior. The only way you can stop your puppy from barking at you is by training them that their barking is not appreciated. 

Try a simple exercise, whenever they bark at you, say a command like “too bad” and then leave the room and wait there for a few moments or until your puppy has stopped barking. 

When you come back, and they bark again, repeat the process. If they remain quiet, then reward them with a treat. This simple exercise will help puppies learn that you don’t appreciate their barking at you.

My Puppy Barks At Me When I Say No

A Final Word Of Advice

Your puppy barking is not a big deal. On many pet forums, we have seen people complain- my puppy barks at me when I say no. That is just how they communicate! 

Most of the time, their barking has nothing to do with aggression or anxiety. It is just talkative. When you say no, they respond to it with a bark. But if their barking extends beyond that and they show signs of aggression, that is when the real problem starts.

We have discussed the reasons for your puppy barking and some measures you can take to stop them from doing that. I hope that helps. If your puppy doesn’t respond well to the measures, you might need to consult a professional dog trainer. 

Happy Training!