My Dog Moans When I Scratch His Ears

Dogs express through vocalization, so it’s not uncommon if my dog moans when I scratch his ears. But it could mean other things than pleasure read on to find out what!

As a pet owner, it is essential to learn your dog’s behavior to understand them better. Sooner or later, you will be acquainted with their behavioral patterns and thus, build a strong bond with them. 

Until then, you might keep up with some language lessons that are universal for most dogs, such as why your furry friend moans when you scratch his ears. Dogs vocalize for both pleasure and pain, and therefore you need to observe more closely if this is happening.

Read this article and find out more.

My Dog Moans When I Scratch His Ears

Dog Moaning When Scratching the Ear

When you touch a dog’s ear, usually, they feel loved and crave more affection from you, and thus, they moan. Several nerve endings are located in a dog’s ear, and therefore, it’s a sensitive area. 

They feel great pleasure in getting their ears scratched, but their moans do not always mean a feel-good emotion. Sometimes, they communicate other emotions, including disappointment, sadness, irritation, or bother

As a dog owner, it is essential to learn whether your dog enjoys the scratching or tells you to bugger off and that he doesn’t like it. If you are worried that you might have been doing it all wrong all this while, don’t worry because this article has got you covered. 

The reasons can be both affirming or discerning, and thus, we must be aware of it all when our furry friend groans or moans at the time of touching their ear. 

My Dog Moans When I Rub His Ears – The Positives

The reasons behind your dog moaning when you touch his ears can be many. We have listed down some of the most joyous yet common reasons dogs moan when scratching the ear. So, check them out below.

They find it soothing and relaxing

When you rub or scratch your dog’s ears, it can be very relaxing for them – just like the case of massage in humans! Therefore, they moan to let you know that they want more of it. 

They experience a feeling of affection

Apart from the typical cuddling and kissing, pups also feel loved and meaningful when you touch or rub their ears. Thus, if they moan when you touch their ears, it means that they love the attention and appreciation. It is a bonus if they close their eyes because it means that they have entered the utter state of bliss. 

My Dog Moans When I Scratch His Ears

They want you to continue rubbing their ears

Moaning is also their way to let you know that what you are doing is appreciated and encouraged. Your pup enjoys the sensation and would further want you to continue and pet their entire body. 

My Dog Moans When I Scratch His Ears –Are There Any Negative Signals?

Unfortunately, we cannot always tell the feelings your dog gets when you scratch its ears – it can be pleasurable but also the opposite of it. So, what is the not so feel-good feeling that your furry friend might get when you rub its ears? We have discussed a few of them below.

They might be upset about something

Moaning and groaning is not always a sign of a happy dog. It can also mean that they might be going through something and want to tell you about the same. 

It can be anything from feeling neglected to emotional pain to needing more of your attention. You cannot tell from their groans what it is that they want, but you can surely love them more to ease the pain away. 

They might be in pain

When your dog is moaning and groaning when you touch their ears, it can be due to some emotional or physical pain that they might be going through. 

If you have started new medicines for your pup, it can also be because of the side-effects, such as drowsiness, dizziness, headache, etc, it must be catching up with your puppy. 

So, keep track of the medicines you give to your dog. The pain in the body, depression and anxiety are other reasons your dog keeps groaning when you scratch its ears. 

My Dog Moans When I Scratch His Ears

They might be tired 

This isn’t entirely an adverse reaction, but your dog’s way to let you know that it needs a breather and would want to need some rest. 

Thus, it may also want some space from you for the time being, and so, for the time being, you should leave it alone, allow it to recharge, and when it has rested well, perhaps, it would love the rubbing from you. 

They might need something from you

When they moan and groan when you touch their ears, it might be because they need something other than affection. They could be hungry, for example, and need to be fed. 

So, please do not jump to the conclusion that your dog is being affectionate when it moans after you caress its ears. Remind yourself about the last time you fed them, took them out for a walk, or made them do their business because they might need the same from you. 

Do Dogs Pout?

Yes, but we should ignore their pouting because it’s just a means to get their way.

Yes, they do, and it is often done to have your attention for many reasons. Also, your dog does not always need your love and affection for good reasons. 

They might feel insecure, sad, angry, tired, or resent you. In most cases, they pout to have you love them via caressing, rubbing their ears, scratching their belly, or cuddling and playing with them. 

So, you must always be aware of the pouting habit of your dog and know exactly what all they do to grab your attention. If you are a new owner, it might take you some time to learn about his behavior, and slowly, you will learn about it all. 

My Dog Moans When I Scratch His Ears

A Few Final Words

Each dog is different from the other. Thus, it is essential to learn about the reasons why your dog moans when you scratch their ear. 

When you connect with your dog, things get more clear, and you create a bond with your furry friend in a way that all you have to do is look at them to understand what they mean or need.

However, the bottom line remains to be the same – it is entirely normal for your dog to moan or groan when they get their ears scratched. So, stay calm about the whole situation. 

Thank you for reading we hope we answered your queries, and if not give us a shoutout in the comments below. Dogs vocalize in many ways: here are a couple of common scenarios about yelping that we have written about: when they get their shots, or when they are jumping. Find out what each of these means.